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  1. I bought eight 7" yumbrella rigs at academy sports for 1.48 each last week. I like the flash mob better but I couldn't pass it up.
  2. I have lowrance on my wilderness kayak . I mounted it with the shoot thru the hull method . Nothing exposed outside the kayak to get tangled or broken .

    11-15 - 16

    Biggest bass I've caught in Finley in several years. Ned rig did the trick.
  4. Not a good shot but it's all I got. Try to do better next time Harps.
  5. I have a small fish finder that I use to find the channel with. There are some places that will surprise you. seems like I catch most of my better fish deep these days. The two biggest I have caught in that little lake were both a little over 8lbs but that was 25 years ago. Both of those were on top water.
  6. Blue and white medium diver. 2 or3 on a 6 in. June bug worm.
  7. fished from 1030 to 300 caught 15 bass biggest one a little over 6 lbs.Crankbait in main channel did most the damage.
  8. old 1990 201 champion still looks and runs like new.
  9. Nice walleye Mike see you Saturday .
  10. Has anybody had any luck catching whites on windy banks? I will be on Stockton this week and with the wind forecast to be out of south all week fishing could be really good.
  11. Caught 8 keepers and few shorts.Fished from 9:30 to 4:00. Couldn't ask for a better day weather wise.
  12. Is there some way to know if their running water and how much water on any given day ?
  13. I fish table rock to but Stockton's usually better for me. Not as crowded either.
  14. LOGROG baseball and Stockton lake fishing good as it gets.
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