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  1. Flows on upper current

    Just got back into town. Had a good trip but had to primarily fish the park. Rain on Thursday is what killed it for us below the park. Montauk gauge was down to 280 on Thursday morning before the rain started but the inch or so that they got pushed it back over the 700 mark. It fell a lot more slowly after the second rain than Tuesday’s rain. Fished the park Friday morning and did pretty well in the fly fishing area down from the spring. Water was high and off color but mop flies, eggs, and San Juan worms worked pretty well. Tried to wade down from Tan Vat Friday afternoon with flows around 350, seemed somewhat dangerous. Returned to the park Friday evening until the horn and caught a nice caddis hatch. Woke up Saturday and hit the park again. Water was clearing up and fish started biting on bugs a little more. Saw a lot of baetis coming off in the afternoon. Probably could’ve tried tan vat again with flows at 250 or so, but fish were biting in the park so we stayed put. All in all a fun trip. Disappointed we didn’t get to fish the blue ribbon section really but saw some areas in the park I haven’t fished before. Surprised at how much fishable water there is at montauk compared to some of the other parks, like roaring river for example. Crowds weren’t too bad either, for a weekend.
  2. Flows on upper current

    Thanks for the reply Gavin. Just wondering do you think the Akers gauge is a better read than the montauk gauge? I always base off the montauk gauge bc about the furthest down I’ve ever waded from Baptist camp is the confluence with Ashley creek. I know you fish it a lot more than I do so trust your advice on this. Also, are you suggesting maybe I should be fishing further down?
  3. Flows on upper current

    Thanks Bill. Have been watching gauges and weather reports for the Salem area like crazy, studying prior rain events, old fishing reports etc Looks I’ll like just have to wait and see I guess. Most of the rain is predicted for tonight through tomorrow evening. Should have a pretty good idea by Wednesday morning how bad it is. Hoping rainfall stays less than 3 inches (knock on wood). If that’s the case, it shouldn’t blow out too bad (hopefully).
  4. Flows on upper current

    Okay so I’ve got a group of guys heading to Salem to fish the upper current next weekend. Trying to look at stream gauge and predict what this week’s rainfall will do to the river levels. I know it’s probably not an exact science, but based on the last heavy rain the area had in February, 2.5-3 inches of rain over a 2 day period (which is what is predicted for Monday and Tuesday) brought the river up to about 200 CFS on the montauk gauge. No rain predicted for Wednesday and then about a quarter of an inch on Thursday or so. Fishing Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If we do get that much rain and the river is up around 200 CFS on Friday, is it still wadeable/fishable at that flow, of will we have to drive over to mill creek or little piney for better fishing on Friday? If not, anyone have any idea on what the upper limit of flows is for the current before it’s no longer safe to wade? From my past experience fishing the river, about 120 CFS is ideal flows for fishing and anything below 100 is pretty tough. I’ve only fished it a handful of times though. Anyone with some more experience fishing the river have any thoughts? Also, haven’t seen many reports lately, anyone have any idea how it’s been fishing? Thanks, Dain
  5. Seemed a little questionable when driving into Lebanon for lunch we saw a sign that said "Evergreen: Population 28." Didn't seem like a town that size was big enough to warrant a sign, let alone an actual police department.
  6. LOL...For what it's worth, when we got to the access, there was another guy and his wife who were just finishing up that had taken their kayaks upstream and fished back down to the bridge. Apparently they weren't harassed either, so don't know if the landowners were just taking the weekend off or out of town or what. Side note, from chuck's book, I've noticed it's hard to decipher much about any particular access on any particular river. He doesn't usually go into much detail about what the fishing is like there, what type of water to expect etc. Assuming that's by design. He usually just leaves that up to you to figure out, which is part of the fun. If he does go into any detail, I usually take that to mean "fish here." For example that particular access on the OF was chosen bc he said the middle OF was as beautiful as missouri smallmouth water gets and when he got to that access said something like "really pretty water here." He was right about that part lol.
  7. Seemed a little ridiculous at the time to me and my dad and I kind of laughed at it at the time. I went back and read some old posts though and I guess the land is owned by a prominent family from Lebanon and they've been known to shoot at people floating/wading that stretch of river? Probably won't be heading back to that particular access. I did really like the Osage Fork though. Clear, cold water and a beautiful surrounding area. Plus lots of fish.
  8. So I picked up Chuck Tryon's book last summer at the advice of some OAF forum members, and ever since have been wanting to fish the gasconade. Finally made that happen on Saturday. My dad and I used mountain grove as a base of operations and jumped around to several different accesses on the upper gasconade as well as the Osage fork and some smaller tributaries. It made for a long day of driving around and exploring, but it was a good time and we caught a fair number of fish as well as a variety of fish. Since we don't have a boat and were fly fishing, we were confined to the first 15 miles or so of the gasconade around hartville. Caught our best fish, several 14-15 inch smallies in the evening on that river. The Osage fork was probably our favorite, as we caught the most fish and widest variety of fish. Caught smallies, a largemouth, suckers, and several healthy goggleeye on the Osage fork. Only saw the big white sign across the river letting us know that we were on private property after we waded back upstream to the low water bridge after a few hours of fishing. Apparently we were subject to prosecution by "order of the evergreen police dept." Oh well next time we know better. Fortunately nobody gave us any trouble. Had a great time and will definitely be back to see some more of these beautiful rivers. Only got pics of the smallmouth on the gasconade unfortunately.
  9. Colorado

    I fished Durango for a week last summer and had a really good time. San Juan tailwater was fun, but crowded and like netboy said, get ready to fish small midges and light tippet. Not really my cup of tea, but we had a good time. You may be there while run off is still going for a lot of places, but if run off has subsided, I would really recommend the box canyon on the Piedra. Pocketwater filled with 15-18 inch browns that eat nothing but big stoneflies. Can't go wrong with anything in that area though. Wish I could be in Colorado that long.
  10. Trout Report 1/8/2017

    Thanks for the report sounds like a good day. I fished the spring for the first time a few weeks ago. I and a question about wading downstream at dam 3. I heard the fishing gets really good downstream, but how do you get there? Can walk down the bank opposite the train tracks or is that private?
  11. Spring River

    Hey JD thanks for the advice. We fished it last Monday and Tuesday and it fished great. Gave mark a call and he pretty have us the same suggestions fly wise. all those flies worked to some degree plus anything caddis as there were quite a few of those coming off with the warmer temps. Thought it was a really cool river and was able to fish dam 3, Lassiter, and bayou in two days. Lots of fish, but all were about 14 inches so no pics. Thanks again.
  12. TaneyFest 2016

    That a Maine Coon?
  13. Spring River

    Eggs and woollies huh? Sounds like my kind of place. I'll make sure and give mark a call.
  14. Spring River

    Thinking about making a trip to the spring river in Arkansas in a couple weeks and from what I've found, there just not a lot of information out there, maybe that's by design I don't know. Think I've got the access figured, if I'm wading stay above dam 3 right? Mainly trying to figure out what flies to throw. Anybody with some experience on this river know what's hatching this time of year? Thanks, Dain than
  15. Made a quick holiday weekend trip up to Missouri from OKC this weekend. Last couple fishing trips had been pretty rough, so we fished roaring river Friday to get our confidence up and then yesterday morning hit crane creek for the first time. Fished the city park up stream and down stream of the bridge by the ball fields. The creek was really low which made things tough. Not much moving water to be found, fish were mostly stacked up in deeper pools. Fishing was tough but did manage to catch a couple including the prettiest trout trout I've ever seen. My guess is it was about ten inches or so, which I counted as a win. Thought about going down to check out lower wire road access but figured it was probably low like the rest of the creek and needed to get back to okc. Definitely a cool little creek and would like to come back when the water is a little higher to check out the lower wire road.

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