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  1. Has to be. It was coming off the water for sure. If I were a fish, I'd be on the other side of that stuff.
  2. Made it down there today. Be better if it was open a foot or so! About as much coming through the turbine. Smelled horrible down there. Not sure why.
  3. I knew those drum had to be good for something! Bait!
  4. Before this all started, they had stated a plan to keep it at least a foot higher than 867 in the future. I scoffed at that! Where they gonna get the water, I recall wondering at the time. 😀
  5. https://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Locations/District-Lakes/Stockton-Lake/Daily-Lake-Info-2/ It updated this morning. I had deleted the link on my tablet. We're down to 10 feet above normal!
  6. Hope he didn't fall outta the boat....
  7. Well. According to Facebook, that happens also. Something like that may have happened near here some time ago. You didn't hear if from me. But I speak of farmers and their wives, murdered by jail breakers. Shop owner, his wife and dog chopped up with knives (that one got some mention in the news, but died quickly). A fellow lost more than his manhood recently on a back road.... More to the story than we'll ever know. Good friend of mine lost a college chum to one of these fellows we can't talk about....This was in Kansas. The guy saw a party group leaving an apartment, sneaked in the door behind the victims and confronted them when they came back in. Said he had a knife and pushed them into their bedroom - then - went to the kitchen and got one of their knives. Killed the guy and did unspeakables to his wife. Now, that sucka would die in my home in a similar situation. My only worry would be how to clean up the mess. You don't wanna carry then don't. Still more or less a free country for the time being.
  8. We're talking about Smithville Lake north of KC, right? I grew up near there, but left before the lake was built.
  9. You can intervene in a felony situation, but I would not do it for reasons already mentioned. I carry for when I go home - in the country and secluded. And I carry around the place. You know how many country people have been murdered in the Ozarks in the last 40 years? No you don't. They don't say much about it. I open carry to get the mail and mow. Sometimes I carry the scary black rifle up to the mail box. Stand around and look friendly until a couple of these idiots drive by and see it. I carry to the bathroom! By the way, I just carpeted the bathroom. Like it so much may run it all the way into the house.
  10. Great! Smithville? Do the speed boats still froth the water on weekends up there? Darnedest commotion I ever witnessed.
  11. It's not that far and I should really go to town one day and check it on the way but I'm retired and have no reason to go to town. They say the Sears store has been replaced with a hardware store. Eventually. Sure hope they have a fish hook or something besides just sandpaper. Is it summer yet?
  12. Heat index was 114 yesterday north of the lake. Haven't heard from any neighbors today. Suspect they all died. Heat index was invented in 1978. Since I was a kid many years before that, we picked up hay bales, fished, rode bikes and played ball in 100 deg heat. Can't do that anymore because of the heat index. Darn.
  13. OK. Granddad left early in the morning from the farm near Stockton in the Model T truck loaded with sheep headed for the livestock market in Springfield - So the story goes. It was an entire day down to Springfield stopping along the road to fix flats all the way. Back then they jacked them up, pulled the tube out from the tire and rim, cold patched them then stuck it all back together and pumped it up with a hand pump. Tire irons were as common in cars as cup holders and air conditioners are now. He got there late that evening, slept under the truck all night and was there for the sale the next morning. He was fond of saying he sold the sheep for just enough money to buy a set of tires and head back home. I don't know what year that was but the Ford was a 1916 model car that had been converted to a truck with a flat bed and 2 speed rear end. It was said these rigs topped out at about 15 MPH. No pictures of this outfit exist and that breaks my heart! Granddad traded it for a radio in the late 30's. It really is better nowadays. Isn't it?
  14. I believe it. Remember the rubber o-rings Ford put around the lugs? 90's I think. Couldn't get the wheels off. Change for the sake of change.
  15. This is the only entertainment I get since fishing died! Oh, and BTW... 3.81 inches of rain today just north of the lake and it's still coming down!
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