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  1. VJMAC

    7-15 Crappie

  2. VJMAC

    7-15 Crappie

    Another great evening of brush pile fishing. From 7p till dark. 3 different BP's. All have been producing. Came home with 27. Not one under 10". Had two right at 15". This year has been the best ever for me as far as size. 40yrs +/- !
  3. VJMAC

    7-10 crappie

    exactly where i HAD been fishing. Moved up lake a bit. Launching at Masters
  4. VJMAC

    7-10 crappie

    Was fishing standing timber past few weeks with little luck. Finally started focusing on main lake BP's. Thats where they are. As far as what ive found the BP needs to be in 25-35 fow. Shallower ones seem to only have bass and bluegill on them. Have to put up with the boat traffic (wakeboarders) only downside to the main lake fishing. I seem to attrack them !! Shiners better then toughies too.
  5. VJMAC

    7-10 crappie

    Sounds like you might know something about my pond !!
  6. VJMAC

    7-10 crappie

    Wife and I took a trip tues evening. Started around 7pm and fished till dark. Fished a brushpile in 30'+. Ones biting were in the brush or right on top of it. 20" walleye and lost one bigger at the boat!! couple 15" crappie. Couple on jigs but rest on minnows. Thought i'd throw in a pic of the WIFES new boat !! Fun evening. Back after them tonight !!
  7. VJMAC


  8. VJMAC


    I have some Attwood plastic rod holders that have the rotating locking pin. This system looks just like the Scotty Rod Holders use. Anyone know if the components between both manufactures are compatible with each other ?? I've seen a square rail mount that Scotty makes that would work better for me vs the one Attwood makes. Thanks
  9. I recently bought an Ulterra for my Crestliner TC17 and for the "wifes" new tritoon - Lowe SF212WT. Awesome TM. Best thing ever invented in my opinion. Mine is a 24v though. 80lb thrust. No shortage of power even with the tritoon. Bit overkill on the TC17 but it was already rigged for 24v. If your boats not too large i would think the 12v should be fine. Might be limited to how much wind you can be in. I got the HD quick disconnect mount and an extra puck from MK so i could use the TM on either boat. I wasnt buying two of them !! Fished three days straight without any charging of the batteries. No noticeable loss of power. Very impressed with the unit. Spotlock, auto pilot, etc... works great !! Anyone sees us on the lake and want to check out the TM or the boat just flag us down !!
  10. VJMAC

    MINNOWS ??

    Anyone know of a baitshop that will sell minnows by the pound ? I used to get them from the Happy Hook in stockton but seems hes out of business !! He had a nice place with lots of gear and seemed fairly busy. I usually get 4-5 lbs at a time and keep in my own tank. Hate driving 20 miles outa my way to get minnows everytime i go.
  11. VJMAC

    Roark Bluff

    Had my trailer tires knifed at high point couple years ago. Still pissed off about that ! Dont think i'd chase anyone down but i do have a .50 cal desert eagle that i carry that might run someone down !!
  12. VJMAC

    Out of Roark-Crappie!

    DANG ! I was there yesterday for a couple hours beating the banks looking for some spawners. Only managed 6 males. Was thinking i might have missed it ! Maybe not ?? Been tearing them up on Pomme past two weeks. 300+. Size of keepers is steadily getting smaller there. Mostly males know. Stockton is about 5deg cooler then Pomme. Atleast where i fished. I did notice that most people where fishing off the banks in deeper water. Thats what i get for being bull headed!!
  13. I have a new pontoon on order. should be getting it in a few weeks. I'm hoping to be able to mount an Ulterra TM. If theres any Ulterra owners out there im looking for measurements in the stowed position (shaft horizontal). From top of deck to top of the shaft. And top of deck to highest point on the drive unit. I have 12" from front most part of the deck back to the face of the gate. The gate opening is 10" above deck. Looks like a good portion of the base hanges over the edge of the deck so i think mounting it in the space will work. Also thinking about adding a quick disconnect bracket if possible (MKA-21). Think its around 1" thick. Same info for any Terrova owners out there. Greatly appreciate any help on this. Have my heart set on the Ulterra but if the gate cant be closed while in stowed position i'll have to do something else. Cant have the Grandkids jumping out of the boat !! Thanks again Vic
  14. VJMAC


    Curious to whether any one been catching any? Not lookin for anyone spots. Just wondering if deep or shallow? Standing timber, brush?? thks
  15. VJMAC

    anyone familiar with Crestliners?

    I have a Crestliner TC17. Different style of boat then what your looking at. Very well built. Love it.

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