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  1. Dang brother where did you find the super model ?
  2. I hope we don't have any tornadoes this spring, or tornadoe drills at work.šŸ˜¬
  3. Next new business idea....drive through bait shop!
  4. Just don't get a sakura massage, and you will be OK
  5. My daughter lives near Anderson Mo. She picked 50 of them a week ago. She is real good foraging though, and she has a good spot.
  6. So the ramps and state park is open?
  7. I can't wait for folks to sell those junky hds units for cheap.
  8. I just want to know why people are buying all the dang toilet paper? How did you get sick? Well I was crowded in a line with 10 thousand other people buying toilet paper.... Did you smell something?
  9. A friend of mine turned me on to MTB Project app. It's really good, All trails app is ok too.
  10. In search of some low impact exercise, my wife and I have purchased a couple mountain bikes. I biked the trails in state park yesterday, it was really nice good views. Put over 15 miles under me with a visit to the marina area. I would suggest it! I can't wait to see more. I also did about 3 miles in the kayak at the end of the day. No fish to brag about.
  11. So you never said who you work for and if they are hiring.
  12. I don't have a 30 30 anymore, but I wish I did, my longest kill was about 120 over the creek and through the woods in the snow, I dropped a small sapling right over the kill zone. I fell in the creek on the way out, dragging the deer with one hand, and carrying my rifle with the other. I filled the action on my old marlin 30 30 with water. Anyway now I live in the wide open, I shoot faster and longer. It is not uncommon to take a coyote or crow around 300, but I am not shooting a 30 30, and I make my own rounds. If I remember right you can zero a 30 30 at 25 yrds and the next time it crosses that line of sigh is at 256 yrds or something like that?? I would wager that the 30 30 and the 22lr have put more meat on the table than any other round, aside from a black power caliber of some kind.
  13. For the first 150 yards, both the .30-30 Win and the .30-06 Springfield have very similar trajectories. Itā€™s from this point that the two begin to deviate pretty drastically. Until the 350 yard mark, there is still only about ten inches differences between these two rounds, but beyond that, the .30-30 drops like a brick. By the 500 yard mark, we are looking at 75-80 inches difference between the .30-30 and .30-06 round. Just like we mentioned with the velocity, there just not enough force generated to keep the .30-30 bullet flying as straight as the .30-06 bullet of the same weight. You can begin to see how this will impact applications of the two rounds. Copied from https://www.snipercountry.com/
  14. Maybe because the actual sheet length is 16 ft, once the sheet is rounded up to make the bow, the over all length is becomes 15'10" ?
  15. I watched Danny put the smack down on some crappie. Not only that but I got some free lessons, and some of his custom tubes. Let me tell you I need all the help I could get. Thanks Danny !
  16. Thoughts, good bad, gimmick ? Good for fish ?
  17. I haven't been to Stockton in a while, August, I think. I thought that I had forgotten how to fish, but the little 1/4 oz Binks Arkansas shiner helped me gain some confidence. I had a mixed bag of small fish, I brought these home. I was a really nice day.
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