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  1. I started figuring it out last year. I just love doing it.
  2. Look for fish in the 28-40 ft range suspended or on the bottom and drop shot a crawler on their head. South West corner of Indian point was good to me this weekend.
  3. I have no idea on weight. And I even had my digital scales with me and didn't check him.
  4. We fished from 530 to 8 every morning. We did not hit it hard and only tried to drop shot but had top water tied on if we seen surfacing but we did not. We caught 6-10 keepers every time but only found 3 or 4 on each point. The best one was a fat 19 inch spot. We found them in 28-40 ft of water and they could be at any depth at any moment. We used crawlers. We fished from Indian point to point 5. I dont post alot but thought I would send this report back as a thank you to everyone that does post and help us out.
  5. What kind of terrain?
  6. That's the dam area.
  7. Welcome to the area I'm from Marshfield as well. I assume you are working at sho-me power if you are in IT?
  8. Sorry missed the part about a fish fry.
  9. I would think some bass in the 25-30.ft range could be caught. Look up Eric prey or Pete werners for their fishing reports they will get you on the path for bass.
  10. Does anyone ever dropshot at night or is it a high sun deal only?
  11. I saw him mention that a local put them up in a house during the live feed!
  12. We're the fish still suspended over top of trees or have they moved to the bottom.
  13. Thanks guys we found 5 or 6 keepers and a nice catfish throwing Swimbaits along bluffs.
  14. I'm going to hire bill sometime on retainer. We have a house down here and just get the heck beat out of us most of the time.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. We are heading to aunts Creek in the morning to try some of it....
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