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  1. I think Phil might pull that last wrench post.😝
  2. Yes if you keep them lined with carmex or vicks!
  3. Thank you Salsa Fargo, bought from Sunshine Bike Shop Spfd.Mo. Great folks there.
  4. Me too, same time
  5. I wore one in church this morning. I have been to 5 major cities in the last 6 weeks, as far as I know, masks don't filter the air for you, supposedly masks help others stay well?? We have many elderly in our congregation. Just trying to consider them. Even though I am pretty sure I had the covid before they started testing for it. I am still going to go where I want and do what I want, most people don't leave this life healthy anyway.
  6. Thank you my friend ! It was work, but a good experience as well. Illionis is so flat, high taxes, lots of people close together. It was not attractive to this S.W. Missouri native. You know it's bad when you can't wait to see St Louis. I enjoyed the ethnic diversity. Even though the plant is comprised many people of different colors and languages, than myself, I was made to feel welcome. That may seem like an odd statement but, think about the climate in the Chicago area in the last few weeks. Anyway living on top of someone is not my gig, but each to his own. I am back to my hills, hollers, rocky creeks, ect, YAY!
  7. I had some work in the great state of Illionis, near Chicago for the last 6 weeks. There are a ton of very nice interconnected bike/walking trails most leading to water in some way. It seems every subdivision has a pond of some sort. I could not help but to do a little recon fishing. I was able to squeeze in one morning of bike fishing. I left my room at 7am on 2 wheels, rode just over 11 miles, caught 11 bass cruising the weeds near bluegill beds, I was back in my room before 11am clocked just over 22 miles. Weightless pb&j zoom trick worm was the ticket, if they didn't hit it on a 5 second drop, just pop it up again. Fun! I am glad to be back in my hill country! I'm not a city dweller! Total miles biked in Illionis 107 in 6 weeks, not real good, but it did rain, and I do work 12hr days/nights. Thank God for fishing!
  8. Mine 26.5, my friend caught a 29, someone sent a pic of a 31 I hope he posts it here, It was killer.
  9. Dang brother where did you find the super model ?
  10. I hope we don't have any tornadoes this spring, or tornadoe drills at work.😬
  11. Next new business idea....drive through bait shop!
  12. Just don't get a sakura massage, and you will be OK
  13. My daughter lives near Anderson Mo. She picked 50 of them a week ago. She is real good foraging though, and she has a good spot.
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