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  1. Bgctrading

    Got lucky today. Last cast.

    You need spot lock!
  2. Bgctrading

    White bass run

    I was thinking of going in about 10 days if the weather gets lined out.
  3. Bgctrading

    White bass run

    Thanks for all the feedback guys I hit it once last year put in it twin Bridges and went up the spring River and slayed them it was late April though and that was about the last good week I had heard a report for there. I did not know how early they started.
  4. Bgctrading

    White bass run

    When do the white bass normally run up the spring river?
  5. Bgctrading

    How to fish a jigging rap

    Thanks that was exactly what I was looking for
  6. Bgctrading

    How to fish a jigging rap

    do you just drop the jigging rap straight down and hold it still at the fish depth or do you have to cast it and work it and let it sink I have never fished one much and was curious any help is appreciated?
  7. Bgctrading

    At the dam area now.

    Pm sent
  8. Bgctrading

    At the dam area now.

    I told my grandpa that was with me (he has never bass fished much) and I told him about this forum and I would have given anything for bill babler to be in the boat with us on that school of fish to show us how to make them bite.
  9. Bgctrading

    At the dam area now.

    Thanks guys. Bill that makes me feel better I guess? I can sort of read the graph but can't catch the fish. Wish I would of had an arig...
  10. Bgctrading

    At the dam area now.

    Threw everything in the box at them I am by no means a great fisherman caught a few shorts (like 3).Am I wrong thinking these were bass or something else ?
  11. Bgctrading

    At the dam area now.

    It's tough found some on graph but can't make them bite. Any. Help? Maybe I just think they are fish.
  12. Bgctrading

    Christmas Eve Shell Knob

    If you don't care to have a heads up on the deep bite around the darn tomorrow I am planning to go Thursday if it's not pouring down rain
  13. Bgctrading

    fishing report, 12/20 12/21

    What depth didnyou find them?
  14. Bgctrading

    Where To Buy Minnows

    Right behind Ulrich marine
  15. Bgctrading

    Big change for me from last week

    I'm headed down a week from tomorrow if it's not raining. I hope the deep bite is on I have caught them in the summer but have never tried the super deep winter bite.

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