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    dan hufferd reacted to Dutch in New Boat Build   
    I think a boat that large needs a 36 volt trolling motor.  I had one similar in size with a 24 volt.  It was ok but not great.  I am running 36 volt now.  It is way better.
    You will get more functions if you match trolling motors and sonar/gps which work together.  
    When you buy tires get specifically trailer tires not passenger tires.  Trailer tires have a much stronger sidewall.
    Where are you located?
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    dan hufferd reacted to Browning Guy in Fishing with a 10 year old girl   
    The things my little girl comes up with in the boat........
    "Dad, that's a fish landing violation. 2 minute penalty."
    "Dad, how close to the dock are we? I need to pee." My response....."we just left the house".
    Me: "Hey Ally....do you know why the fish get under the docks when it's raining? So they don't get soaking wet!". Ally: looks at me like I have 7 eyes.
    Such a blessing to have her ask......"can I go" before I have a chance to ask her.

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    dan hufferd reacted to Champ188 in New parking requirements at COE ramps   
    😆😆 How the heck do you even do that? 
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    dan hufferd reacted to Quillback in New parking requirements at COE ramps   
    With heavy rain in the forecast, and the expected rise in the water level at TR, parking spots at the ramps will be limited.  Therefore the COE has requested that boat owners use the least amount of space possible to park their rigs.  Here's the pic they posted of the recommended way to park.
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    dan hufferd reacted to oneshot in I Was Told To Stay Out Of The Way   
    I hate having a house worked on while living in it but some times have no choice.
    They got the Door in and working on the floor. They are going to put rock in the entrance way.
    My wife is thinking Pecan Trim. It will be better than carpet.
    30 year warranty on the flooring. I was talking about putting New Roof on. They said put Metal on be done with it. 40 year warranty on that.
    This makes me feel like I’m doing this for someone else.

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    dan hufferd reacted to lmt-outfitters in Walleye report   
    These fronts r coming so fast the walleye have gotten a little difficult for me.  Today had six keepers 2 shorts.  Had 3 keepers bottom bouncing in 12 to 16 ft. Pulling at about .8 mph. Using new floating butterfly blade from northland. The r very good at keeping you from getting hung up as much.  The other 3 keepers came on pitching jig and plastics to the normal pool bank line.  About 5 ft deep. Working out to about 10 ft.  

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    dan hufferd reacted to dtrs5kprs in 5/11 report Kimberling area   
    Lazy day for us. Floated it around 8am, fished pretty hard until we came in for the boy's football position group meeting around 130. Went back out in the rain for a couple more hours. 
    Temps were obviously lower, 60-61 in the morning. Did warm up some, or perhaps we just found some warmer spots. Didn't seem to matter, aside from killing our topwater bite. Water was clearing. Had 7'-8' visibility consistently.
    Still catching them shallow. Know it's not for everyone, have to sell out to do it. We're fishing the 1/8 head with the cut Zinkerz, 6# FC as main, or as a leader. They want that bigger head, even shallow. At least 90% of them are eating it on the bottom, at dead stop speed. No shaking, no swimming, no gliding. Yesterday was the perfect day for it. Technically today was too, but... yeah.
    By shallow...we are fishing the bank to maybe 7'. Have caught only a handful deeper. Have ideas as to why. Regardless, there are catchable fish there.
    Had three 19" fish, including a thick black to start the morning. Several 18" fish, many 15"-17". Highlights were a double with the boy catching a 19" brownie to go along with my 16" fish, and a truly stunning meanmouth, in terms of coloration.
    Not a big color guy. We'd been whacking them on good old PBJ and GP goby for a week. But Saturday something changed big time. Baits needed red flake... GP red, Canada Craw, California Craw. 
    One of the prettier meanies I've seen...

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    dan hufferd got a reaction from BilletHead in 4/26 walleye report   
    Dang brother where did you find the super model ?
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    dan hufferd reacted to bobby b. in Funny with the Whites and their cousins   
    Fished the lower end 5/5, Tuesday.  Found fish on the points in 20 fow 62 - 63 WT.  Was pretty windy.  Found a mixed bag in a pocket chasing bait, really boiled for about 20 minutes.  2.8 kitech.  Caught a fair number but lost count.  Saw just a few boats, much, much better than the weekend.

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    dan hufferd reacted to dtrs5kprs in Quick report for the weekend folks   
    Only things that have changed since we got here on 4/26 are the weather, and the pool. 
    Think most folks know what we do, how we do it, and generally where. Although we get around quite a bit more than many would expect.
    We're fishing finesse on gravel, including main lake places, specifically with the Ned. Also catching some dragging the doctor or a fry. Water color hasn't mattered a bit. Same for snot, wind, or water color. We've caught very few fish deeper than 10', not for lack of looking.
    Started getting a topwater bite Sunday, but my guess is the cold weather will hurt it. Lot of them were slapping at it more than eating it. Spawn coves, pole timber points, and guts on that bite. Obviously better with shad everywhere. It seemed to pop at 64 degrees (on our graph, anyway). Waking baits have been better than wakers.
    Catching all four species on the same stuff, same baits. Plus a few big whites on topwater. Catching a lot of blacks, and a lot of solid K's, which is a little different. 

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    dan hufferd reacted to dtrs5kprs in Hummingbird Mega 360   
    Yikes. Glad I stay under $600 with my graphs.
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    dan hufferd reacted to Bill Babler in May 4, 2020 Table Rock Lake Current Fishing Report   
    White River Outfitters Guide Service May 4th. 2020  Cow Creek to Point 5 and after Breakfast Ole 86

    Pulled up to my first spot at 5:50 this morning and could see just decent with the cloud cover.  Wind was out of the North East pushing in on the flat gravel between KC and point 5.  Put the boat in about 20' and he first cast with the megabass vision 110 I had a nice jaw.  I worked the flat point and continued to catch fish, all nice quality SM.  Got back in the pocket out of the wind and started looking for beds and the pocket was just absolutely full of beds with bass on them.  Probably 30 plus beds in the pocket and bass on at least 1/2 of them.  Beds were in 4 to 6 ft.   Could not resist and flipped the ned in on one and caught a nice LM.  I didn't mess with any of the others but could have caught them as they really wanted to bite.

    McClelland has been catching Goggle Eye by the stringer full so I though I would try and catch enough for dinner.  1st. pocket I stopped in and started swimming the keitech I caught 6 really, really nice ones.  If it had not been for the goofy 2 lb. smallmouth i probably could have caught more.  I think the durn things this morning would have bitten a baitless gold hook.  They just tore up the 2.8 
    I figured 6 Gog's were plenty and they are really to many once I got them filleted.  Should have stopped at 4.  I got back on the SM on the jerk bait on any of the windy flat points going back into Cow.  Really just one right after the next.

    Went into Breakfast at 9, as Becky was fixing Homemade Cinnamon rolls for our guests and I hate to miss out on those babies hot and fresh right out of the oven.  Yum.
    Put back in at Old 86 and just dropped the trolling motor.  Caught 8 more SM in about an hour with 6 of them solid keeps.  The SM were really dark green this morning a total change of color from the other day.  Just beat it back in prior to the rain.
    Water is clear to 15 plus feet in the area's I fished and the moss seems to be subsiding.  Surface temps this morning at 62.6 on both locations.

    Good Luck
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    dan hufferd reacted to BilletHead in waste not want not   
    A jake took a grass nap this morning. Been tough and I cannot cover the ground or hunt like I used to. Not going to pass up a good meal,
            So I had a discussion with a couple members on here. Lets see if I get a I'm wrong from either of them. I consider them both friends I would just like to share something with them.  here is where it started,
      OA member @Seth said,
    The gobblers have been thin around here for us the last two years, but we have been seeing quite a few jakes. The next couple years should be pretty decent for two year old birds if they stick around.
    I need to try the turkey leg carnitas. I’ve used them for dumplings and it turned out great.
        Me the BilletHead responded this,
               I do all my legs, thighs and wings this way Seth.  I have saved up four birds worth and done them all at once. Pick all the meat and vac seal in meals.  Turkeys are looking like slim pickings here this season. If we get one I will be happy.
      This started a discussion,
             @Terrierman      said,
               There can't be 8 ounces of meat on two turkey legs and two thighs!  You guys are desperate for a little protein!
      Then the dogpile started with @fishinwrench jumping in,
    That's exactly what I was thinking.  😂
               Lets continue with my big mouth,
            Rick I am a little ashamed of that remark. Waste not want not. It all adds up. In Montana you are required to save and use duck and even pheasant legs or it is  considered wanton waste. You like and fillet bluegill don't you? More meat on one turkey thigh and a set of bluegill fillets. 
             And we are back to Wrench,
    Oh BS, I saw a pic of your filleted crappie, and you cut the bones out the same way I do.....just cut the V out and be done with it!   
    I have a buddy that SHAVES them out in order to save that little 1/2tsp of meat.   You'll get a bone in your mouth about every 3rd fillet you eat. 
        Then back to Terrierman,
             Sorry man, but I've tried it and to me it's just not worth the effort to me.  
             Me again,
                Again there is a difference between a tiny amount of meat between the bones of a crappie and a turkey thigh.  If the fish is large enough I take the meat off the ribs too. It is worth it if you want it. It is good and useable I am going to use it. 
                     So I took care of my bird. Took just a few minutes more than just taking the breast halves. Not much left is there?
        Bag of feathers and some feet. This is what I got,
           So lets talk thighs now. I knew better about the 8 ounces of thigh meat. When I make carnitas the whole thigh goes in the pot with the legs, wings and back oyster meat. But I need to make a point here. I deboned the thighs and cut off the gristle,     I set a bowl on the scales and hit tare to zero it out,
        I threw in the thigh meat. Guess what ?         There will be some good carnitas soon here!
      I'm sorry Rick for saying I was disappointed in you. I am however bummed you have never tried wild turkey carnitas. It is very well worth the effort. 
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    dan hufferd reacted to Emerald bass in Big M Crappie   
    Fished over the weekend and caught several nice, mostly black/male crappie.  Could not get bit on standard crappie gear so started throwing 2.8 keitech for bass and the crappie started biting.  Mostly 1/2 to 2/3 back in cuts and creeks on the flat banks...many nice bass too 😎

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    dan hufferd reacted to bferg in May 1, Big M area   
    I had almost the exact same report!  We put in at Eagle Rock and fished down to big M.  We mainly fished flukes and Neko rigs in front of buck brush.  Lots of nice healthy spots and a few LM with one being a real toad.  Also had a nice smallie. 
    Docks near spawning pockets were also holding fish.  Quillback described the bite perfectly- had to feed them the fluke for sure and I never felt the better fish on the neko- just saw line moving slowly.  
    Saw a little topwater activity but it was pretty weak and we didn’t mess with it for too long.
    My brother did pick catch a slab crappie on the swimmer- lots of crappie in Panther Creek.
    Can’t believe how many boats were out!  Liked like a Saturday in June!  


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    dan hufferd reacted to Jadesjigs in May 1, Big M area   
    I pretty much have the same report, except in the Aunts Creek area.  You explained the bite perfectly.  I was using 1/8 size Ned Head and I didn't start getting bit consistently until I put 3" grubs on them.  I was initially using a straight stick style plastic.  One of the grubs was a pumpkin color and the other was a watermelon/red color.  I would let the jigs glide to the bottom with very short pauses and then slowly swim them across the rocks.  I was catching them on the inside of points and throughout 2/3 of the way back into main lake coves.  It seemed like the banks with the sun on them were the best.  All of the fish caught were in less than 10 ft. of water.   

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    dan hufferd reacted to Travis Swift in May 1st quick report   
    Fished an hour Thursday night and we caught a few stockers and a nice 19 inch brown.  Friday we started at the cable and to be flat honest it was brutally tough for us. First time we've ever made that drift without a fish. Drifted all the way to monkey island throwing jigs and dragging baits and throwing jerkbaits picking up a few here and there but nothing very consistent at all until we got past Cooper creek. Went back to the cable in the afternoon and again it was terrible for us. Started drifting back again and I finally caught a big brown that was 21 inches and weighed 5 even.  It's been as tough of a trip as we have ever had so far. We will see what Saturday brings but the big fish make up for the missed numbers! 

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    dan hufferd reacted to olfishead in Spring trifecta complete!   
    Decided to wait until after the first week to let the crowd get out of the woods. Worked out well. Feathers, Fins, and Fungus = FUN! 

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    dan hufferd reacted to Walleyedmike in 4/25   
    We waited until late afternoon on 4/25 due to the big winds. Fished a couple of hours and picked up three keepers bottom bouncing slow death rigs in 16-19'. Two were on a secondary point in calmer water and one on a main lake point in the wind Big Sac arm of the lake.

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    dan hufferd reacted to lmt-outfitters in 4/26 walleye report   
    Took my favorite client out today fished about 5 hours. Had 16 keepers and 3 shorts bottom bouncing harnesses.  Took our 8 home today. Don't do that very often but need to get a little reserve going.

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    dan hufferd reacted to kelley72 in Turnback   
    WAS on Turnback around Millers  cove and had 15 crappies.Water was 59 and pretty clear. 
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    dan hufferd reacted to Hunter53 in Dang virus got me hurt.   
    Didn't give me any grief. I could tell she was disappointed at first thinking we had to quit fishing but perked right up when I said we were not quitting. LOL
    All smiles again here.

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    dan hufferd reacted to curtisce in 4/22   
    Inspired by Pheasantguy's post and a few from FB I thought I needed to get back to Stockton. night befpre the forecast showed high chace of rain from the get go. radar didn't look that bad. Got up a 5:30 looked at the radar and went back to bed. Up again alitttle before 7;00. Had to be back home by 2:00 si time was limited but quickly decided to go so out the door by7:15. On th e lake fishing at 9:00.  started on the bank from the put in with a MO craw RKer. About 3 cast into it hook up with a 3 1/2# LM. Halfway down the bank I've got 5 fish, 2 over 3#. Fish came from 6-9 fow problem is the moss goes out to 7 or 8 feet. Had some luck on a few other banks but moss continued to be a problem. Tried a spinnerbait but no love. Weathe rcame in and got about an hour of moderate sprinkles. Last new spot of the day got in to them. RKer and some on a jig. Same depth. a couple hit so hard I thought they bit my jig in two. Lost 2 good fish but caught 5 keepers and a 23" walleye off that stretch. Ended up with 22 fish, 9 keeper LM and walter. Headed home plan a return trip tomorrow.

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    dan hufferd reacted to LittleRedFisherman in PB for my Birthday!   
    My son and I decided to social distance at our cabin for a day and night for my birthday after a rain halted field work here on the farm.  We left yesterday and got to the cabin at 6pm.  I looked at the lake and saw it was dingy from all the rain but it called my name, I was imediately thinking crankbait or spinnerbait!  It was cold and windy but I convinced Landen let fish till dark so we launched the boat.   He wanting to learn more about boating and insisted he wanted to run the trolling moter which I always do.  So I let him and told him head over to a favorite point of mine, where the bank levels off more slowly, thinking be a good place to throw a crank.   I had a spro Rock crawler I had planned on tying on, but my favorite crank rod had a teckel drunker tied on from my latest river trip.  I’ve had good luck with that little deep diving crank thanks to Ham for introducing me to them.  So I was like I’m gonna chunk this for a few Minutes then tie on the spro.   Well Landen positioned me in a good spot and made my first cast.  The second cast was towards a fallen tree, bout halfway to the boat she hit.   When I drawed back on her the drag began to go.  I said son get the net it’s a biggun!  Finally I worked her to the surface but I failed to remember my net had a big rip in it from December’s Jigfest,  well Landen netted it beautifully but she ripped the hole even bigger and fell back in the water.   So the fight was on again but this time my line was through the net as an added level of difficulty ha ha.    I had Landen hold the net as I once again surfaced the fish, by this time it had one treble left in the thin part of its upper lip.   Finally got the fish back up and grabbed lip and rubber net all together to land it.  For a few minutes there it got really exciting ha.   Didn’t have my scales for some reason, guess I took them out of the boat?  But she measured 23 inches long, don’t have a girth measurement either.  Looking at some charts I’d say she’s  around 8 pounds!  I’ve fished this lake my whole life, including my dad since 1965, and I’ve never caught one this big anywhere.  Just right place and right time and right cast.   Letting Landen run the trolling moter for the first time may of made this happen to!  Today is my birthday and can’t think of a better present!  Bret 

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    dan hufferd reacted to Hunter53 in Big buffalo on the ned   
    A little while after splitting my lip open the wife snagged this buffalo in the tail with a ned on 6lb line. Had to chase it around with trolling motor but eventually got it in the boat. Felt heavier than the 40lb sacks of dog food we buy. 

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