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    dan hufferd reacted to Lifes2Short in 1/14 Mixed Bag!!   
    Awesome day on the lake, light winds and balmy temps!!!  2 limits of crappie by 9:20 with 2 keeper eyes and one nice bass....which is still swimming.  Jigs in 35+ feet of 43 degree water. Even fed the wildlife at the ramp. Tight & thumping lines!!

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    dan hufferd reacted to Dock-in-it in Kim City - Jan 13 - Deep bite vertical & horizontal presentations   
    I fished this morning and the deep bite is still going Ok. Lately I focus more on resident fish versus looking for the right shad scenaro. The cold, wind, and fog conditions limits my search options and travel distance. This morning I was able to catch them vertical on an ice jig and hortizonal on a 4" yamamoto grub. The vertical fish were very stubborn and it was much easier to get them to hit the swimming grub. The graph shows the vertical fish and the fish pictures were caught on the grub. I wish I would have committed to the grub but when the vertical fish appear on your graph it is hard to ignore them. A regular swimbait would work but I just stuck with the grub. I was fortunate to have several loons working the area and most of them focused on water less than 30ft. 

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    dan hufferd got a reaction from FishnDave in what is it?   
    I thought that I had seen every fish in the creek, but what is this chub like fish. A friend of mine caught this while we were fishing, he caught two right in a row.

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    dan hufferd reacted to Lance34 in Stick and move... Stick and move   
    Got started about 9:30ish Friday.  I didn’t really know what to expect with all the water being released.  I just went on a idea knowing crappie don’t like current and if they want to get out of it they would find shelter from it.  Like a channel bend laying on the side of the channel where they are protected from it.  Or rises off the bottom and laying on the side that gets a break from the current.   So that’s what I did.  Looked at the contour map and positioned the boat on the protected side of rises.  Moved at a snails pace and just picked them off all along it.  Stuck 10 in the first pass and flipped it back around punched it back to the starting mark.  Put the bow back into the wind and stuck the last 5 shortly after.
    WT was 43-45.  In about 18-19 fow about 16-15 feet down.  Moving about .2mph.  
    Got em quick and shut it down about noon.  
    God Bless and Good Fishing Lance

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    dan hufferd got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in Does anyone know this guy ?   
    I watched Danny put the smack down on some crappie. Not only that but I got some free lessons, and some of his custom tubes. Let me tell you I need all the help I could get.
    Thanks Danny !

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    dan hufferd reacted to usa made outdoors in Crappie 12/26   
    Me and my dad went out chasing crappie again today and it did not disappoint. Two man limit (30 keepers) easily caught 70 fish, and we each caught a 16" slab both released to be caught again.
    Water temp was 48-50. All the fish we are finding are back in the creeks (Long, Kings, James) and have either been in the tree's or out on the flats relating to shad. Depth has been anywhere from 15-30' just depends on the day and conditions. Sunny days has them up in the water column more. With this recent stretch of warm weather we are finding more fish out away from the trees than we were a couple weeks ago. This last week casting at them has been a lot better presentation as opposed to vertical jigging. Screen time is a must but once you locate some toss a marker buoy back off and make your cast. We are strictly fishing jigs i.e. Bobby Garland, Mr. Crappie etc on 1/8oz heads. Retrieve is a slow wind while letting the jig fall to the desired depth.  You may see a tree/spot loaded and catch a few right off the bat then it shuts off, you can switch baits and colors and maybe pick up a couple more bites but you're better off moving to another spot and catching whatever active fish you can. Bouncing around is a must. Hopefully this helps some of the guys that have been asking about these mythical Table Rock crappie. - Kenny

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    dan hufferd reacted to Fishfighter in Air fryer ?   
    I think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Food tastes good and is obviously healthier than real frying.  Any measurable amount of oil in them is a no no unless you enjoy fighting fires. You can brush whatever your cooking in oil and be fine.  We've cooked burgers,  fish, steaks,  deer, sausage,  bacon, etc.  I would get the biggest one you can afford.  They are small.
    I have cooked walleye fillets in mine and enjoyed it.  You will want a recipe for broiling or baking. It is essentially a broiler or convection oven except it also moves the hot air around the food. 
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    dan hufferd reacted to fishinwrench in Air fryer ?   
    We got one for Christmas but haven't experimented with it yet. 
    Chicken wings and taters I can see, but can you just dip and bread your fish and have them come out crispy and yummy?   I don't see how that's even possible.  
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    dan hufferd reacted to Boobie in Air fryer ?   
    We cooked a small hen turkey(store bought) in one. Best turkey ever with golden brown skin and juicy. Too good....😋
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    dan hufferd reacted to jdmidwest in Air fryer ?   
    The flounder was dipped in egg and rolled in cracker crumbs.  It came out crisp and tasty.
    I did tilapia, just rolled it in cornmeal breading like I would to drop in fryer, the breading was still like dry cornmeal when done. 
    Still wanting mushrooms and onion rings in it, they should do fine beer battered.
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    dan hufferd reacted to Lance34 in That didn’t go as expected   
    Tough day yesterday...  Started about noon and went to dark.  WT 42-43 and 14 fow to 13-10 feet down is where we caught most...
    Took along another local crappie angler yesterday and sure wasn’t expecting the bite to be that horrible.
    Ended with 10.  A lot of short strikes and slow pull down on the rod tip but they then  would just let off.  Just didn’t fully take it...
    Just not active...  Don’t know if drop in WT, pulling the lake and current or what...  
    Oh well plug at it again next Friday...
    God Bless and Good Fishing Lance 

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    dan hufferd reacted to Bill Babler in Merry Christmas day Report Belated   
    12-26-19 Table Rock Lake Long Creek
    Would have posted this yesterday but again picture problem.  Had to wait for Becky to get home to get me squared away.  Started to a beautiful sunrise and clear slick water at 50 to 52 degree.
    Lots of birds all over from old 86 to the Arkansas line and the best thing is just to follow the Loons.  There was one flock of over 30, could not get the best count as most were scuba divers and man can they travel under water.

    Started out dragging a Pigsticker in green pumpkin craw and immediately started catching keepers.  I was fishing a channel swing with a long ridge.  Fish I caught were 28' to 35' along the ridge had 6 keepers.  Saw a small concentration and dropped the Wareagle down and caught one on it.  All 6 were keeps, with 1 lg. 1 Jaw and 4 K's.
    Could not see anymore but went to a similar ridge and did the same deal and did not get bit.  At this point about 8 am I started looking for birds as I was not seeing any deep  fish either on the usual spots.  Could not find any bait or fish.  Traveled and graphed quite a bit before the birds put me on them.
    Saw the aforementioned group of Loons and it was on like Donkey Kong.  I just pulled right into the middle of the flock and looked down and there they were.

    Here I'm in 90 plus feet with a group of Shad up near the surface.  There were gulls and Loons diving on them.  Most of the trees here are topping out at about 50' and I did a couple of deals to catch these fish.  First I used the Ice jig. and second I started swimming a Keitech 2.8 on a 3/8 jig head.  I was counting it down to the depth of the fish.  Here only about the count of 15.
    Most of these fish are suspending in the tree tops in that 50' or so range and then bolting up and thru.the bait.

    In this picture I caught one at about 40ft. on the Ice jig and am bringing him up.  There is lots of movement in the water that is both shad and fish.  It's easy to pick out the fish, they are really bold.

    Here I'm in about 90' and the bottom is very thick with cover and bait.  There is a small group of shad and the bass are moving over the cover and raking thru the shad.  On the extreme left of the screen you can see the trail of the fish I'm holding.

    Again in another graph shot the bass are suspending in and around that 50' depth level and the shad are in the trees below them.  This is very thick but mostly uniform so it is easy to swim a keitech.  This allows you to cover lots of water.  I was counting it down here to about a count of 50 and just pulling it back.  I never got hung up a single time so I'm guessing I was in that 30 to 50 foot range with the bait.

    Here  is a similar shot of the fish working above the trees.  Gosh it would be great if you could always see them like this.  I ended up catching more than I deserved and left with them still biting.
    And  yes there were some other Heathens like me out there yesterday, I was not along.  Most of the boats however looked to be crappie fishing 
    Good Luck out there.
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    dan hufferd reacted to YakAttack in Time to "Live the Dream"   
    Hi Everyone:
                    I have recently retired from my 31+ year career in  power production.  I'm ready to do something fun!  This spring I will be starting a kayak fishing guide service.  The name of my business is "Ozarks Kayak Fishing".  My company consists of a new truck, four 2019 Jackson Coosa HD kayaks, and a Tennessee trailer.  The kayaks will be equipped with a fish finder, poles, pliers.....  I have always enjoyed fishing on Stockton Lake and I look forward to sharing my passion of kayak fishing with others.  I promise that I won't try to turn this forum into a advertising platform!  I will occasionally share pictures and information obtained on my adventures.  I have just recently gone live with my website....www.OzarksKayakFishing.com.  The website is definitely a work in progress but it will get better every day. If you are interested in learning to fish from a kayak check out my website!  See you all on the water.  
         "I have gone kayak fishing and regretted not catching more fish, but I have never regretted going fishing on my kayak"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yak Attack

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    dan hufferd reacted to lmt-outfitters in Smh   
    Omg what a crazy last couple of months.  First of this is Ed of lmtout. I lost my phone duck hunting along with all pics and account log ins. So as could be expected my limited memory space could not remember log in info pass word. I have a new email for the business could not figure out our old email pass words either. And not wanting my wife to make fun of me.  I just started over. So this is it new name same as business I know shameless plugging.  Ok so same as yak I retired from the power industry.  I am having knee surgery Tuesday so after that us healed. I will be getting after the walleye. Probably very early January sometime.  So let's go fishing
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    dan hufferd reacted to Basfis in Air fryer ?   
    We have one. Makes great fries. Does well with frozen and breaded stuff. IMO freshly cut potatoes out of the air fryer are better than most types, quick too  
    Have not tried anything fresh and battered. 
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    dan hufferd reacted to jdmidwest in Air fryer ?   
    Fish, not so well.  If you use a recipe for baked fish, yes.  If you are battering fish like you drop in oil, no.  I baked some breaded flounder in it and it turned out great.  Its a convection oven, not a real fryer.
    I bought one after Thanksgiving, Instant Pot version.  Does bacon well and fast.  Pork chops are great.  Chicken wings, excellent.  Bakes potatoes to perfection.  Fries are good, tater tots come out tasty, not grease bombs.  Should do hash browns the same way.  Roasts veggies pretty good. 
    If you are cooking for 2, perfect.  You don't have to heat up an oven for some things you normally bake.  If you are feeding more, you may be doing several batches.  Cleans up fast.  Lots of recipes on the net.
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    dan hufferd reacted to Dock-in-it in Kim City - Dec 26 - Deep bite   
    The deep bite for me is very inconsistent due to the constant shad and bass movements. Some creeks were loaded with shad in the last few weeks but I am no longer able to find that scenario. What you find today is irrelevant for the next day and you have to start your searching from scratch. I normally like to check the creeks because the fish have boundaries that allows you to find them a little easier. On the gravel flats the boundaries are pretty vague. I was able to catch them good today fishing vertical with numerous baits (ice jig, spoon, Damaki, 4"grub). I found them in in 40-50ft range and after catching a few from a group I had to leave that group and search nearby for another bunch. They get educated real quick. I tried casting a spoon and swimbait but that did not work. Had about 12 keepers. WT about 50.

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    dan hufferd reacted to Quillback in Big M area, December 26   
    The fishing today was a bit slower than Christmas Eve.  And the fish seemed to be deeper, I don't think I caught one that was in water less than 20 feet deep.  Did the chartreuse head Ned rig thing again today, and I caught another keeper smallmouth and keeper walleye on it.  Couple of fat spots too.  Swimming the Ned rig over deep water was working a little better than dragging it on the bottom.  Still fishing around structure, trees, rocky points and steep chunk rock banks.  
    Threw a couple of different jerk baits for a bit too, and never got a bite on them.
    Nice day to be out, and I was not the only one out there today.




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    dan hufferd reacted to Quillback in Big M area, December 20   
    There was a good spotted bass bite yesterday,  Ned rig was working well on bluff banks, steep rocky banks, and around timber.  Fish were anywhere from 10 to 30 feet deep, most being around 20 feet.  I'm either slowly dragging the Ned rig on the bottom, or hopping it down bluff walls, but it's a slow hop.  For the most part they are really biting lightly, sometimes they'll thump it, but many of the bites are barely detectable even using braid with a leader.  
    I'm catching very few largemouth or smallmouth, yesterday I caught 2 largemouth, and one smallie, but caught close to 20 spots.
    I did catch a few on a 110 sized jerk bait.  I think if I would have thrown the jerk bait all day I would have caught more on it, but the Ned rig is just getting more bites for me right now.
    Got some background in this pic - who knows where it is?

    Broke Back fish - but he was a keeper!

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    dan hufferd reacted to Sore Thumbs in Heads Up!   
    Beaver water headed your way!

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    dan hufferd reacted to Bill Babler in Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report Cow Creek to Kimberling City   
    12-22-19  Table Rock Lake Fishing Report
    Got our early out of the back ramp at Cow and all was quiet except the duck hunters that were banging away.  Surface temp was a smooth 52 degree and the water in the Cow Creek/Spring Branch area is very clear.  I could see my white spoon at 20+ ft.
    Checked both the backs of Spring Branch and both Cows for bait and found some scattered but really very little, with but a few fish suspended and they were mostly singles.  I did catch one on a flutter spoon in Spring Branch as it was chasing up near the top and I heaved the spoon and he snagged it in under 5' of water over 100'.

    Started looking on the main lake deep flats and  started to find shad with fish in them above them and below them.  DEEP, DEEP, DEEP. 

    Really I got lucky,  I saw a pack of 11 loons that kept diving and diving and I charged right into the middle of them.  Here is the deal, they were on shad, but the shad were in 60' to 120' on the bottom. 

     Caught 2 brown fish at 89' on the bottom and they really thumped the Ice Jiggin Rap.  These shad were in an area, probably the size of a city block and the loons would streak clear down to them.  When they loons would get in them it would break them up and you could see the bass tearing thru picking up what ever singles they could.

    Saw something I have never seen.  There were two loons that were diving and swirling and they were not going deep at all.  They were perhaps going down 20 ft.   They were by the boat and I could see the shad they were diving on and could see the loons with my eyes feeding on them.  It was remarkable.  Reminded me of Nat Geo . and the penguins going thru bait.  When they would come up they would have so many in their mouth they would spit 3 or 4 out about every time.  I had a couple of dozen shad floating around the boat that they had coughed up when I moved off a bit the gulls went crazy on them.  I also saw a Huge Golden Eagle.  It was a fantastic morning.

    Caught 15, and everyone was a keeper.  Every fish came on the Ice Jig except the one on the flutter spoon.  Shallowest fish I caught was at 40' suspended and I saw her and raised up and she snached it. 

     Did the best just holding the bait really still and the jaws slammed it but the K's just loaded on it.  Tried the jigging spoon but not a single bite, kind of a no brainer this morning with the Ice Jig.

    Going to be a great week out there, give her a whirl.
    Good Luck

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    dan hufferd reacted to usa made outdoors in Christmas Eve Crappie   
    The Christmas Eve crappie were good to us. - Kenny


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    dan hufferd reacted to Quillback in I'm dreaming of a chartreuse Christmas...   
    Merry Christmas everybody!
    Some great colors in the sky this morning at the launch.

    So why chartreuse?  
    I have noticed that when I fish small swimbaits like a Keitech that it seems I'll catch more smallies and wallies if I use a chartreuse jig head.  Lately when fishing my Ned rigs I have been doing ok on the spots, but can't catch a decent smallmouth.
    I have some Nutech chartreuse crappie heads in my tackle stash and decided I would give them a shot.  Glued on some Dirt colored half Zinkers on a couple of them and took them with me today.  Caught 2 nice keeper smallmouth and a couple of walleye.  Maybe a coincidence, but I haven't caught a keeper sized smallmouth in a while.  Chartreuse seemed to make a difference, but more 'research' is required.
    Caught some spots too.  17 bass total, 4 keepers.  One of the smallmouth really pulled, thought for sure it was either a big walleye or big largemouth - but it wasn't.
    Still fishing steep banks, rocky points and timber.
    Who knows where this bank is?

    Couple of smallmouth:


    Sir Spot:

    And a wallie:

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    dan hufferd reacted to Phil Lilley in Nice Rainbows Caught Today   
    Blake caught this rainbow late this afternoon.  He caught it close to the dam throwing a jerk bait he custom painted - he's been taking lessons from Duane.  It was the first fish caught on his baits.

    23.5 inches.  Released.
    Duane had a trip this morning.  I'll steal his pics off his facebook page.  Most were caught on his jerk baits I think.

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    dan hufferd reacted to Dock-in-it in Kim City - Dec 19 - Deep bite   
    I fished a while this morning and the deep bite is still good but it takes a lot of searching with the big motor and trolling motor. The shad are normally stacked when you find them and they might be thick for several hundred yards. I do not see very many fish relating to stacked shad. I normally find the shad then use both the big motor and trolling motor to search the edges for active fish. The shad are normally in the channel and I move to the shallow edges (normally 38-55ft). Caught fish this morning on a 4" smoke grub, Damiki rig, and 5/8 ice jig. The WT is about 50-51. The graph picture below shows no shad around the fish, but the shad were very thick about 60ft away. Had about 12 keepers and plenty of shorts.

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