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  1. 196champ

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    Great Report! Looking forward to coming down this weekend!
  2. 196champ

    Walleye, walleye everywhere walleye

    Great Report! I fished the Campbell Point to Shell Knob bridge area 6/29 to 7/8. Fishing was great and catching was even better. Most fish came on bluff ends suspended 20 to 30 feet over an infinite depth. gravel roll off fish were right on the break for me, best depth was 25-35. Most everything came on a small swimmer 1/4 oz head and a dixie jet. Had some better fish on a 4" swimmer and a 1/2oz head on the gravel.
  3. 196champ

    Flutter spoon questions

    I use a 3/4oz Dixie Jet Flutter spoon most of the time, add a owner hyper wire split ring and a quality crane swivel (i use Spro). Sometimes i will add a stinger hook but haven't been as of late, its a fun way to have the opportunity to catch 2 at a time. I was throwing it on a MH x fast and losing a lot of fish, Mr. Babler hooked me up with a Falcon cranking rod and it has done the trick quite well. Can get them 2x on just the treble as well
  4. May have just put 2 and 2 together.  Are you the same 196 on the bbc board with the good  looking new 210?

  5. 196champ

    Lower End 7-3-18

    I have not, was looking to throw something at these schooling fish when they come up from the depths. They will eat a top water but have much more luck with the Fin. Anyone throw a Jackall Mickey or a Duel Hardcore Noi-Z jr? Looking to try something different more than anything
  6. 196champ

    Lower End 7-3-18

    Ive been looking for a good wake bait, Red Fin has been working but looking for something that can be worked quickly. Any suggestions SplitG2? Strike King wake shad looked good but seems to be discontinued...
  7. 196champ

    6-27-18 Table Rock Lake Report Point Five to Big M

    Nice report! I will let you all know how i do this week around Shell Knob
  8. 196champ

    Walter and others

    Had to have a gal in a Kayak take this picture for me.
  9. 196champ

    Walter and others

    Caught this one a few weeks ago on a Dixie Jet, 28.5" 7lb 12oz
  10. 196champ

    Fathers Day Falcon Rod Sale

    I got one from him as well, sucker looked brand spankin new!
  11. 196champ

    White River Area Report 6-18-18

    Bill, Have you noticed an increase in the size of the shad this year? Seems like the ones they have been spitting up as of late are pretty healthy.
  12. 196champ

    You can't make this stuff up

    Unfortunately its not just the wake boats, i understand it was a Holiday weekend but when you can have a conversation with another speaking in normal tone, your way to close. Had a bass tracker troll within 10 yards of me Sunday morning near Shell Knob, even had the audacity to ask how the fishing has been! Boats running between the bank and me on gravel flats in 2' of water or less and just clueless about it. I never fished past 10:30 (except Tuesday morning) and this was going on in the early morning hours. Its hard to get mad as it is to be expected on a Holiday weekend but people need to learn to have a little respect and take a safety course. Did get to tow in a pontoon who blew their lower unit. "We ran a ground in the middle of the lake a few hours ago, not sure what happened...."
  13. 196champ

    Fantastic Morning at the Dam 5-24-18

    its been pretty good from Campbell Point to Shell Knob as well, looking forward to getting back out...definitely some dandies to be had.
  14. 196champ

    Shell Knob - 5/25-5/28

    A few suggestions to start with, ill be in a red and white champion...stop by and say hi
  15. 196champ

    WTB Remighton 870 Wingmaster 410

    Will do, I have a 12 and am working on finding a 20 and 410. PM Gumboot, his is still for sale.

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