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  1. Kinda normal for spring. Heard a rumor they were going to try and keep the lake around a foot above normal this year. Guess that would depend on the rains we get or don't get.
  2. I feel there is a punch line yet to fall... Hope so. I have'nt even uncovered the boat yet. I remember all the hours spent in 40ish water last spring. Never caught anything until the mid 50's. Soon. Very soon.
  3. Wow. Looked into one of those motors and accoutrements. My wife cannot afford it.
  4. Thanks. I'm gonna drag the boat south one day! I don't know if there is more action down there or just more forum users using that side of the lake.
  5. Say, where did you get the minnows this early?
  6. Growing up in Northwestern Mo we heard tails of white runs. Guy owned a resort on LOZ and would call Dad when they started. We'd pile into the car with the 10 horse Johnson, a tent and all our gear and race down there. "You just missed 'em by about a hour." I've caught them over the years, but never saw the bare hook catching run. I'd probably freeze up... Worked with a guy who admitted to seeing his first deer and stood there jacking every shell through his 30-30 without firing a shot. I wonder what the fishing equivalent to that would be? I need to be mentally prepared.
  7. And so it begins.
  8. I got dibs on the first 11.75 inch one!!!!!!!!!!
  9. JCreek

    Deep fish

    Something else needed for the arsenal then. Just seems hard to get deep in my little alum boat blowing across the lake. Got some 2 oz bottom bouncers for crawler rigs. That does it. Straight to the bottom into the first crevice.
  10. JCreek

    Deep fish

    How many pounds of weight does it take to get a hook 70 feet down? Am I missing something?
  11. JCreek

    Best Excuse

    Too darn hot to cut firewood.
  12. Bottom bouncers. That's what I need. Thought these were a decent deal : http://r.ebay.com/tH537l Unless someone has a better source. I sure miss my childhood Western Auto store! Good info, nomolites. Hope you make it back soon.
  13. I happen to be a nutcase and resent this line of reasoning.
  14. Well Wrench, I gave up deer hunting when it became a fad and the city people started messing it up. That being said, a folding stock and 4 sided rail sure ads conveniences I don't have on my Model 70. Easier to get in/out of trees for one thing. A buddy in GA carries a 6.8MM version for wild hogs. They're just nice and compact for walking type hunting. Of course hunting here requires a 10 round clip. I'd take the AR out in weather that would see my wooden guns left safely in the safe, also. It all involves choices and the right to make them IMHO.
  15. Yeah. After I ordered some 🙄 But got some 9's. Needed something to dig a little deeper. We'll see.
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