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  1. Have fish will travel

    Awesome local learning opportunity.

    This going to be a great outdoor learning opportunity. I’m definitely going anyone want to join me. https://americansurvivalco.com/class/bug-out-with-alan-kay/
  2. Have fish will travel

    Ned, with or without weed guard?

    I haven’t tried the Ned rig yet but would like to soon. Could anyone suggest some good color options for Beaver lake? Is there a local shop that stocks what I need to setup some Ned rigs?
  3. Have fish will travel

    Ned Rig Video

    Could someone suggest a few good colors to start with for a person that’s hasn’t tried the Ned yet?
  4. Have fish will travel


    Planning on being out most of the night Friday looking for catfish. Anyone got any tips or tricks? Going to be putting in at Prairie Creek.
  5. Have fish will travel

    Lake master Great Plains version 6

    Would anyone care to trade a Midsouth Lakemaster card for a Great Plains version 6 card?
  6. Have fish will travel

    Wilderness survival school

  7. Have fish will travel

    Wilderness survival school

  8. Have fish will travel

    Low end fish finders

    I have like new elite-5x for sale. Only had it on the boat for a couple of trips, then upgraded to one that had gps. The sonar and down imaging is very clear and it has a color screen. I really liked how well it worked but decided I needed GPS more. Will sell for $200 obo.
  9. Have fish will travel

    Wanting to learn.

    Thanks, I appreciate that.
  10. Have fish will travel

    Wanting to learn.

    My normal days off are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday unless they make me work overtime on Friday.
  11. Have fish will travel

    Wanting to learn.

    I'd love too, if I could afford their prices.
  12. Have fish will travel

    Wanting to learn.

    I understand and appreciate the responses from everyone. I will read the stuff you suggested but I still prefer hands on learning. I'm not trying to steal anyone's secrets or hijack their fishing holes, I'm just curious how you all do it. I've went out and tried many times and had very little to no success. I've only caught one striper when I was actually trying for striper and three on accident. Seems like my stats are little backwards now that I think about, maybe I should just stop trying for them and I'll catch more. Also, I forgot to mention another thing that I could offer in the the deal. I've got a pretty good wild hog hunting spot or two. So I could take you out and help you get a wild boar or two if you're interested in that sort of thing.
  13. Have fish will travel

    Wanting to learn.

    I'm really wanting to learn about striper fishing, but I don't really have the time to spend weeks and weeks on the lake learning the hard way. So I was wondering if one of you guys would mind me tagging along on a fishing trip or two and showing me how you find them. I would be willing to buy your breakfast or dinner...shoot I might buy both if we catch a bunch. Also if you prefer we could take my boat or yours, either one doesn't matter to me. I know this is kind of a shot in the dark but I figured I'd never know if I didn't ask.
  14. Have fish will travel

    Any good catfish spots?

    I think I'll try by the prairie creek boat launch area this weekend. I'll probably do some very slow drifting with my lines spread out directly below the boat with shad or blue gill for bait. I'll set up my rods at four different depths until I can figure out what depth they like. Does anyone have any suggestions for hook type? I was considering trying circle hooks but I don't have any past experience with them.
  15. Have fish will travel

    Any good catfish spots?

    Thanks for the tips. I should have mentioned that I am fishing from a boat. I had an old man tell me that I should try out Neil's bluff. Does anyone know anything about that area? It sounded good from what he said but it's a long way from where I live.

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