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  1. dan hufferd

    Is this really my fortune?

    I have never seen one like this.
  2. dan hufferd

    Old Maps

    Topoquest is pretty darn good too. It is clumsy to navigate, it you play with it you can figure it out. https://www.topoquest.com/map.php?lat=36.68750&lon=-93.16566&datum=nad27&zoom=8&map=auto&coord=d&mode=zoomin&size=m https://www.topoquest.com/map.php?lat=36.60367&lon=-93.30776&datum=nad27&zoom=8&map=auto&coord=d&mode=zoomin&size=m
  3. dan hufferd

    Who likes lily pads?

    I bet one of those weedless mice would be fun !
  4. dan hufferd

    You Couldn't Ask for a Nicer Day to Fish

    Good to hear that you are getting out !
  5. dan hufferd

    Old Maps

    I have a Stockton map and one of Pomme. They are not color but the same kind of detail. I will take some pictures if I get a change.
  6. dan hufferd

    10-7-18 big m

    They will hit a spoon, and you can get them up to the boat before they come unbuttoned. It's a hoot !
  7. dan hufferd

    I am a kayaker now !

    I use those too, I like them
  8. dan hufferd

    I am a kayaker now !

    I will sure enough, try to be wise. I had to reread this just so it would soak in (no pun intended). I love being on the water in the winter. It is all good until someone gets hurt. One year I fell into the creek with a deer as I was dragging it out of the woods. Already cold from being in the tree before dawn, and there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. I was 2 miles from my car. Knowing that I was in trouble, I left my deer and headed for the car and dry clothes. Once dry I retrieved my trophy. Getting dumped from a boat in the winter would be much worse. I still take much for granted. Thank you for the warning and advice.
  9. dan hufferd


    Remember this ? http://www.ozarksalive.com/remembering-chadwicks-historic-snake-hunts/
  10. dan hufferd

    He Lies in Waiting For The Perfect Time.

    That's a goodn'
  11. dan hufferd

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    That thing has some serious electronics! Nice !
  12. dan hufferd

    K dock 10/05/18

    Oh my goodness, that's awesome !!
  13. dan hufferd

    Walleye length limit

    The Stockton Lake length limit for walleye is 15" The Tablerock Lake length limit is 18".
  14. dan hufferd

    Tree hugger or red neck?

    Thank you for the advice ! I have an Eastern Missouri river walleye trip floating around in my mind. I hope to pick your brain one more time, at some point around February or March if it is alright. I am a welder by trade I hope to soon fab a noninvasive hitch and a light kayak trailer for my small car. If it works maybe I can make one for a prius'
  15. dan hufferd

    Tree hugger or red neck?

    I guess I need a bumper sticker that says something like " I drive this, so I have more gas for my truck and boat".😁

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