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  1. cmoore03

    Follysfirst Film premiere in KC

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.
  2. cmoore03

    If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It probably Is

    Hell Oneshot, I had no idea the CIA was hiring in your neck of the woods. The chance of moving to the "Marble Orchard" or a stint behind bars is not worth a few extra dollars.
  3. cmoore03

    Well Don't Know What I'm Going To Do

    Sorry to inform but you have definitely entered the age of slow walking and soft music. I got there a couple years ago, don't like it but helpless o change anything. Just smile when you look back on the good times. CM
  4. cmoore03

    Been Married 35 Years

    Oneshot: Consider yourself lucky, 39 years for me, all I ever got was a hard time. I do have a 16' Jon boat, haven't been in it in over 18 years.
  5. cmoore03

    Lews or Abu Garcia

    I have a couple of BB-1 speed spools, a 5500C and a 2500C from the 70's if there is an interest, maybe a couple more.
  6. Oneshot: Very sorry to here you are dealing with these issues, haven't noticed in any of your recent posts and sure hope you get on top of the issue. My wife had a stroke 7 years ago, only short term memory issues and we got Luminosity to help her and are pleased with the results. Take Care. CM
  7. cmoore03

    Fishpond Vest--SOLD

    I will take it if it includes shipping. I can do Paypal friends & family, mail a check, or whatever you choose. Thanks C. Moore
  8. cmoore03

    Fishpond Vest--SOLD

    What is the model name of this vest?? Thanks
  9. cmoore03

    Got It I Might As Well Use It

    No matter the gauge of the gun, just get out there and hunt, your not getting any younger. Even the blind sow finds................... CM
  10. Your venture sure beats being in COMO with and ice issue, glad to see you were successful. CM
  11. I could use a pair, and will pay for shipping. CM
  12. cmoore03

    Found Net on Taney

    If you lost a dip net on Taney this weekend please describe and let me know. cfmoore03@gmail.com Just Hoping t o find the owner.
  13. cmoore03


    ONESHOT: Is the river still low and clear?
  14. cmoore03

    Anybody make any money today?

    I picked up $ 450 at the Casino today, cards running over me, did spend $ 4 on gas and $ 3.50 for a sandwich at Snoddy's Store; can't weld but know when to double down.
  15. Old Plug: I have a package of Polar Bear Fur that you are welcome to. I bought it 45 years ago when hook & hackle first started their mail order business. It is still in the plastic sleve with the price written on the outside. Let me know. Chuck Moore

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