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    Fishing for anything that swims and especially bass fishing. I do enjoy the tournament scene and should be fishing the college trails this fall for the Razorbacks.

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  1. It generally fishes pretty well. There is a really healthy population of large fish in that lake. I plan on spending a lot of time up near the dam this winter. I am determined to learn this lake. Haha. Its also just such a pretty lake, I love fishing up there. Thanks for the tips!
  2. I took the day off work and hit tenkiller this morning. I don't wanna swing off topic on your report but I did wanna mention that the football jig put some fish in the boat today. Several nice smallmouth (about 2 pounds), two big fat spots and a largemouth of about 3 and half pounds. There was a topwater bite early too, had 3 smallies on a plopper and lost several others. Funny how i can't catch a sniff from a fish on beaver with either of those baits but tenkiller fish love it....I'll figure these guys out sometime. Lol. Thanks for the report!
  3. Most of my fishing is done between december and may on beaver. The opportunities to travel to other lakes these past two years have also heavily influenced my time spent on beaver. I wish I could say I had any information about the fishing lately but about the only thing I could tell anyone how to do is burn a lot of gas for about 4 or 5 10-12 inch fish. lol. Been a tough summer for me. Waiting on that cold water to turn things around. Love winter fishing.
  4. RyanG

    Tough year so far

    Shoot, I've been going about an hour south to the top of the ozark pool of the Arkansas river. Fishing has been excellent when the water is moving. Even pretty good when it's not, just gotta slow down.
  5. Pretty sure Walmart stepped away from flw. Not positive but wouldnt be at all surprised if that's why they aren't coming back. Although it wouldn't be such a struggle every year if they would try coming just a bit earlier in the year. But oh well. 4 of the 6 events next year are in Florida and Kentucky. I'd say they favor the southeast just a bit. Lol.
  6. Mike congratulations on the new job! Definitely jealous that you'll be so close to Rayburn, that place is a true bass factory! Good luck with the move and hope the transition in to the new job is a smooth and successful one! If you ever end up back in town and get that itch to hit the ol beav again, you'll always have a place in my boat! Maybe then I can learn a little something about this place. Lol. Congrats again man!
  7. Haven't been on beaver since April. Just really hard to motivate my self to even think about battling the boat traffic. Work has kept me occupied during the week so weekend fishing it is. Fished the Arkansas river all last weekend. That was a lot of fun. Caught fish all day for two days. Several 4 pound class fish and a bunch of 2-3 pounders. I may try to hit beaver sometime after the holiday traffic subsides, maybe take a day off next week to fish. I'll be sure to report what I find which could very well be nothing lol
  8. I've always looked to the bank in muddy water for bass. I'm not sure on the open water species such as striper and whites but generally I've found that the mud brings those bass shallow and tight to cover. I wanna get out again soon, I had a buddy that had 22 pounds a week ago flipping plastics shallow so I'm anxious to see if this holds up with the muddy water.
  9. I usually am really easy going actually, and it is really hard to tell if you are genuinely just teasing or actually just had an issue with us fishing there. So if I took it too seriously I apologize. However, the general attitude a lot of bass fisherman have about fishing near the ramp because local tournies release fish there is unquestionably sour. And I just don't understand the need to bash someone for potentially catching fish released there. It was all in fun and I'm sure we all enjoy just catching some easy fish from time to time. But it's also a pattern I thought might be duplicated else where with similar structure in the water and that's what I wanted to share. While im almost certain most of our fish were fresh fish moving up with the water I don't know for certain. But there were not holes in their mouths indication cull rings or anything like that. And you still gotta make em eat. I don't agree with fishing retreads with money on the line necessarily but this was all in good fun. I never claimed to be a pro and who knows how we would have done had we fished else where. Could've gone either way. Anyways, just thought I'd clear the air some. Good luck on LOZ.
  10. Nah man, we fished it. Had about two hours to fun fish and that's exactly what we did. I understand a lot of bass guys seem to have this ego to maintain so just fun catching and sharing with the community guys isn't good enough for them. Hey that's fine, whatever gets you off. Laugh away, it's good for ya. The funny thing is, I watched the release boat take the fish out away from prairie creek...and not only that but ten pros only weighed in like 15 fish altogether. Mostly smallies and spots. And funny I didn't catch a single spot or smallie. I had fun with a buddy after working the expo and I shared it. That's the point of the post. Sorry if it really bothered you...actually, I'm not at all. Go get em hammer
  11. Nah, I was thinking the same thing. FLW has a live release boat that they use to disperse the fish. But these seemed like "fresh" fish. No cull equipment holes or anything. I caught a few last weekend that without a doubt had been caught recently as well.
  12. Worked at the flw expo and watched the weigh in. Buddy and I dumped his boat in PC around 530 and fished the pocket within the bouys and the pocket right next to the ramp. The water is up in the bushes and so are the largemouth. The weights for the top 10 pros today were pretty terrible, granted, so were the conditions. But 3 casts in and I got a nice 3 pounder on a jig and went on to catch close to 16 pounds on a white buzz bait in the flooded brush. A good one about 4 on a soinnerbait added to it. Caught around 20 fish right next to the ramp. Figured though that the backs of creeks with flooded brush would have similar results. Made for an excellent evening though. Those largies are already moving up with the water though so go get em guys.
  13. I fished today, back of PC is stained. Rest of mid lake still have good visibility. Can see down several feet, not as clear but definitely not dirty either. Did have a buddy up the rivers today and they are trashed. Can't hardly run a boat up there with all the trash. Even with the cold front though the fish were biting fairly well.
  14. RyanG

    PC 4/4

    I know it's hard to leave fish, especially the kind that can straighten hooks, but good on you for putting up because of the lightning. That's something I don't mess with. I was fishing an Everett I believe two years ago around this time of year and a nasty storm blew through. I waited it out under our dock in Coose but I saw many guys still fishing in the lightning and rain. Around time to weigh in sheriff deputies, and fire rescue took off out of PC. Some poor lad around the dam wasn't so lucky and got struck and died out there. Hit close to home because I was on the lake when that happened. Sorry for the story, didn't mean to take over! Just a valuable lesson some learn the hard way. Those fish will be there another day! Glad you were able to get your gear back too!
  15. Mike they are all over the place down here as well. Water is staying around 60 until late in the day, then it'll clime up to mid 60s or so. It's about to get warmer this weekend though. There's fish still staging up, fish in the spawning flats, kinda all over the place. Lol.
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