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    Had a good time fishing the Wednesday buddy tournament with the Cape Fair Bass Club yesterday.  I think there were 15 boats and it took a little over 17lbs on a 4 fish limit to win.  Supposedly the big bag came from way up above Cape in super shallow water (2-3ft) all on jigs.  They had 3 5lbers from the same little cut according to those guys.  We had a little over 12 lbs on our 4.  All were on a Molix blade and Rapala Scatter Raps.  The crankbait fish were not on the back hook either.  They were eating it and just t-boning it.  Threw the A-rig a little bit, but couldn't stop getting bit by 10 inch whites so we put it away and went to what seemed to be working.  It never really stopped raining, so I didn't take very many pics.  We saw a ton of eagles and ospreys all carrying fish.  All in all a pretty great day.  Hope I can get all of my gear dried out sometime this century.  WT 57-62.

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