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  1. Found a few crappie

    My buddy Steve and I are working on our winter crappie fishing technique. Steve had the hot stick catching probably 20. Together we ended up with 10 keepers my contribution was 3 keepers. They were in about 28 ft of water. We also caught 4 or 5 baby walleye. I am blessed to have such a great friend!
  2. Has this weather driven the eyes deep?

    I have been waiting for the jerk bait thing to happen. Today would be a good day!
  3. Has this weather driven the eyes deep?

    Thank you all. Very encouraging.
  4. Has this weather driven the eyes deep?

    I hope to be out there too. I don't know how to fish but i plan on figuring it out when i get there
  5. Anyone been crappie fishing this week?

    Carthage mo. by Kellogg lake.
  6. Anyone been crappie fishing this week?

    You are right good place. It reminds me of the small tackle shops of my childhood (before the giants took over), a lot of great stuff in a small area. They started carrying Binks Spoons at my request, I am sure they do that with other people too. You can't help interacting with others.
  7. Sorry to keep bugging

    Binks spoon 3/4 oz gold or blue and chrome.
  8. Sorry to keep bugging

    Yep what he said.
  9. Anyone been crappie fishing this week?

    If it's Bud's in Carthage I love that place !
  10. HDS 5 GEN 1 SOLD

  11. My first Stockton fish

    I am sure that you will get it figured out. You all ready have the right lure. Looks like there was a nice chop on the water. That spoon thing is a fun way to catch them. If you can stay over a school of bait fish for a few minutes, even if it is in the middle of the lake. Packs of whites move through. Notice the depth. Drop the spoon to that depth, wait, when the pack comes through again start jigging. If they are moving bait fish this works well for all species.
  12. I was honored to spend a day with my uncle on Tablerock looking for bass. It was tough and a little slow but a beautiful day. We found 10 or 12 hungry fish about 1/2 back in a cove over 40 to 60 feet of water. Ended up with 5 keepers. 1 was mine 4 for Steve but who's counting. We were using gold and blue chrome 3/4 oz Binks spoons, and Steves secret bait. Don't ask can't tell😀. We had a great time.
  13. Tough Crappie Wednesday

    I have heard about you, and your success on Stockton. Thank you for the suggestions, it will really be neat if I can figure it out !
  14. Anyone been crappie fishing this week?

    Found a couple in 30 ft of water. Temp was 55 degrees. I am not very good at it.

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