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  1. Hunting Lease

    I am currently on 660 acres with a few other guys but am looking for something smaller for just myself and maybe 1 other person. I would also be willing to join an existing lease with honest, law abiding individuals. Acreage can vary, just all depends on the set up, access and surrounding areas; open to look at any options!
  2. Hunting Lease

    I am in search of a deer hunting lease, the property I am currently on is being sold after 15 years of leasing. Pretty bummed but hope something will materialize soon. I live Northwest of the St. Louis area about 30 minutes and currently hunt between Kirksville and Edina. I am open to all options, no matter what the location and enjoy both archery and gun hunting. References available as well, let me know if anyone runs across anything for the upcoming deer season! Thanks!
  3. Indian Point area this morning

    I was launching at the Shell Knob bridge about a month ago, it was still pretty dark about 5:30. Boat launched in front of me was a little crooked on the ramp so i let him do his thing and pull the trailer out. I proceeded to back in making sure there was plenty of room for 2 to accommodate the boat behind me. I back in, launch and tie up to the courtesy dock; hop out to grab the truck and the rig behind me backed in at an angle. His fender was darn near touching mine as he was about to launch his boat right on top of my trailer. Sarcastically, I asked if he would like to trim his motor up so i could pull my trailer out of the water. He immediately panics and jams his boat back up on his trailer, how his prop didn't get hit my trailer is still a mystery....
  4. 6/1 Shell Knob - Beautiful Day and Good Fishing

    There are plenty close by to jump around on that's for sure
  5. 6/1 Shell Knob - Beautiful Day and Good Fishing

    That spot looks familiar! Had a very similar experience there over the weekend. Swimbaits and dixie jets did the trick. A bit deeper when i was there!
  6. Hope to be back on soon

    Bite was phenomenal this weekend!
  7. Lucky on a Unlucky Day on the Upper End

    Definitely some floaters out there...Picked up a 20" eye on the Ned in about 5' of water. That was a fluke!
  8. trailer bunk carpet suggestions

    I just ordered mine from bassboatseats . Com on Friday. It's 16oz, found some here local but didn't compare. Found some real good treated 2x4s at the lumber yard, going to wrap them and do the swap this weekend hopefully
  9. Looking for a decent river/creek in the Shell Knob area.

    Flat Creek off 39 isn't bad, stop by there on occasion and have never been skunked
  10. Waiting out the storm at SK 4/16

    Just got back to Campbell point before the lightning started....Hope they are still on after the rain like the were prior! Fluke shallow and swimbait on secondary points have been doing it for me the last few days
  11. Drop Shot Weights

    Bought a drop shot weight mold, next thing you know I have a few hundred of each 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz. Shoot me a message if interested, buy or trade.
  12. Jerkbait rod advice needed

    I like to utilize the "Rods for Sale" section on bassboatcentral. A lot of these guys replace rods each season and you can get some really nice, lightly used, high end rods for pennies on the dollar. I have purchased 10+ rods, several reels and some extremely discounted tackle from there with 0 issues. I know several other friends who do the same thing. Just my 2 cents and another avenue to look into.
  13. Wiggle Wart rod

    http://www.kistlerrods.com/store/fishing-rods/klx-fishing-rods/klx-fishing-rods/crank-rip-and-twitch-rods/klx-crank-rip-and-twitch-medium-7-0-fishing-rod.html#.WD8YXX33jBw Started fishing Kistler Rods last year, doesnt get much better
  14. 14lbs Walleye from The Rock!?

    Nice fish, boy he has some long arms......
  15. Cooler weather coming

    Looks like we have some cooler weather ahead and had planned on coming down the later part of next week. Any suggestions? I'm guessing the top water and jig bit should start heating up?

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