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  1. 10.82? JT had a good one. We had 9.83 and were 4th so everyone was pretty bunched up. I had a spot that weighed 3.97. It was a tank. Fish off is this coming Wednesday and anyone that's fished so far this year qualifies.
  2. Didn't see you over there yesterday. Lots of limits, but no big bags.
  3. I'm cranking a 6XD (probably splatter back or Crankwraps crappie pattern) with normal water levels. On Bull it's a big jig or a Zoom ol Monster worm in black grape. That thing slays over there in the heat.
  4. Are you still using the keitech head for your swimbaits?
  5. They opened Beaver and Bull around 4:00.
  6. Read last night that the corp was planning on opening gates on all 3 lakes today to release the rainfall from last night only. I'm sure you already knew that, but just a heads up if you're headed to Taney.
  7. I think that the new one with the metal frame is the Tournament MP. They retail for $150ish, but can be found online for $120 or so. I have a few of the Tournament MB which is the previous model. Got them on the TW Black Friday deal for $79. They sold out in about 2 days because it was such a good deal it was stupid.
  8. Lew's LFS or a Shimano SLX. Both are $99 and great reels.
  9. Doesn't look like you went too far!
  10. No reason to put that jerkbait down right now if they're eating it. Were you throwing the plus 1?
  11. Good thing I spent my day off mowing and ignoring the lake yesterday. That's not happening again!
  12. I had the top blow off of one last summer and shot super glue up my leg wearing shorts. It was a very uncomfortable thing to happen and the permanent stain on that pair of shorts gets a ton of off color comments now.
  13. I may need to come shop at your garage again sometime! Lol
  14. I thought I may have seen some at Harter House in Kimberling a couple of weeks ago.
  15. We were able to launch there on Wednesday. You can launch off of the road on K as well, but parking is an issue.
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