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  1. FLW Costa

    https://www.flwfishing.com/news/2018-04-20-table-rock-midday-update-day-2 I read this yesterday and was pretty surprised that they were finding bed fish at all.
  2. Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I'm more interested in the FLW Costa release boat!
  3. FLW Costa

    It looks like most of the guys with good bags are notorious crankers and spinnerbait guys too.
  4. FLW Costa

    I see my buddy Brent Algeo is about 5lbs back. Looks like some solid bags yesterday. I think you guys are right though. 15-16lbs a day will win right now.
  5. Crankbait Rod

    BPS in Springfield has a whole row of Bucoo rods.
  6. New Spinning Rods

    I also like a Lew's TP-1. There's a Ned specific one and then a drop shot/shakey head one I really like both of them. I also have an old Fenwick HMG that's probably 20 years old that I like. Not a fan of the Abu Garcia Veritas one that I have though.
  7. Weekend report- Dam area

    How many boats were in your tourney? I fished AiA on Sunday with I think 97 boats and it felt like there were an insane amount of people from Indian Point all the way to Long Creek. At one time we counted 16 boats in Jake's Branch.
  8. Distance Between...

    It was pretty brutal. I thought that it was worse later though. The bite disappeared around 10 am for us and the wind kicked up pretty bad. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, but that was a long time ago!
  9. Distance Between...

    No wonder I was frozen solid yesterday morning. It sure didn't seem like it was 14 miles to the dam from KC. It definitely doesn't seem 9 1/2 miles to Aunt's either. My mind is blown if this is all true. I running wide open at 68-74 mph skews it some.
  10. K Dock Ramp

    Last summer we were just moving the sign and launching off of the road down there!
  11. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    The time that I fell in on Taneycomo was saving a rod. Hitting that 55 degree water on a 95 degree day was a shock to my system!
  12. Shell Knob area.....

    I realize this is the wrong post but I figured that for the price of a Trion, I might as well grab a couple. I'd been talking myself into and out of a new Tatula spinning reel so this was probably a much smarter way to go.
  13. Pflugers and Fenwicks

    I grabbed two of those last night too!
  14. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    That's the one I have too. I use it for arigs and treble hook swimbaits. I have a broomstick Okuma for big jig hook swimmers.
  15. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    I also have a basic Dobyn's Fury. Pretty darn good budget stick too.

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