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  1. JCreek

    Deep fish

    Something else needed for the arsenal then. Just seems hard to get deep in my little alum boat blowing across the lake. Got some 2 oz bottom bouncers for crawler rigs. That does it. Straight to the bottom into the first crevice.
  2. JCreek

    Deep fish

    How many pounds of weight does it take to get a hook 70 feet down? Am I missing something?
  3. JCreek

    Best Excuse

    Too darn hot to cut firewood.
  4. JCreek

    Report from first visit ...

    Bottom bouncers. That's what I need. Thought these were a decent deal : http://r.ebay.com/tH537l Unless someone has a better source. I sure miss my childhood Western Auto store! Good info, nomolites. Hope you make it back soon.
  5. I happen to be a nutcase and resent this line of reasoning.
  6. Well Wrench, I gave up deer hunting when it became a fad and the city people started messing it up. That being said, a folding stock and 4 sided rail sure ads conveniences I don't have on my Model 70. Easier to get in/out of trees for one thing. A buddy in GA carries a 6.8MM version for wild hogs. They're just nice and compact for walking type hunting. Of course hunting here requires a 10 round clip. I'd take the AR out in weather that would see my wooden guns left safely in the safe, also. It all involves choices and the right to make them IMHO.
  7. JCreek

    Flicker Shad

    Yeah. After I ordered some 🙄 But got some 9's. Needed something to dig a little deeper. We'll see.
  8. Now...what about us old-farts that don't need a fishing license anymore ? No need to apply for the license means you don't need the number to apply. I guess... I get to burn my license in a few months. Might do it on the lake! Not sure when I bought my first. Age 14 was it? Never been checked in all this time. Visited with agents and even had a bass measured once, but never been asked for the permit. All that money wasted!
  9. JCreek

    6/3/2018 walleye

    Thanks! Guess I should get out more.
  10. JCreek

    6/3/2018 walleye

    Anybody found night crawlers for sale around the north side of the lake?
  11. What, no channel cat? Wife and I each caught one this week. Hers after dark on a white grub. Mine was 4PM on shad underspin. A first for me. But not slaying anything. I think I need lessons!
  12. JCreek

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Storms are magnificent - from the proper distance. 4.2 inches of rain at my place north of the lake since Thursday. Including 1.15 this AM. Wonder what the bite will be, if any, tomorrow... Sure had plans for the next couple of days. I haven't been able to go for over a week. Sitting and watching all you guys tearing them up has been a real hoot for me!
  13. JCreek

    Wear it to work day

    https://www.weather.gov/safety/safeboating-week I don't work anymore, but perhaps if I go into town for anything....Actually I try not to go to town on Fridays or weekends and it's on the 18TH. Darn. I miss out on everything.
  14. JCreek

    Storms Brewing

    We got .25 inch out of all of that. Yippee, the drought is broken (said with a Brooklyn - Yiddish accent)
  15. JCreek

    Past Few Days

    I had some tiny underspins so ordered some 1/4 OZ on ePay. Of course, they'll be hitting something else next week when those arrive so keep us posted. I did catch a decent walleye near Masters a week ago on a blue Rapala. Actually first keeper eye for me on this lake.

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