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  1. I figured I'd have to get way back away from everyone. But that's no big deal for me. Never been there. Gonna go walk around and check it out this weekend.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out. Also thought about busik. Figured it would be ok late season. But who knows.
  3. I know this has nothing to do with fishing but was wondering what public land in the area allows bow hunting? Looking to get out and enjoy the sport here in the area. Driving to my land in Arkansas gets to be pretty time consuming.
  4. Man someone is gonna have to show me how to do this. I just can't figure it out haha
  5. Jacob how have you been catching them. If you don't mind giving out some tips.
  6. What's it cost to hire him for half a day?
  7. But where do you throw those cranks at? What kind of bank or deep on points?
  8. Thanks all. This is the first year I have ever fished deep. Always grew up fishing shallow. I may just have to hire a guide to just show me how to do it and the best techniques
  9. Ya I was on fish in 20-25 fow off of point 10 out of aunts creek. Just not real sure what I am doing yet.im gonna keep after it till I get it figured out for sure.
  10. Tried it this morning for the first time. I have never fished that way. Only managed on 14incher. Any tips on this would be awesome because I am obviously doing something wrong. Thanks
  11. Wow I think I'll go to aunts then hahaha
  12. Can you launch at the Cape fair ramp, bridge port, or aunts creek ramp? Haven't been over that way since the water came up and thinking about doing some night fishing tonight. Just wondering if anyone had any info. Thanks.
  13. Anyone know if the whole parking lot is under water or can you still put in at the 86 bridge ramp?
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