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  1. Lucky for me, I have no desire to go anywhere near downtown. Live about 40 min northwest! Anyone have anything for sale?
  2. Hope the bank was open Blazerman was cashing a check on Saturday!!!
  3. I have a Franchi 912, 3.5" gas gun. I have used it the last 10 years or so, it has suited me well but doesn't like to eat light dove loads or shooting trap and skeet.
  4. Good Morning, I am on the hunt for a semi auto 12 or 20 gauge shotgun. Doesn't need to be anything fancy but open to all options. Looking for a 3" as the 3.5" i have currently doesn't like to cycle light loads. Live in the St. Louis metro and frequent the Shell Knob area. Thanks!
  5. This should tell ya a little about the fishing pressure as well haha. Poor guy had 3 holes in his head and a missing lip
  6. I was out Saturday Morning from 6:00AM - 10:30AM Fished a 3/4 oz dixie jet and a 3" swimbait on a 1/4 oz head, boated 35 or so. 2 small walleye and about 10 keepers, a few nice largemouth. Fished around Shell Knob, ran into Bill at the grocery store yesterday and sounded like he had a nice morning of catching too
  7. The place is just unreal, I've been going for the past 5 years or so. Mostly toward the end of May, made 1 trip to Grand Traverse bay and hope to get back there next year. Fished that in August, we had 3 boats and never saw another bass fishing in 9 days. Sturgeon Bay has a bit more "competition" but still continues to produce. We averaged 50 fish a day this year with BB being a 5.96
  8. Fished the same area this weekend, not as much schooling activity but you could still call them up with a spook. Some nice small mouth and a double this morning, that one went 4lb 14oz with a 17"k A few on the Dixie jet, megabass 110+1 and swim baits did the majority of the damage, out to 35ft with the slick conditions
  9. Didn't mean to blow anyone's cover with the swimmer! It takes a lot of patience to throw this bait and it seems like most give up on it. In any case, good luck to everyone. I'm hoping Ulrich can get my boat in the shop this week!
  10. I don't mind sharing at all, it is the 6" Megabass Magdraft. About this time of year that bite starts up and really gets good post spawn. I have way more track the bait right to the boat than eat it but it will at least show you where they live. I throw it on a 7'2" MH rod with 15lb Floro and seems to do the trick, started using it a few years ago and once you catch one on it, it can get addicting. The only thing about this bait is the retrieve has to be very consistent and slow for it to run correctly, peg a weight in the belly and it will get you a few more feet of depth
  11. Started out Saturday morning shallow throwing a bigger swimbait and quickly had a few nice LMs. Switched over to a wacky rigged stick fished over the beds in spawning areas and did really well, nothing of any size but fished until 2:00PM. It was like the 4th of July out there! Sunday i decided to stick close to home due to the storms rolling in and glad i did! Threw a spook over a gravel run out and just got into them, it was non stop for over 2 hours, always nice when the stars align like that every once in a while I had 2 right at 20" and one a bit over, 75% we
  12. Fished all day Sunday and just an hour of so this evening before the rain from Big Creek to Shell Knob. I was discouraged by the water color but it didn't seem to hurt the bite, just needed to do some adjusting from my usual routine. Caught them on the old bank line in front of the bushes 9'-15'. the wind was your friend and did the best on a rock crawler, spinner bait and chatter bait. Spinner bait and chatter bait usually aren't my thing, as i would rather creep a swim bait out deep but boy was it fun! Most everything i fished was larger pockets leading into spawning coves
  13. What a day! Planned on heading down tomorrow but this rain has me thinking otherwise....
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