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  1. dan hufferd

    fish kill

    It sounds like the affect is pretty far north. This thread started as informative, then quickly digressed into something else, I don't understand some of these guys?? I will be very interested to find out what is killing fish. Anyway it doesn't look like it has hurt your walleye fishing, you are doing great ! I need lessons.
  2. dan hufferd

    fish kill

    So did any one figure out why? Is it oxygen or what ?
  3. dan hufferd

    Weekend walleye excursion

    Wow ! Very nice !
  4. dan hufferd

    Do you have any screen shots....

    I have walleye on the brain, they like those drop offs.
  5. dan hufferd

    Do you have any screen shots....

    My bad I was giving walleye fishing tips, sorry.
  6. dan hufferd

    Do you have any screen shots....

    Rocky points near channel swings, usually 18 ft is the number but I think it is near the mid 20s this year. There are fish on the flats but most of us fish the brake where it drops off into a channel, I would not even worry about finding them on the graph, fish habit. As RPS mentioned where the thermocline meet a rocky brake is the magic on Stockton. If that dosen't work I move to secondary points. You will not find many on the graph they hung the bottom so close. I hope that helps.
  7. dan hufferd

    fish kill

    Thanks for the pics and info to everyone. I would love to catch a 10 lb + walleye from ANY Missouri lake. I am glad that we have them (lake, and walleye) if my boat doesn't sell i would love to say that i have fished all of our lakes.
  8. dan hufferd

    Upper bull 7-28/29

    i have had the same thing happen, usually when trolling crank baits, it is funny to hear it from someone else.
  9. dan hufferd

    The Hard Way on the Upper End

    There is some talk of a fish kill (mostly walleye) did you see any ?
  10. dan hufferd

    fish kill

    Dang it ! I was going to try to find some walleye this weekend. Thanks for the info. I am probably stating the obvious: I wonder if it is an oxygen saturation thing. I have done some light reading oxygen saturation and walleye. Any word on where the affect stops ?
  11. dan hufferd

    Amazing property 1/2 mile from Stockton Lake

    How much? Not that this blue collar guy can afford it but you never know. It is beautiful for sure. Is that L3 (Maze creek) in the background? It could be L1?
  12. dan hufferd

    Don't be like Josh

    The Bob Marley tee shirt speaks volumes: What was he doing in the woods? Where did that smile really come from? How did he make such a poor decision? Is this natural selection? Does this guy own a fire arm? These are questions that come to mind.
  13. dan hufferd

    Best Excuse

    Had to shave my wife's back.
  14. dan hufferd

    Best Excuse

    I think this one is a true story
  15. dan hufferd

    it's still tough...

    I recon big fish feed all night under a full or nearly full moon. I am not surprised that the morning bite would still be on. I am just guessing.

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