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  1. I recommend a pair of 2X6's on end with a 1/2" spacer and according to electrical code the junction box can't be concealed. Don't want the wall to settle on your new doors. CM
  2. If that is a load bearing wall, are you happy with the strength of the header??
  3. If the job pays by the tornado your in for a bleak X-Mas, Wal-Mart is looking for a few good men.
  4. cmoore03

    Fall Garden

    Just what would you plant in 90 degree weather? I hope you are on a water district of got a deep well.
  5. In the last few months everything has went to hell in a hand cart, sure not pleased as to how all of this will end but sure not excited s to the outcome.
  6. Sorry to hear, they can usually fix most anything, your issues must be unique.
  7. Are you needing surgery or looking at a joint replacement, Med. Center at MU or Columbia Orthopedics? Good Luck.
  8. Not sure, but I saw what happened at Gene's a few years ago, Scary.
  9. Even a guy with a bad shoulder can use a hoe, maybe you should try one.
  10. It is my humble opinion that you need an agent as a TV series based on your trials and tribulations would be a definite winner, putting the old Beverly Hill Billy's to shame. You would be rich in no time and I can't wait for the first episode, you could both write and direct, double dipping.
  11. You are correct but there was sure a lot more work to maintain.
  12. We have landed more fish with the Olive Mohair leech than any other fly on the White.
  13. Forgive me but I just don't understand, we have a Memorial Tournament, yet the big fish and largest stringer have to take a lie detector test?? How much did these places pay and what is the purpose of the test, is there that much cheating going on on the Lake?
  14. No two ways about it, you got the White figured out. Was this near the Wildcat ramp? Take Care and keep catching trout.
  15. With that 12' Jon Boat you will need a hand held urinal with your bladder issues. If you stand up you may very well get your pants soaked instead of just the crouch area as they are far from stable.
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