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  1. jackie53

    Walleye Time

    Took a friend form church fishing.Tried out our new home made ned rigs,worked on the Bass and surprised with a limit of Walleye. Am blessed more than I Deserve.A few pics kind of dark.
  2. jackie53

    Fish still biting.

    With the may full moon fish are biting.Bream are getting on their beds.
  3. After a Hard couple of years fishing .Greers is coming back,The shad and Bream release and the high waters have turned it around, Good strings of bass in our night tour is looking good got to have a good solid limit of 2 lb'ers to win,Crappie and Bream fishing like Days of old.
  4. jackie53

    Crappie still Biting.

    Crappie Still biting.
  5. jackie53

    Smallmouth Biting.

    Ned Rig
  6. jackie53

    Smallmouth Biting.

    Smallmouth Biting.
  7. jackie53

    Crappie still biting.

    Crappie still biting,Still spawning .
  8. jackie53

    Crappie Dinner

    Diabetes has gotten to my hands,needed a little crappie therapy.
  9. jackie53

    next week

    Staying at Devils fork resort.Hybrids and whites back in the river channels under edgemont bridge.Need to dodge the traffic!! ,rooster tails when on top daylite and right before dark.also watch for the gulls.Get the 1 oz jigging spoons out.

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