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  1. dan hufferd

    Bass 13 pounds? why not???

    All the old timers ate them. When was the last time you saw a mount that said 1950 something😂
  2. dan hufferd

    Don't Forget!

    Squirrel season too, if I remember right, it has been a while.
  3. dan hufferd

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    You'er funny😊
  4. dan hufferd

    You Can't Make This Up!

    Well shoot we never got that fishing trip in, now you up and moved away ! I still have your phone number, so I can bug you when ever I want.😁 Everybody is safe and healthy, that is a good thing !
  5. dan hufferd

    Ned Rig Video

    I have had some trouble with their paddle tail swim bait folding over in the package. I am not sure how to get the bend out of them, even after fishing them the tail is still bent. I looks like one of those poor bent walleye, that I catch one Stockton some times.
  6. Oh man flicker shad hooks are bad news !
  7. dan hufferd

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    I know some of those things are really stinky. Ours not so much, if she goes in heat our buck gets kinda stinky for a week our 2 but after that he is normal.
  8. dan hufferd

    Stockton behemoth

    check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCFDhk6xujw
  9. dan hufferd

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    A friend of mine has meat goats , I think they bring a $1.25 to 1.50 a pound. Anything that will eat a brier to the ground is probably worth more than that.
  10. dan hufferd

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    My Grandfather had some milkers, although I know their milk is good for you, I just could not develop a taste for it, even ice cold. I always liked the babies.
  11. dan hufferd

    Finding Road Beds

    You can get a pretty good idea of the location of some old roads or at least the start and end by noticing where they enter the water.
  12. dan hufferd

    Long Creek 5/18-5/21

    Wow, sounds like there is a story there somewhere.
  13. dan hufferd

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    I know they are more pets than anything. Some have cross bred them with meat goats, it seems that the nervous reaction builds more muscle mass.
  14. dan hufferd

    Myotonic Goat for sale.

    We had a new little one Saturday, one male fainting goat for sale when weaned (60 to 90 days). Theses are small goats, the buck is only 22" at the shoulder.
  15. dan hufferd

    Beautiful but dangerous

    I do as well. We live on a place called "High Point". We are 20 miles SE of Carthage Mo. I can see it from my kitchen window, but not a great place to be in a tornado.

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