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  1. I saw a big female on a bed last wednesday, but there was very little size caught among the people that I talked too. Saw lots of empty beds. It should happen any time I'd say.
  2. You're right. I was probably more wound up about it because it was the only big bait I had with me and I was convinced I was gonna stick a big striper!
  3. I've started to buy a Bull Rat several times, but that's the price that I start to really question myself. I lost my BBZ-1 big trout up by the pot hole last summer and was sick about it for days.
  4. I've only been bitten on it by moving it, but just slow and steady on the big one. The smaller ones seem to dive a little more on me.
  5. I could see that. They seem to try to head shot my Gantarel too. I haven't ever caught anything on the smaller rats. Just the 50. Are you throwing them like a regular wake bait?
  6. The entire reason that I bought the Dobyn's 795, was for the big treble hook baits. I was missing them too much with the Guide Select and this 795 loads up a lot better. I will say that with tossing the rats that I've never had to worry about hookups or the rod loading up really. They just destroy it if they commit to it. I miss a lot less on the big line through and glide baits with the more limber Dobyn's. Like a giant crankbait rod I guess.
  7. I've had really good success with the Spro BBZ-1 Rat. I throw it at night a bunch and also early in the morning around bushes. When they hit it it's like they're trying to kill it. I wouldn't mess with anything other than the biggest one either. I know several guys do really well on a Bull Shad like Dave was talking about. After yesterday, I'm a believer in the fact that it would work. I have one and have never thrown it, but I saw a ton of large gizzard shad yesterday up the James. I have two large bait setups. 1 is a Dobyns Fury 795 swimbait/umbrella rig rod with a Lew's Super Duty Wide Spool. I throw 25ld Big Game mono on that. My other one is an Okuma Guide Select. Same reel, 65lb braid. Hope that helps at least a little. I swear by that rat though.
  8. Buster had been on them pretty good, but I think he's had a bunch of TR clients since then.
  9. I think it's over 50 from what I've been hearing. Crankbait bite should be firing up.
  10. I'd heard they were warm like 48+ up that way, but I know first hand that near Kimberling City and Mill Creek yesterday morning all we saw was 42.
  11. It needs to be a lot higher for that to work though. You slide the sign over and dump the boat and then park up the road. Where the water is right now, it's way too flat there to try it IMO.
  12. And all of those 14 3/4 inch crankbait fish I catch all spring.
  13. At least it's only 80 boats.
  14. Having fished with Buster several times, I'll say that Bill has his technique nailed. He attempts to cast well beyond the target and get it to the bottom or max depth as soon as it's physically possible. He also doesn't care to soak it for a painfully looooooooooooong time before moving it. I've done this enough times with him that I know it works well. Many times you'll either see the line move or you'll go to move it and the fish will be on there. It's very methodical and it flat out works. We always throw the MB+1 when I go with him but I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before he has some of the new +2. He's made me a believer in throwing it on flouro and I use 10lb assassin. I also don't get mine custom painted. I throw mostly the pearl with orange belly especially in the winter.
  15. Don't a lot of the pros just run a black sharpie down the last 3-4 feet when they run straight braid?
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