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  1. I had been laid off so I pretty much fished almost all week last week. Got called back in. Allegedly now I'm essential. I'd rather be distancing on the water.
  2. We just park along the road. I have a crew cab Ram and my brother has a supercrew F150. Just leave yourself room to get in and out. It was a ghost town when we got there, but really busy when we were trying to leave.
  3. We launched off of the road at K-Dock. I have heard that Beaver was still usable, but that was a few days ago. I think it's still rising around a foot a day.
  4. Had possibly my best day ever on the upper end of Bull Shoals this past Sunday. It was a day the Champ would've loved. Spinnerbaits all day. Found the water temp at 54 when we put in and it was 62.5 in the back of a couple of creeks by the afternoon. You have those days that you won't ever for get and this will go down as one of them. Between my brother and I we lost count at 30+ KEEPERS! It was non stop action for hours and my office hands were completely trashed. Can't wait to get back over there!
  5. We were committed to NOT throwing an A-rig. Obviously not a great decision...
  6. That rain was relentless on Saturday, but in typical TR fashion the bass were biting in that weather like trained pigs. We ran all the way and fished the upper White river well above Shell Knob. I quit counting, but we caught well over 30 keepers. Had a limit in maybe 20 minutes at our first stop. Never ever had a big bite though. Having a day like that was a blast. Wish we'd have weighed more than 11lbs, but I'd go out and probably do the same thing again. All of our fish were on stickbaits and spinnerbaits. Never had a sniff on a jig. With certain structure you could literally call you shot. Just a really good time fishing.
  7. There are dead ones everywhere now around Cape.
  8. There were plenty of stickbait fish up the James below the mudline yesterday, but you were definitely right about them all being bucks. Probably caught 20 with 6 keeps and the best 5 being maybe 11lbs. I did have the pleasure of casting off my favorite 110+1 never to be seen again though...
  9. I swear by G Juice as well. I have never had a dead fish at a weigh in. Ice and additive is the only way to go. I've laid on that dock at Cape Fair on Wednesdays many times trying to save other peoples fish that got dumped and were hardly alive at the weigh in. It drives me nuts that it doesn't get policed any more than it does.
  10. Thought about trying to do some of those.
  11. It's something I've always wanted to do too. We go to Disney pretty frequently as our side business is a Disney travel agency. I need to get out and do that one time when I'm down there.
  12. We had a 5.78 in the AiA derby and it was 5th for big bass. There were some good ones caught this weekend for sure.
  13. He got on that spinnerbait bite and just smashed them. I watched the entire 3rd period. It was a complete whack fest once he got on that school.
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