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  1. Royal Blue

    Big M area 2/13

    Don't a lot of the pros just run a black sharpie down the last 3-4 feet when they run straight braid?
  2. Royal Blue

    Clunn gets it done!

    Next up? Tiger Balm.
  3. Royal Blue

    Anyone try these

    I use them from time to time. Obviously much better value than a lot of other trailers out there. I prefer the bigger one, but they don't get bit quite as much as Rage Craws or the Netbait stuff. That could just be me though.
  4. Royal Blue

    Big M area, Feb. 5

    If they're hanging at those depths, that crankbait bite should be getting HOT!
  5. Royal Blue

    Kim City - Feb 4, general bite info

    Yeah. I haven't fished TR for 3 months. Just fished Bull and not with the same A-rig luck either. Most of my fish have been cranking.
  6. Royal Blue

    Courtesy Dock status

    A couple of weeks ago the K Dock courtesy dock on Bull was literally a foot under water. I haven't been since then though.
  7. Oh man...I forgot to send my bait! Can someone re-post the list of who I owed?
  8. Royal Blue

    Best Jigs to use on TR

    I like that green pumpkin and blue grass jig with a Paca slim a whole lot. I can't think of a fish that I've caught on one that wasn't hooked between the nose holes. It's not the only jig I throw by any means, but I like it a lot.
  9. Royal Blue

    Megabass 110 +2

    I had seen something about this a couple of weeks ago and assumed it was a mythical beast. I think the pros have had them for awhile now.
  10. Royal Blue

    Ned Heads?

    I was just thinking that I retie constantly even with 17lb test dragging football jigs. I've broken off too many on hooksets when I try to justify not retying. It happens everytime with out fail!
  11. Royal Blue

    Ned Heads?

    So my frustration with all of the hangups is likely using too heavy of a jig head? That makes sense and I totally agree that the weedguards are a waste.
  12. Royal Blue

    Jig/worm rod reel combo

    That new Lew's TP-1 Black is a great rod. I have one paired with a Shimano SLX in 8.1 and love it for mid size jigs. I also have a Falcon Bucoo paired with a Curado K and caught a ton of fish on that set up all last year. I can't remember what model my heavy jig rod is, but I have it set up with a Lew's Super duty and heavy braid. That thing is a tank.
  13. Royal Blue

    Megabass 110 help

    I like the KVD one as well. Hell, I have a Livingston one that gets bit too. I think I'm gonna CrankWrap the KVD one I have.
  14. Royal Blue

    Megabass 110 help

    I'm gonna check em out on Wednesday now!
  15. Royal Blue

    Megabass 110 help

    I really like the 110 Plus one in stain reaction OB. That orange belly seems to be the ticket. Elegy bone gets bit as well. Don't be afraid of a SPRO McStick in Blue Bandit either.

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