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  1. Yeah never thought about that. I wonder how a little one would do on a kayak or paddle board.
  2. I'm just curious if there's a reason why air boats aren't very common up here in Missouri?
  3. Fished this also. Couldnt find 5 keepers. We had to go through a lot of shorts, but I've had worse days on the water.
  4. You ought to toss a rubber snake in their boat when they aren't looking. That'll get them excited.
  5. Mary if you find someone would you let me know who? I need some similar projects as well. Thanks and good luck.
  6. Nice report. Never know what you'll catch in taney
  7. Awesome. Thank you for the advice hopefully I can get out this weekend and put up a report
  8. Do you just use a loop to loop connection farm your mono or fluoro to the fly line loop? Or is there a better knot? Thanks again!
  9. I just got some sink tip fly line for my 7 weight. I'm looking to use it for streamers and craw patterns. I'm just not sure what I should tie to my fly line to make up the leader any help or input is appreciated
  10. Same here. Saturday I had 2 such instances where the oncoming boaters didn't head right. Ignorance or just plain rude. Either way those folks make it a dangerous day on the water when it shouldn't be.
  11. Never thought about that. Is there a term for that process ? Fibreglass molding or something? That would be an excellent way to make that work.
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