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  1. Even a guy with a bad shoulder can use a hoe, maybe you should try one.
  2. It is my humble opinion that you need an agent as a TV series based on your trials and tribulations would be a definite winner, putting the old Beverly Hill Billy's to shame. You would be rich in no time and I can't wait for the first episode, you could both write and direct, double dipping.
  3. You are correct but there was sure a lot more work to maintain.
  4. We have landed more fish with the Olive Mohair leech than any other fly on the White.
  5. Forgive me but I just don't understand, we have a Memorial Tournament, yet the big fish and largest stringer have to take a lie detector test?? How much did these places pay and what is the purpose of the test, is there that much cheating going on on the Lake?
  6. No two ways about it, you got the White figured out. Was this near the Wildcat ramp? Take Care and keep catching trout.
  7. With that 12' Jon Boat you will need a hand held urinal with your bladder issues. If you stand up you may very well get your pants soaked instead of just the crouch area as they are far from stable.
  8. I don't think you would be happy with the $ 25 Academy wading boots as the heels are a pain. One gets what he pays for; just my opinion. CM
  9. Sir: There are so many variables in your question I would not know where to start. The best bet is to find a carpenter who knows what he is doing (retired ) and have him guide you through the process. Depending on what is existing and what you want to replace them with, there are a lot of choices. The install will vary depending on whether the frames can be reused and how old the existing doors are. Good luck, I'm too far away to help any further. CM
  10. cmoore03

    Cast iron

    Real curious as to what the rock salt does, is there a chemical reaction and does it remove the seasoning that is present?
  11. cmoore03

    Cast iron

    Would you be kind enough to explain your process for stripping the cast iron? Thanks CMoore
  12. Absolutely no offense taken, just disagreed about tearing down old houses. It took 3 years for the slaves to make the bricks (all walls 3 brick thick) and who knows about the cut stone foundation. There were no motar mixers, cement wasn't invented, merely hand tools, as electricty didn't arrive till the house was 100 years old. The skill and expertise of the carpenters and stone masons is amazing from 182 years ago, doors still swinging on original hinges and walls and chimneys not cracked. The gentleman that built this house arrived from Virginia in a wagon with 12 siblings and his parents. The family got a land grant in 1820 from James Monroe, which I possess, and the land is now Rock Bridge State park, here in Columbia, MO. His first home is a one room cabin, still standing in the park, before he built this home a mile or two away. Hard to imagine no stores, restaurants, lumber yards,paved roads,yet building a brick home in the country and getting materials. A pound of square nails was $ .25, same price as a quart of whiskey and they kept 2 guys busy all summer cutting wood to stay warm in the winter. He was successful enough mule breeding and farming that he was able to donate a good sum to get the University of MO located here in Columbia. Like anything else, just depends what your into, old cars, old houses, bamboo rods, young women, don't matter, I happen to appreciate talent in any and all areas. You Take Care. C. Moore
  13. So now, after 40 years restoring, I should just tear my 1830's house down cause it's OLD. What do I do with the 40 pieces of period furniture, set them on the street and head to Furniture Factory Outlet. My clock arrived at the Jewelry Store in Tipton, MO at the turn of the century by train, still keeps perfect time; throw it out and get a Timex, cause it's old. Should I call the art museum in Forrest Park and tell them to throw out all the George Caleb Bingham painting's as they are the same age as my home. I appreciate the hand craftsmanship in the doors and mill work in my home as well as the work of famous artists from Missouri and as a craftsman yourself, I'm surprised you don't. The same family lived here from 1835 until 1976 and a lot of breeding as they had 13 children. Sorry to disagree on this one but your dead wrong. CM
  14. Dignitaries, large Public Gatherings, a Command Center and considerable amount of money, in Lebanon, MO ???? I am confused to say the least.
  15. It is absolutely amazing how a man complaining about his plight in a post turned into religion, bad mouthing mechanics, fishing in heaven, to jet boats. Sure seems to be a few bored gentlemen needing to express themselves over the Thanksgiving weekend.
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