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  1. My largest Rainbow was caught below Tucker Shoals and one of my favorite places to fish. 45 years ago one could see pods of 8-10# Browns (and larger) holed up at Tucker, days gone by. Glad you had a great day, nothing better that dry fly action.
  2. Just curious, Wildcat or Roundhouse Shoals??
  3. Any predictions as to how the massive flows will change the Trophy area below the dam??
  4. I was feeling a little sick when I came in from the heat. When I read 3 limits of Small Mouth kept, I definitely became ill. Try a Rebel Deep Teeny R with an orange belly, never failed me on this stream, browns like it as well. CM
  5. Greetings: I have read hundreds of your posts but never communicated. Got a question for you. Looking at a 2013 Triton/XS with a 2011 Mercury OptiMax 250 Pro XS with 175 hours. Anything I should know or be aware of with this motor. Thanks  Chuck Moore

    1. fishinwrench


      I'm personally not a fan of the computer controlled Merc Optimax or Yamaha HPDI platforms.  Once out of warranty you are basically screwed.   

      I know that I can't properly diagnose running issues with them, and dealerships with all the latest diagnostic software can't accurately troubleshoot them either.   Some units seem to run forever without any problems, but many MANY others are a never-ending nightmare with issues while underway....and it is impossible to hang off the back of a boat and diagnose a problem that only occurs at 50-60mph.  A specific Mercury ONLY tech shop complete with a dynomometer is the only place that has a shot at curing those issues. And there are darn few of those places across the country.

    2. cmoore03


      Thanks for the reply and enjoy your weekend.  CM

  6. Hell Oneshot, I had no idea the CIA was hiring in your neck of the woods. The chance of moving to the "Marble Orchard" or a stint behind bars is not worth a few extra dollars.
  7. Sorry to inform but you have definitely entered the age of slow walking and soft music. I got there a couple years ago, don't like it but helpless o change anything. Just smile when you look back on the good times. CM
  8. Oneshot: Consider yourself lucky, 39 years for me, all I ever got was a hard time. I do have a 16' Jon boat, haven't been in it in over 18 years.
  9. I have a couple of BB-1 speed spools, a 5500C and a 2500C from the 70's if there is an interest, maybe a couple more.
  10. Oneshot: Very sorry to here you are dealing with these issues, haven't noticed in any of your recent posts and sure hope you get on top of the issue. My wife had a stroke 7 years ago, only short term memory issues and we got Luminosity to help her and are pleased with the results. Take Care. CM
  11. I will take it if it includes shipping. I can do Paypal friends & family, mail a check, or whatever you choose. Thanks C. Moore
  12. What is the model name of this vest?? Thanks
  13. No matter the gauge of the gun, just get out there and hunt, your not getting any younger. Even the blind sow finds................... CM
  14. Your venture sure beats being in COMO with and ice issue, glad to see you were successful. CM
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