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  1. I guess this answers the question if drop shot was starting.
  2. I'll be curious to hear your report tommorow. We are heading back Wednesday evening for the week.
  3. Are they moving out to t he deep is why you think the swimbait bite died?
  4. I only get to fish 8 to 10 times a year and I can guarantee this point just south of indidian point will have a boat on it nearly every nice day by daylight. So if it wasn't me it will be someone else.
  5. I didnt mention this earlier in my posts but as I was giving the mlf guy an extra wide space. He decided to leave and just before he fired up the boat he yelled over enjoy the spot! Almost sounded like I was crowding him.
  6. Went fishing real quick before breakfast one of the mlf guys was in the cove we live at and where I was going to fish I dropped in behind him and gave him plenty of room. I never saw him catch one before he left. I caught these behind him.
  7. Swimbait 12 ft we went for about 15 mins before dark. 18 incher
  8. Do you care to share what type of water you found them around?
  9. Thanks. Thought maybe there was a go-to bait shop.
  10. Forgot to mention we are on the branson west side off dd hwy.
  11. I know drop shot will start soon we have several people that live around our lake house that would like to learn to catch some fish. we like to drop shot in the summer which is mainly when we are there. where is the most economical place to buy nightcrawlers the convenience store prices seem high.
  12. I have fished with him a couple times. Heck of nice guy and a local guide.
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