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  1. It happened before I knew him. So there😛
  2. I have a friend who was a rider, they hit an island, he was ejected, broke his back. Not good. There was drinking involved.
  3. Spoonbill fishing, not my thing, each to his own though .
  4. I was going to go there but i figured the spoonbill guys would be working. I guess solitude was my real goal. The fish even left me alone.
  5. I am with you, I asked around at work. I got some promising reports in the cricket creek area. You might give that area a go. As far as weedless, if you find the deep enough to get over the top of them without spooking them, a simple dropshot with a minnow or minnow like lure will somehow find it's way in and out of the brush very well, even with 2 hooks, but you have to stay vertical. My take for Saturday was 3 short males, so I am green too.
  6. T rock was 60ish
  7. My daughter in her mushroom hunting apparel. 😂
  8. 2 day total for these 2, 58. It's better than playing video games.
  9. Grandson in blue, learned from his mom, he has been picking these up for 2 days the total is not in yet. 33 for yesterday. I added a picture from 2015, the little guy in camo is the same as the young fellow in blue. Oh man I am getting old.
  10. Of the 3 males that I caught 2 were in 12" of water or less, the other was like you said suspended off the brush. At around 4:30 I found several 14" spots working shad in the back of a cove, bass assassin baby shad (the small one) with and 1/8 oz jig was fun for a while with light tackle. They were around the 10' depth. They were in packs of what looked like 3 to 4. I had to resort to bass fishing😣😜
  11. I have been in there before, Bridgeport is a good area as well. It seem like the crappie are usually bigger near Viola, but I am not the best at the crappie thing, I have a lot learn. Thank you very much !
  12. I am not looking for anyone's secret spot, just trying to get a feel for the action. I fished Viola, I did see a couple folks catching a few, but I didn't do very well, just a few small males. About like this...
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