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  1. Royal Blue

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    Agreed. I laugh sometimes when all of the big glass boats take off and blow by spots that I catch keepers on week after week.
  2. Royal Blue

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

  3. Royal Blue

    K dock 10/05/18

    We've experienced the opposite with the bass down there. Current makes a big difference with the bass.
  4. Royal Blue

    BFL - As a Co-Angler

    That's crazy. I guess I see it as an opportunity to glean any type of knowledge that I can in a situation like that. I'd want to see how someone with that much more experience than me goes about ALL of it from start to finish. I'd even pay attention to how they were retrieving the bait that they were using. Especially if I hadn't done it before, I'd try to be a sponge. I'd assume that my money was earning me an education on the water.
  5. Royal Blue

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Yeah. We had to bail early. Had some crap come up about 11:30 and had to get to Ozark. I released my 6lbs of dinks at the ramp and went to deal with daughter drama. All is good now at least and Gordy made sure to text me his winning pic. I wondered if that might have been your rig, but I was pre-occupied yesterday. I really should've stayed in bed.
  6. Royal Blue

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    I saw Wesley Strader in an MLF boat way up above Bridgeport on Wednesday morning.
  7. Royal Blue

    Pond to the East

    True. Went to Cape Fair yesterday and had a tough time of it. Had 3 small keeps in 5 hours before I had to head home early with kid drama.
  8. Royal Blue

    Pond to the East

    I was running tandem white painted willow blades. I doubt many others are doing that right now and I think I've been able to catch quite a few because of it.
  9. Royal Blue

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    I'm pretty surprised that MLF didn't chase Scott Martin.
  10. Royal Blue

    Pond to the East

    These were on Bull Shoals, but I've been having some decent days up the James in the month inbetween Bull Shoals trips.
  11. Royal Blue

    Pond to the East

    For about 3 hours it was insane. I wish I took a few more pics of the big largemouth. She will be a giant in April.
  12. Royal Blue

    Pond to the East

    I'd been fishing mostly the James river arm over the last month and decided to get back over to K-Dock to see if we could get bit for a short trip yesterday. It'd been exactly a month since I'd been there. We pulled into the empty lot at 6:00am and decided to wait for a bit more light and hoped that the heavy fog would at least attempt to lift. After about 30 minutes we couldn't wait any longer and dropped the boat into the lake. We just slowly picked our way along in the pre-dawn fog and decided to try a few spots. Threw a plopper for about 15-20 minutes without a sniff and promptly put it away. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with that thing. Started targeting little spots of gravel along steep almost bluff banks. First little gravel area yielded a solid 2 1/2lb small mouth. After catching several on this pattern a slight breeze kicked up and I grabbed the spinnerbait. First cast it got smashed by another really nice smallmouth that weighed in at 4.06lbs. I was getting pretty excited with the way it was going and we thought we'd run down the lake a little ways toward Mincy. After a little way we hit really heavy fog and just pulled up on the nearest channel swing bank and started looking for gravel slides again. 5 minutes in, my brother stuck his all time PB largemouth on a Chompers football jig! She hit it like a freight train and we got her into the boat and onto the scale at 6.39lb! I honestly think I was a lot more excited than he was. It goes to show you that we really truly don't know what we're doing half of the time out there. That fish was on a spot that I've literally passed by no fewer than a couple hundred times. We only stopped because of the crazy fog which by the way after it lifted, the insane bite basically dropped to nothing. Our best 5 were 18.45 all on a Nutech grass jig or Chompers football jig except for the biggest smallmouth on the Molix double slash blade in purple sensei color.
  13. Royal Blue

    Indian Point - report?

    What bait do you prefer and how heavy of weight? I've thrown it some and had some moderate success with a brush hog, but I literally never get bit on a lizard. I think the C-rig should probably be used a lot more than I do.
  14. Royal Blue

    Bass Pro Tour Changing Tournament Fishing Forever

    Just saw that Seth Feider turned them down to stay with BASS.
  15. Royal Blue

    Indian Point - report?

    It's hit and miss but with the mornings in the 40's for a couple of days I'd think so.

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