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  1. Beautiful lake thought....I'm thinking of going out again soon thanks for the report usually twain reports are rare on o.a
  2. I'd like to think I'm gonna have a great trip I might even set some trot lines and have a fish fry
  3. Ill post a report It seems like one is over due for twain
  4. Got a hockey tournament this weekend but I'll be fishing solo June 4-5 on the North part around Indian creek ....anyone else gonna be fishing there that weekend
  5. I saw some guys cleaning some nice smallies at kings cove resort made me sad poor fish.....that's what the crappie are for .....its a shame .....smallie lives matter
  6. Plenty of firewood for them shore lunches no one ever has anymore
  7. How's the water levels are they biting .....anyone fishing up there latley...who's been their lately let's hear your info
  8. I was thinking the same things hard to stretch steel I'll probably call him out on it next time I see him
  9. Yeah I sell auto warranty's for a living all I do is preach parts and labor for cars....wish my boat still had a warranty.....
  10. Well 900$ later got the boat back and it still needs to go back......cid boat repair isn't the most professional looking place but the guys are polite and do good work.....problem is now I gotta go back and get the throttle replaced after I got my boat back I could barely find a was like the throttle cables were made out of mashed potatoes..... He said the cables were "stretched" I never heard that before.... Any thoughts
  11. I'm in aunts Creek thinking the same thing iv noticed its went up here like almost 2 feet since Friday morning
  12. Got skunked in aunts Creek today sad times
  13. Yup still playing twice a week..... Things sure have got a lot better for me lately after getting into sales my life has changed no longer pay check to paycheck and now I can afford to hunt and fish with no worries...... Haven't hunted yet but I'm gonna be out Saturday morning and I'm pumped. haven't took a week day off since thanksgiving..... Gonna be nice to have 9 days to fish the spawn and hunt
  14. guess you gotta sit in the penalty box for a while till you can get a second one
  15. very nice im stuck at work till Friday...cant wait till sat morning then I got 9 days to hunt till I gotta go back to marty u and your wife sure know how to get it done