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  1. Thieves hit my neighbors boat in Oakland last week. They stole a bunch of trolling rods during the night. I hope they choke on the braided line!
  2. Rob P


    Bass and walleye were still at 30 ft, and right before the storm Saturday we hit the shallows. All the spots were 15, nice fat footballs this weekend. Smallie, spots and 1 eye, no largemouth. Cranks hooked a few more bass above the brush. The lake is only a few feet from pool. Should be a great fall for fishing.
  3. Rob P


    OK. I'm tossing buzz baits this weekend. I'm also bringing the cold front with me.. sorry.
  4. Both were kinda active this weekend, trolling cranks in ~30ft range. Unless the lures were close to the bottom the fish would not come up. No luck with crawler harnesses, but that's probably me.. Water is still 82-84 with plenty of fishing left this fall.
  5. Rob P


    We trolled for a few hours Thursday and hooked 2 walleye. Tough bite overall, but the fish are there. We need to thump them harder on the head..
  6. Fish have been in that 25-30ft zone, for trolling stay at ~2-2.2mph. It can be a mixed bag of walleye, whitebass, spots or largemouth when trolling. With the lake up high, we had been going over the old shoreline. By Mid September that will be farther out if the lake drops, but still around 25ft zone.
  7. I'm near Oakland. I am in the opposite corner in that I prefer the deep V since we do a lot of trolling. The open floor plan helps rig rods and 3 of us can watch 3-5 lines in the water. Mine is 17 1/2ft so we can also easily fish 3 casting to shore. I'm used to fishing open water in Wisconsin and Michigan where 2 footers can be daily with wind. My Deep V is no problem, i'll also utilize a drift sock to stabilize in big waves. Pretty much only lightening will keep me off the water. In rough water you learn fast how to fish and drive safely. I love Bull since even a bad weather day is still not bad. Bull is deep, Yep skip the powerpole, they get in the way of trolling rods and netting fish. Test drive and fish from a few if you can. Ask a buddy to let you drive and work the front of the boat, glass or deep V. See if you like the cockpit or open floor plan. Think about how you'll fish the boat. The boat can get you to the spot... But Its the fisherman that puts the fish in the box. Unless there are tournaments, the area from pts 8-9-10-11 up to Pontiac can be a ghost town. Which leaves square miles for us to fish without someone 50yds on out tail. We'll fish all summer, water is probably 82-84 surface now, but with gear you'll catch fish at that 25 depth. That's why trolling (aside from jigging) is a great technique.
  8. great info Rangerman. I'll admit to running clip weight with set line out and trolling an old crankbait. Then running over a point to see if I snag. Knowing the depth and set up I can verify my lure depths. Doing it at least once tells me exactly the speed/line out/weight combo for that lure. I run mono also but I like the clip weights for inside trolling rods. Outside rods are longer and can be longlines. I've found my northern Michigan crazy lure colors work the same on Bull. walleye are walleye everywhere...
  9. Rob P


    I use clip weights, but the key is line length from weight to lure. Make sure you are far enough out to not change the lure action. Clip weights are great to target depths all based on boat speed.
  10. Ham we fished last weekend, May10th. DOH! Heading back for Memorial weekend to try again.
  11. Didn't fish as much as we wanted, heavy rain then the chore list got in the way. Shallow brush bite on cranks was great, then the deeper jig bite was our backup. Both produced fish, lots of bass for both boats. Surprising # of walleye and keepers. We kept 2 walleye for dinner appetizers, all the bass went back. Saturday saw no one else all afternoon. Just our 2 boats miles from home. We are spoiled down here.. Water elev. was about 670, now its about 673 up 3ft since last week. Temps were at 71 then after the rains back to 68-69. We know the (-) to the high water for local businesses, but it does pay off in a boom fishery a few years later.
  12. Rob P


    We did really good this past weekend on cranks over the brush. Despite the rain which slowed our bite down on Saturday. Typically lots of spots, this weekend only LM and walleye. No smallies or spots which was weird. But everyone caught fish.
  13. Oakland ramp was fine over the weekend.
  14. Rob P


    We caught some nice fish on Monday and Tuesday. Deep diver cranks, then our usual shallow sq bills. Mixed bag of spots, LM and whites. Yahoo to spring!
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