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  1. Bgctrading


    Anyone finding any shad suitable for stripers? We are headed down this weekend to see if we can find some any tips would be appreciated.
  2. I love to drop shot for some reason with livescope. Had 2 small kids fishing with me and they really get a kick out of watching the fish swim over to their bait.
  3. Friday through Monday fished everyday. 630-1030. Only did drop shot on gravel points had over 100 fish and about 35 keepers.
  4. So... Are we heading UP the lake just a little bit with every boat??
  5. I may try tonight or tomorrow night just got in from fishing this morning. pretty good day drop shotting little slower than the other day. You may take a nap so I can stay up tonight.
  6. I'm not counting on it. Lol.
  7. I am down at our cabin for the next two to four days and I have never fished at night and I'm curious what I should be fishing with. I am near the Indian point area. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. That's how it was Sunday up aunts Creek. The wake boats have found their way up there and since it is a smaller more narrow area I think it is way worse than being on the main lake. What was the deciding factor for me to leave was while I was looking at the live scope screen The waves were making me sea sick. I was in a deep v aluminum boat. And the nose of my boat would go several feet in the air to the tip of the boat was in the water. With water crashing over top of my trolling motor.
  9. Got on the water at 645. Off at 1030 when the wake boats beat me to death. Sat on one gravel run-out with a log on the bottom the whole time drop shotting night crawlers with live scope. 24 ft of water 17 spots/smallies 50/50 keepers 3 walleye keepers and one catfish. They would bite like crazy for 20-30 mins then slow up for 20-30 mins then back on again.
  10. Do I see jitterbugs in there? If so how much and what size are they
  11. Osage bluff.marina and motel.
  12. Check the Osage bluff report on Facebook.
  13. I'm heading down Wednesday night. I'm not a top notch angler but would be glad to show you a couple spots if you want.
  14. Live night crawler on dropshot. 20-35 ft on gravel run-outs. Should catch bass walleye and gills. Will definitely need some sonar to zero in on the spot.
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