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  1. I fish the upper end for the most part, but I can tell you that there are a ton of big bass in that lake. If I were looking for a game plan for late april it would absolutely depend on water temp, because if it's really warm you could even be catching post spawn fish on points and secondary points. I spend a ton of those days with nothing but a deep crankbait and a football jig on that lake and Table Rock for that matter. You could get lucky and find the lake around 6-10 feet high and most of the fish having not spawned yet. If that's the case I would load up on mouse or sexy mouse c
  2. This is why I haven't been throwing it for the most part. I was spending a fortune and even if I get it hung up, I rarely lose a regular jig. My keeper ratio was very low with the ned too. I haven't given up on it, but it's not in the regular rotation currently.
  3. And I failed to answer earlier. I have been fairly loyal to the Z-man heads. Especially since I can't find many of Dave's around.
  4. I'm sure that's why too, but any breeze and that smaller head is hard to feel too. I end up swinging for the fences with a jig usually instead anymore. I will 100% recommit to the Ned at some point though.
  5. Honest question: If the keitech is too snaggy, how in the world aren't you losing a ton of neds? I all but stopped fishing the ned because it has felt like all I do is spend time trying to get it unsnagged.
  6. Yes sir! I'm still a fan of that rod.
  7. I recognize those rod grips! Nice fish too! I agree with Champ. My first reaction was that was a much heavier fish than that.
  8. Big worm, chatterbait, and a spinnerbait with a big colorado blade in dark colors. Don't be afraid to get shallow with the moving baits. I've had good nights on a whopper plopper too.
  9. It's a very predictable jig and big worm lake in the summer for me. A typical day is 20+ keepers doing that every year. The problem is that those spots are 50 feet deep right now and any shallower I spend all day long getting hung up with that jig. I could see a plopper or buzzbait working in isolated spots but man, it's really tough right now and has been for 2 months.
  10. That's better than I did the last two times over there. It's such a target rich environment that I have really struggled and I consider Bull my "home" lake.
  11. I had issues loading by myself on that ramp at Aunt's creek last week too. Those wake boats are getting way too close to people loading and unloading. I have a nice scratch in my rig after last Wednesday.
  12. 10.82? JT had a good one. We had 9.83 and were 4th so everyone was pretty bunched up. I had a spot that weighed 3.97. It was a tank. Fish off is this coming Wednesday and anyone that's fished so far this year qualifies.
  13. Didn't see you over there yesterday. Lots of limits, but no big bags.
  14. I'm cranking a 6XD (probably splatter back or Crankwraps crappie pattern) with normal water levels. On Bull it's a big jig or a Zoom ol Monster worm in black grape. That thing slays over there in the heat.
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