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  1. Put the tritoon in at state park. Wife and 8 girl friends spent the afternoon and evening on the lake. Did NOT want to be captain of that voyage ! Case of summer shandy and 4 bottles of wine !! So decided to try some jig fishing in the outlet. Pleasantly surprised to see all the water being released. Fished the slackwater area on the park side. Few dink crappie,drum and bluegills. Nothing worthy of a pic. Felt good to just cast a lure. Felt like i was at a trout park with all the cold water and air flowing outa there. Hope they dont turn it off for awhile.
  2. Anyone know if this ramp is open to use and if they have the loading dock available ?
  3. Crabtree campground has some really nice waterfront campsites with plenty of shade for your boat !!
  4. Crabtree and Masters today. Pic with hod of my truck is the road going into masters. Water is almost over the road. On the other side of the road you can see a slight current as the water gets pushed thru the tube ! Still rising
  5. Thats one lucky dude in soo many ways ! Have had my share of close calls over the years especially in boats that run 70+ mph. Once as a passenger going 80+ and hit a floater. Lower unit was gone ! Scariest ride of my life. Was like riding a giant 70mph water bug till it finally stopped. Since down sizing i dont run nearly as fast (35 max) but S$$t can still happen. Two weeks ago around midnight i was heading from orleans trail back to ramp at crabtree. Almost had a head on collision with another boat. He had NO lights on !! ! wear a lifejacket and kill switch always. These things always happen when you least expect it. Glad the guy wasnt hurt. Even more respect for Skeet. Good guy.
  6. All things considered it seems like ya had a good trip. Hope i helped if even a little bit. Wished i couldve got away from work to meet ya guys. See ya in July. Bring your sunscreen and skeeter spray !
  7. They are tasty critters. Make for excellent blackened fish tacos !! Main lake points and a Ned rig you'll have a limit in 30 mins !!
  8. YES. The bite is really good last hour of daylight. Same results last night. 30 Keepers. Sat and sundays catch were mostly males. 9 to 10.5". Yesterday the size increased dramatically. Had 8 fish from 11" to 13". Only a couple of those were females. Last night we started at 5:45 and were done at 7:00. If ya compare both pics you can see the size difference. My cooler is 14" wide on the inside. I use jigs and wife like minnows. Both workin and jig color doesnt matter !
  9. Wife and i have got our limits the past two evenings. 2' - 6'. Mostly males up shallow. Females a bit deeper. Temps are 60-62deg. Pomme arm. Both days we were done in 1.5 hours.
  10. Bolivar landing area. Only fished a couple hours. 3-5. Water was cooler then expected. 55-56. Caught 10 nice ones from 10-12". All look to be males. Fishing close to spawning areas but in 15' depth. Fish all holding in 10-12' depth. Jig / minnow combo. Tried some shallow areas but no bites. Seen ONE dogwood just starting to bloom. Think i'll be staying home and getting some work done and hit it hard next week
  11. Good info. Agree not many options around the lake. We rented a house on VRBO. Its nice to go to a lake thats not so commercialized. NO wakeboats, ski boats or jetski's. Just alot of good ole boys fishing ! Fished with a guide one day there and he said same thing about a fall drawdown. Planning a late summer trip to do some night fishing. Said to find a tree on the channel dropoff and to use green lights. White lights = Giant Skeeters. His words! Usually have your limits in a few hours (50 per person) !!!
  12. VJMAC

    4-10 morning

    Another one was last year at Orleans Trail Marina ramp. Guy was launching by himself. Noticed he had an ulterra also. Floated off and he got out to deploy and drive it back to the dock (like the commercial). Then started running around like a decapitated chicken yelling every swear word in the book. Left his remote in the boat !! Tried my remote but it wouldnt work. I idled out and brought it back to the dock. Alot of bikinis in the area so i think he was trying to show off a bit. He did get alot of attention !!
  13. VJMAC

    4-10 morning

    OHHH. That sucks. I do have an Ulterra TM. It would possibly help in that situation IF it was still in range of the remote. I've had more bad luck and seen my share of others bad luck at that ramp ! Been a few years back. Storm blowin in and everyone trying to get out at same time. Guy ahead was power loading his bassboat and hit the roller too hard and jarred the truck out of park and rolled right back into the lake ! Completely submerged. Had to ride out the storm on water and waited around a few hours to watch the recovery. That was a terrible thing to watch happen. One guy was on the dock and ran to help but couldnt get there in time. Thats a memory that has yet to leave me. Think about it every time I launch and load the boat.
  14. VJMAC

    water temp

    Man i'm glad you showed that logo. I've always been wondering what "I", m, t stood for ?? Never thought of it being an "L" Stupid ME ! Makes sense now
  15. VJMAC

    4-10 morning

    Hit the lake at 9:30am tryin to beat the wind, Wind won the race. Went out of High Point. Water temps 51-52 !! Bit puzzling since I've been seeing 56-57 around the dam ?? Not much of anything showing up on the graph. picked up a few crappie DEEP on some points and a bonus 21" walleye. Got the heck outa there at noon. Wind and waves at the ramp were crazy. Crappie all female. Eggs firm and not bloody at all. Also there was a nice looking black lab hanging out around the ramp. Seemed lost. Very friendly. Wanted in the boat with me but my yorkie wasnt having any part of that!! Had a wide camo collar on but no tags. Didnt see him when i got back. Hopefully belongs to someone local.
  16. VJMAC

    water temp

    56-57 last night around crabtree. Fished points from 7:30 to 10:30pm hoping to pick up a few walleyes. Caught 3 LM. 4 SM, 5 spots and 10 or 11 huge white bass. Lots of action and fun but no table fare ! Throwing clown color Xrap. Had to work it really slow. All hits on the pause. All hit it like a freight train. Bout lost my rod a couple times.
  17. Just a bit confused. $25 entry per person. One person for $25 or two for $50 and 7 fish limit per boat regardless of entries ??
  18. Guessing you dont have much of a sense of humor. Sorry to have upset you !!
  19. Sorry, messing with ya guys. Did catch these last week at Lake D'Arbonne Louisiana. Just got home yesterday. Never in my life have i caught so many huge crappie. This lake needs to be put on everyones bucket list. 16,000 acre lake. Most of the lake is 8' deep or less. Cypress trees , stumps, stumps and more stumps! Ya like to spider rig and catch huge crappie its the place to be. They were still spawning. 95% were females. Daily limit 50. No length limit. Already making plans for next year and probably a summer trip and do mostly night fishing. Off to Pomme to see if any are biting there !!
  20. VJMAC


    Arrived at the lake a couple hours before sunrise. One 19" and other 20". Had a few other hit and misses and another on for a bit and got off. Should have had a limit ! First time on the water this year. North end points and on jerkbaits. Water was 38-40deg. Both males.
  21. 2015 Crestliner TC17, bought new in March 2016 2015 Mercury 60HP Fourstroke, under warranty 2018 Minnkota Ulterra 24V 80lb w/ I-pilot and HD removable mount 2017 Garmin 73DV/GPS w/ ram mount 2017 Garmin 93SV/GPS w/ ram mount , includes US Lake VU Ultra HD mapping and NMEA networking 2015 Hummingbird Piranha Color Fish Finder in dash mount 15 gal front livewell w/ bait bucket and fresh water pump 22 gal rear livewell w/ bait bucket, divider, fresh water pump and recirculating pump w/ timer 3 position bow seating 2 folding fishing seats One butt seat 3 Interstate batteries 2 bank onboard charger Stainless Steel boarding ladder Custom travel/storage cover Upgraded trailer w/ swing away tongue Aluminum wheels and radial tires - single axle Spare Alum wheel/tire and mount Retractable trailer straps 17900 as listed Will sell without Garmins (-900) = 17000 without Ulterra TM (-1800) = 16100 without Garmins and TM (-2700) = 15200 EMAIL - vicmcquay@gmail.com text - 417-399-7164
  22. VJMAC

    Best Excuse

    tracman86, thanks again for the safety reminder. How's things going with your recovery ??
  23. VJMAC


    Buy my shiners at a small baitshop in Fairplay. Right on hwy32 as you go thru town. Think its called "Day Sons" They have BIG Leeches too for you walleye guys !! Fair prices on the bait too. They dont count your minnows one by one as alot do !!
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