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  1. Royal Blue

    Indian Point area - 6/19/18

    43 feels super old. You guys aren't inspiring a ton of hope here...😄
  2. Royal Blue

    Table rock

    I feel like most bites come at least shortly after it deflects. You'll have some kentuckies follow it way out and drill it by the boat though. I've never tried a bigger crank like that in a craw color either. Always some kind of shad or gill color. We were out yesterday up the James river and I couldn't get bit on it. I found some good fish off of a point later, but they were crushing a jig so I never went back to the crank bait. It might have been my bait though. I've tried Jenko and 6th Sense deep divers and can only get bit on the 6xd or 8xd. The issue is probably between my ears though.
  3. Royal Blue

    June 16 Taneycomo fishing report

    Interesting. I think I overlook a lot of bass water on that lake.
  4. Royal Blue

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    This was the News Leader's response yesterday. https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/now/2018/06/18/bass-boats-ozarks-waterways-how-fast-do-they-go-what-types-exist/709979002/
  5. Royal Blue

    Table rock

    Same. They're not everywhere, but I know of 3-4 spots that I've been catching them like that. The issue is that they're like 35 minutes apart!
  6. Royal Blue

    Table rock

    I've had some success on main lake points, setting the boat in 25-30 feet of water. The best ones are at the mouths of the bigger creeks, but these points also get hammered. I bomb a 6XD toward the bank and crank it down until it hits bottom. Sometimes it just wont feel right and I'll sweep the rod and they'll be on there. Other times they just pound it. About a week and a half ago we had 12 keepers on the same point doing this.
  7. Royal Blue

    Line Size Question

    Have you tried the Yo Zuri Mainline Flouro? I want it to be good because it's so much less than Sunline, but it has a TON of line memory.
  8. Royal Blue

    Shadow Rock Park

    What about K-Dock?
  9. Royal Blue

    Line Size Question

    For mono I'm Excel or Big Game all the way. Sunline assassin or Sniper for flouro. I'm not out there everyday like Bill though.
  10. Royal Blue

    Table rock

    That deep crankbait bite has been pretty awesome once you find them.
  11. Royal Blue

    Two Things of Interest

    There's a big flat up near Piney on the James and there have been bass on it for over a month. I've found that about the only way to get bit on it is to drag a brush hog or lizard carolina rigged. They were still there on Wednesday.
  12. Royal Blue

    Table Rock 6-11-18 White River Arm

    True. The way they're eating the deep crankbaits right now you have to be careful just unhooking one. I had one get the back treble in the gill last week. Ended up releasing it and it took off in a hurry. We fished that same area for almost an hour and I never saw a floater so I think it made it. I hate seeing that happen, but that's the only way we could catch em.
  13. Royal Blue

    Motor break-in

    I'd normally do the club tourney there in the morning, but couldn't since we're picking up this boat. Last week there were 12 boats there but I felt like the area was pretty quiet compared to mid lake.
  14. Royal Blue

    Motor break-in

    So my brother and I are picking up our new rig tomorrow and plan to at least start the break in process with the motor. I don't want to battle wake boats all afternoon. Would Cape Fair be the easiest place to put in and putt around getting the first two hours in without battling a ton of traffic, or should we head up the White from Baxter?
  15. Royal Blue

    Sunday Report

    Shhhhhhh! Don't tell everyone about the 6XD!

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