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  1. Royal Blue


  2. Royal Blue

    Walleye are still biting

    Are you trolling 6XDs or Flickers?
  3. Royal Blue

    Baxter Marina Ramp

    It's good to go. I rarely use my 4wd putting in the boat anywhere unless it's freezing out.
  4. Royal Blue

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I wonder if it's because he was a high pick for Chesapeake and no one has changed their lineups yet? He's a local near Chesapeake I think.
  5. Royal Blue

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    I'll put that to the test on Sunday morning!
  6. Royal Blue

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Almost all of my jig success has been on some kind of brown, pb&j, or Buckeye makes a color called contusion. I may follow your lead on the big jig/lobster combo from Bo. I had kicked around dragging a Rage Lobster on a carolina rig too.
  7. Royal Blue

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Swimming that jig was 100% luck. I'm more of a drag and hop kind of guy, but it was eye opening when I looked down and two toads were rushing it. I was using a chompers twin tail 5inch grub for my trailer and I usually use paca chunks or Rage Tail craws so not sure if that mattered.
  8. Royal Blue

    Best Excuse

    Anyone with a carp or gar phobia might be in trouble this year. They're everywhere!
  9. Royal Blue

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Not the best pic because it was literally 98 degrees and I had both of my kids with me. I snapped this pic, measured her at 21 1/2 inches, weighed her at 5lb 3oz and got her in the water all in about a 5 minute time period. Then I just sat there pumped and feeling awesome.
  10. Royal Blue

    Just Kicking and Stewing

    Bill you're right about the jig fish being there, but they're fewer and further inbetween what they were even 2-3 weeks ago. I've been on Bull 2-3 times a week for the past month or so and can attest to declining numbers over there as well. Mostly due to the shad being everywhere is my belief. I see very little evidence of a thermocline from Bear creek all the way to Powersite. Every single fish that I've caught but a handful have come on a jig in the last month. They've also gone from thumping the jig to pretty much just loading up on it and much deeper than even a week ago. For almost 3 weeks I could practically sight fish for them in pockets (weird in July.) There are still some up shallow, but the sheer numbers are very scattered at this point. We've gone from catching 10-20 keepers to 4-5 in a trip. I did have 2 4lb largemouth yesterday, but I equate that more to luck than anything. I was just reeling in my jig when I looked down and saw two big girls in hot pursuit in the clear water. I killed it and the one in the lead crushed it 10 feet below the boat! Having said that, I caught an absolute giant of a Smallmouth this past weekend between KDock and Beaver. I'd never seen a 5lb smallie on an Ozarks lake, and consequently I practically got buck fever when I swung her into the boat! I feel like the slower trips in the last week are karma for having such a good summer over there.
  11. Royal Blue

    Missouri school start?

    Ozark is 8/16.
  12. Royal Blue

    Best Excuse

    No excuse. Went Sunday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Caught a 5lb smallie on Bull yesterday for my efforts!
  13. Royal Blue

    Upper bull 7-28/29

    That may be what I need to do. Loosen up that drag a little more.
  14. Royal Blue

    Upper bull 7-28/29

    I broke off a big one at the boat on a jig this Wednesday. That's happened to me 4-5 times this summer. I moved up to 17lb Sunline Assassin and only had one break off this time, but it was a toad walleye. There are several of you guys out in the red Trackers. I'm usually in a blue and silver G3 Sportsman 17. Give us a shout some time if you see us around there.
  15. Royal Blue

    Cape Fair 7/29

    I've caught a few in the last month or so with the tail issue too. They were all caught pretty shallow. Not sure what it was from.

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