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  1. Which river do you guys refer too there are several.
  2. I'll buy the kits from you and see what I can do. Send me the price please and how you would like to be paid.
  3. Ok I have done a little more testing. Compression checks out good all pretty even numbers. Spark seems good while checking the plug while cranking. I went ahead and put new plugs in while I was there. I went ahead and put all new fuel lines and filter on. Took it out yesterday and it is the same. So I'm thinking fuel pump? ( I'm willing to buy one if someone can suggest a part number or how to test it?) Or tear the carbs apart? It seems weird though it ran fine the weekend before. I parked it inside and took it the next weekend with same fuel and it immediately acted up. So something seems to have just "failed".
  4. Crappie are hot right now.
  5. Is there a filter in the tank that could be clogged?
  6. Also should the carb openings be covered in oil like this. Or is the tank leaking?
  7. Man my thread got hijacked lol.here is a pic does this help I'd it?
  8. What's the best way to test the ignition output
  9. It's a 2 stroke I'll find the serial. Wrench you worked on this boat a few years back for me.
  10. I have a 2002 75 Merc. 2 weeks ago when I had it out it ran perfect. today it would never open up generally my top speed is 32 and today wpuldnt get above 20. As I was running with throttle wide open I could bump the choke on the key and it would pick up a touch then fall back down. If I held the choke in it would sputter and nearly die. Any ideas? Fuel filter was new about 30 days ago and the bulb and fuel line were new last year.
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