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  1. I think we should call someone (who ever it is) and make them include beaver lake on the border lakes licence. That would save me $40.
  2. I am pretty sure that I have some picture with the same background 😁. There is walleye in my pic's too. You caught some good ones !
  3. I am 2 miles west of walleye rd😁 You did good !
  4. I thought this was funny, fast forward to about 7 minutes
  5. Just in case you thought you don't need anything else.
  6. No, but this area has a lot pressure on it. It is close to a ramp, wide and slow, perfect for a new kayaker. He had fun, and that was the goal.
  7. 1st time in a kayak for him, I would add that he has grown up on the creek, and in the woods. I will probably get a thrashing for the lack of a life vest but that's ok. He is a natural in the yak.
  8. Right on !!! You found some good ones.
  9. I think walleye like 6 ppm and 60 degrees, last I read. Sucks to be a walleye right now. I reckon they would be in the 26ft range. Does any one know what happens where a spring comes in, does the DO go up or down ?
  10. It's all fun until you almost die once then it kind'a changes things, if I am alone, I'm good, if I am kayaking or canoeing with someone, I get extra alert. Considering weather, and the time it takes to plan and float safely, this is an awesome accomplishment, a lifetime of float trips, I can't imagine all the neat scenic views !
  11. I guess I am too cautious, back when I owned a canoe I almost always had a child with me. Once when floating shoal creek (about a 7 mile stretch ) my son and I found a lot of brush piles, downed trees and swift water, I had several close calls with my son. I had floated that section many times without a problem. I know shoal creek has no where near the drop per mile of the water that you frequent. I have done some backpacking in S.E. Mo. I am pretty sure some of those rivers drop 14ft per mile ? It has been a while . Getting trapped in a brush pile does not sound like an ideal way to leave this world. So my question: when floating the wild water in your area, how do you know if it is clear, or do you just go for it and deal with the consequences ? That is quite an accomplishment for sure !
  12. Very nice thank you for sharing !
  13. Be careful with those trolling motor wires, they can catch fire ! I check mine frequently if I am using it hard.
  14. It sounds like you are having a great time ! Thank you for sharing !
  15. there is a ton of walleye info and posts here if you look just a little. most of us share everything but location. seek and yea shall find.
  16. I bought 2 boats used in missouri, the numbers stayed the same, my son bought one of my boats, the numbers stayed the same until he moved to texas, then he had to change them, when he moved back to Mo. they changed again. As I understand it the numbers stay the same until you title it in a new state.
  17. The wife and I drove around that lake yesterday, and had a brief visit to hot springs. Question to anyone who might know the lake, is it worth a 4 hour drive to fish and stay ? I am an hour from Beaver, Stockton, Capefair, and 1.5 from Beaver creek Bullshoals, other than a huge natural park. Is lake ouachita arkansas worth the drive ? Thanks
  18. Me too, he is fun to watch !
  19. I am no expert, I would bet the big girl are suspended in open water just over the thermocline most days, and probably hiding under a bluff ledge at about the same level. Those of us who do the jerk bait thing in the winter have seen them, come in under the boat, from the deep on thier way to the bank. Just my opinion, I am going to give the sharp shooting thing a whirl one of these days. Check out Uncut Angling Sharpshooting on YouTube.
  20. My boys and I hunt and fish local private property near our home, I like being able to walk out the door and walk to my favorite coyote spot or whatever. It's all in the raising. I told my kids stay off others land, ask expecting nothing. Whatever the answer thank them, wish them well. move on. Don't trash the place !!! My kids are grown, one neighbor said yes you can hunt, but only you. Which should go without saying. Don't bring other because you have permission. Stuff like that, that we all know, right ? I get wound up, about this ! That neighbor should have scolded their children for trespassing and apologized to you, and cleaned up your pond. I would have been HOT if my kids would have done that ! Dang it now everyone knows what I get mad about. Wrench will be pulling my chain now.
  21. Only adds to the trouble, I have lived it. But that is a different discussion.
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