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  1. Yeah. Having Bull the way it's been and not holding anything in TR is maddening.
  2. Where are you putting in? I'd like to try it over there on Wednesday.
  3. Yeah, I was heading to Baxter or even Bull on Wednesday but am now rethinking it and may end up at Aunt's or Cape Fair.
  4. It really depends. I'll drag the jig from extremely shallow all the way out to deeper water. On that part of the lake I find shallow fish a lot. If the bites start coming further out toward the boat, I'll back off and not throw it quite as shallow. I work them both a lot of the same ways. I caught fish in 30+ deep water dragging that worm last summer too. 45 degree banks, across points, inside points, and between and in front of bushes. In some of those cuts even in the hot weather, bass over there seem to stay fairly shallow early in the day especially if there's deeper water close by. If they hammer and pick up that jig, a lot of times they come right at the boat taking it to deep water. I'm rambling...
  5. Just grinding the bottom like the deep cranks? I'm game to try it. I'd assume that they stay pinned a lot better than on a treble hook bait?
  6. Was there any wind at all? When Bull is flooded like it is I throw 3 baits. I run a spinnerbait through the bushes making contact with the branches. I throw a Zoom Ol' Monster worm, and I throw a jig. I have a top water tied on, but with a plopper, I don't always look for surfacing fish. I run the bank with it and cover water. That's the only way I've ever consistently caught them on one of those things. The jig and worm bite should be pretty good there I'd think.
  7. Bo, I'll have you know that I'm sufficiently stocked up on the 1/2 oz Grass Jig again. Tackle Warehouse was running them as the daily deal I think on Monday, so when you have to restock them just know a bunch of them went to Ozark!
  8. They're on that big Jewel Spinnerbait at night too.
  9. Bill when you had them on the jig with your son, are you still on the quick 5 in green pumpkin/orange? You've sold me on that one and that color. I didn't have any smallie beavers with me on Wednesday, but used a paca slim in GP and orange tipped claws and got a ton of bites.
  10. I might have to try some lighter braid on baitcasters. I had issues with it digging, and can't ever seem to get it on tight enough to avoid that.
  11. I throw straight braid on topwaters or straight mono. Never a leader. I might be in the minority here though that I always throw 50lb braid. Never anything lighter than that unless it's a spinning reel.
  12. We hammered them in the rain on Wednesday. 6XD on points and the Bill Babler pig sticker jig did most of the damage. It wouldn't be a good day for me if I didn't catch a keeper on a spinner bait and we had a handful on the War Eagle in the rain. Probably had 20+ keepers. Not a ton of size with the biggest being 2.96 according to the scale. Easily my best day in a long time though. Had a limit by 8:00 and it didn't really slow down until noon. All downstream from Cape Fair Marina.
  13. I've been wondering about Tucker as well.
  14. Agreed. I've gotten my butt chewed coming up that hill from K-Dock A LOT.
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