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  1. My wife and I are overdue for some alone time and are looking at heading to the NFOW this weekend. Flows seem kind of high but dropping. Would stay at Sunburst and typically do a day float and a day wading around. Flows seem fine for the canoe float. What about wading? I'm sure the area around Sunburst would be just fine but typically I go to Kelly access and wade up around Rainbow Spring. Seems like that may be out of the question at these flows? Any other wading areas I should look into at these flows? Thanks in adavance!
  2. Thanks so much for the replies. I've added those to the list of activities to do! Getting excited. Really hoping the leaves start turning.
  3. I appreciate that info Al. We aren't going just to fish luckily. More just to hike around and hang out. I'm still gonna scout for some holes but not expecting much. Does anyone know if the foliage is starting to turn or are we still a ways out for that?
  4. The family and I, along w/ a buddy and his family will be heading down to the Buffalo in a few weeks. We'll be camping at Steel Creek for two nights. There will be a 3 month old, 6 yr, 8 yr and 9 yr old children accompanied by 2 sets of parents. Looking to get in some fishing with everyone. What are our best wading options near the campground or a short drive distance (say 30 mins or less)? From looking back through old reports here, it seems the water is pretty low and clear in early Oct. A couple people will be fly fishing and rest spin fishing. I haven't seen too much info about wade fishing near Steel Creek so was hoping someone here had some advice. Also, hot flies to bring? I've seen recommendations for clouser minnows and buggers. Any other flies we should bring? Cheers!
  5. Ham, Thanks! Yeah I get what you're saying. We did this route last year and where we park at Steel Creek, I read there was good fishing near there. Then where we camp, there is a great bluff for cliffdiving (near Horseshoe Bend and Sneeds Creek) and around the bend is some nice water that looked good to fish. You know where I'm talking about? But anyways, looks like fishing is out this weekend anyways. Thanks for the report!! Barrett
  6. I was also thinking of hiking a section of the Buffalo River Trail and doing some fishing along it. I am in KC so not sure what conditions are like down there. So would you advise against this trip? It sounds like there has been a fair amount of rain and the river is up. I'm guessing the fishing would be non-existent and maybe dangerous? Does this sound about right? Thanks!
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