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    And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly.... and God saw that it was good.

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  1. dan hufferd

    Cape Fair 2/2/19 removing the stink

    I wonder if stainless tig wire would work?
  2. dan hufferd

    Dazed and Confused

    A rig😁
  3. dan hufferd

    Lower End Bite Feb 2nd & 3rd

    You did better than I did. I bought 2 A rigs. Like throwing a lawn chair, if it works...
  4. dan hufferd

    Braid scissors?

    I have split ring pliers with braid cutters that are handy. My favorite cutting tool at the time are those little extendable razor knives. For a dollar you can buy 3, I have them everywhere. They work well on braid.
  5. I like fried fish, and baked fish. I like a cornmeal type coating but the box stuff is way too salty for me. I have tried to make my own but it seems to burn, or taste bland. I am all ears, if you all would like to share. Thanks
  6. dan hufferd

    February 1 - Big M area

    Before Bill hires you, I need some lessons😁.
  7. dan hufferd

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    You are the man ! I can't wait to catch you out on the water again !
  8. dan hufferd

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    The spoon is the most fun !!
  9. dan hufferd

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    I use the gas motor all the time, it works great, 1mph or less.
  10. dan hufferd

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    I'm the newbie, the other 2 guys you mentioned are the folks i look up to. Best advice i can give is fish habitat, many times you will not see them on the graph. It's a faith thing many times, you will find yourself saying "I know they are here."
  11. dan hufferd

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    2oz bottom bouncer is my go to. If I am careful I can fish it below 35ft with good success.
  12. dan hufferd

    Jarrett Edwards - Slow Death Walleye

    That's punny !
  13. dan hufferd

    My Kind Of Woman

    She was checking your toughness, manness, ect. You should never say "too cold". Maybe something like "I am giving my arm a brake, going after a smaller fish spieces for a couple days, all those big fish are wearing my arm out." "Hey you should go with me, I need a co-angler." Stuff like that😁🤑
  14. dan hufferd

    darn Area - short report - 1/18/19

    Yep I was in the Hideaway Marina area yesterday, I marked fish in the same depth as well (40 +ft) caught a couple in the 40 range on a step before a 100 ft drop. 1 small sm and a squeaker keeper spot. 1/2oz gold Binks spoon . I did throw a jerk bait for a little while, it is difficult to throw when you are only seeing fish over 60ft of water. Only a half hearted attempt. Cloudy, a nice chop on the water, I don't get it?
  15. dan hufferd

    I need to fish Bull more

    wow nice!

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