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  1. I caught them on a crawler drop shot rig this weekend. 3-6 fish on each good point before they were gone 20-30 fow from daylight till noon. Oddly enough 70 percent small mouth. The rest were spots.
  2. Thanks for the help limited out 2 days in a row. With found them fairly easy with what we thought should work I appreciate all the help on this site thanks.... It's sarcasm... But we did catch a lot of fish.
  3. I dont fish LoZ that often are the crappie moved in on the docks? Thinking of heading somewhere Friday just haven't decided where yet.
  4. It just never did get going strong this year like it did last year. Maybe next year....
  5. Do you have an illustration of how you are setting up the double scuds?
  6. Didn't have a whole lot of luck on nightcrawlers this weekend. Ned rig and swimbait got the fish for us.
  7. Bgctrading


    Is there anywhere to buy shad on the north half of Beaver. Or does everybody just catch them.
  8. Most people hate drop shot fishing. But I just love it. I hope it starts this weekend. I felt like last weekend I saw some fish on the graph that were staged up for the drop shot but I just didn't have time to try it and other bites were working well.
  9. I'm going try to drag a topwater across them if this rain ever moves out.
  10. I have been catching several Bass the last day or two throwing swimbaits and ned rigs on gravel. I have located a lot of Bass in a cluster of trees in 20 fow about 10 ft down. Swim baits and neds seem to get hung up before I can get down to the fish. Any suggestions on a method to get after these fish? Drop shot maybe?
  11. I am definitely no electronics or table Rock Bass fishing expert. but where are you on the lake if you are near me I am planning on doing a lot of fishing tomorrow we caught several today. And I would show you my screen or look at yours and we could see what we could figure out. I am 36 years old. If that makes a difference.
  12. Have they hit The banks yet or have they started going back out? Thanks for any intel.
  13. I bought one a couple weeks ago and have only had it out once at pomme. So I am sure I don't know how to use it yet but the beam is so narrow I had a hard keeping it looking at anything.
  14. We just got back. We caught some but they were scattered. I am afraid they don't seem like they are going to pile in like they did last year.
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