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  1. I don't know her, I was just impressed with her passion for fishing. If any of us can fish and make some money while doing it, I would consider that a win.
  2. After church today. Had an eagle fly near me, two coopers hawks, and the hummingbirds were all over the jewel weed. This was one of the best after church kayak trips this year. A small crawfish plastic got the most hits. I lost several at the boat, due being to quick on the hook set. Hope you all like the pictures.
  3. I caught a couple trout, on a dropshot, fishing stick-ups near eaglerock a couple years ago, there appeared to be half a dozen or so on the 2d sonar. I like the dropshot for crappie too.
  4. dan hufferd


    I really like this video !
  5. dan hufferd


    Throw a spoon at them nowπŸ˜ƒ
  6. i like my Vibe, seemed like the best buy at the time. I can stand in my 10 foot yak. I imagine the larger models would be very stable.
  7. From me tooπŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ the Lord is waiting for all of us. Sorry for your loss.
  8. Those are great, probably better than my kayak!
  9. Sunday afternoon near Carthage Mo.
  10. Very nice! You might try fish Tablerock there are some dandies down there.
  11. I think Phil might pull that last wrench post.😝
  12. Yes if you keep them lined with carmex or vicks!
  13. Thank you Salsa Fargo, bought from Sunshine Bike Shop Spfd.Mo. Great folks there.
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