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  1. If the water gets to normal pool and it's late fall/winter. Buster. End of story.
  2. I think if I were to book a guide on the Rock right now, I'd want to learn a lot more about drop shotting and deep flutter spoon stuff. I really have no desire to pay to dunk crawlers, but I also might be different if I had the kids with me. I always expect to catch fish, so that wouldn't really change much. I'd expect an early morning and would have no problem with that. As far as spending money on a guide right now, I think I'd almost rather pay to fish Taneycomo than risk spending hard earned money on a hot summer crap shoot and fighting the wake boats on Table Rock.
  3. I was out yesterday around Cape Fair, and the etiquette was horrible. We were repeatedly cut off on short stretches of bank. It was nuts. I finally called a guy out, and was not at all nice. I fired up the boat and hammered it out of there. To his credit, he stopped when he saw us putting the boat on the trailer and apologized, but I struggled before letting it go. Between that and the pontoon boats with tubers doing donuts within 50-60 feet of us several times had me questioning why I left the house yesterday.
  4. Check out the new Strike Ring Rage ned stuff too. They look legit.
  5. If you're throwing a ned or jig, GREEN PUMPKIN is the deal especially right now. Bill will tell you the same thing and also having some orange on it will help. Any jig trailer you have on needs to have orange on the tips of the claws.
  6. Would you say that you were grinding the bait on the bottom, or just kinda touching the bottom?
  7. Good to know. That bite has been really hit or miss so far this year.
  8. Yeah. I'm ok with everyone using that front ramp and staying away from the back one.
  9. That big one might have been a good one for you to relocate to your usual haunts.
  10. Bill you're spot on with the orange on the trailer tips. Even if it's a paca chunk or slim. Orange tips are getting way more bites than anything else.
  11. No worries. I'm not short of rods by any means right now, but I'm a fan for sure.
  12. Actually I love that thing. I'd take another anytime you're looking to sell.
  13. Hey! I recognize that grip on that rod!
  14. Yeah. Having Bull the way it's been and not holding anything in TR is maddening.
  15. Where are you putting in? I'd like to try it over there on Wednesday.
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