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  1. As you look out from the ramp in the picture, to your left is the deep water channel. To your 1 oclock to 3 oclock is a large bumpy flat that extends all the way to the same river channel along the far bluff. Fish are somewhere on the flat at all times. They relate to the underwater humps. At times they will school and chop shad over that flat.

    From the ramp at 12 oclock is the ledge from the flat to the channel. Before the lake was impounded someone built a rock wall or maybe a road bed down that edge. You can see it on side image sonar. That hump on the edge is productive when the fish have gone deep for the summer.

    From the ramp at about 1:30, on the far side, you can see the mouth of a small cove. In the spring, the bass use it to spawn. Later in the spring, early morning, fish the timber at the back with top water or buzz bait.

    To your 9 oclock, on the other side you will see a point. That point extends quite a ways out and about 200 feet from the point a hump rises to only a few feet deep. When the lake is down, it is a navigation hazard. Fish the hump and the edges for bass and walleye.

    From the ramp to your 11 oclock lies another cove, Raridan Branch. Go past the first boat house on the left and fish a jig or a ned between the boathouses for three or four houses.

    When you go upriver from the point on your left, the channel u turns to the left. From there, fish the northern turning to western side up past the boat house. I have caught good fish in every location described.

    BTW, a gentleman launches his older brown Ranger from that same ramp very often. He is an Ozark Anglers member, knows that part of the lake really well, and is friendly. Say hello. If I remember correctly, his name is Jack.

    Good Luck.

    1. MObassin95


      Gosh, I don't know how to thank you!

  2. I have definitely considered the roaring river arm.
  3. Hey all, I've been scouring this board and the internet (instead of working on schoolwork), looking for places to put the canoe on Table Rock Lake. My fishing "goal," this year is to fish larger water. With that being said, I've got Eagle Rock and Big M areas in mind. Both areas seem to hold skinnier water, which will be easier from a canoe. Just curious if anyone fishes there much and would either confirm or deny my suspicion that those would be good places to try. I do have a little anchor and portable fish finder, so that's a plus. I'm not necessarily concerned with the fishing because I'm sure it's good in those areas; as is everywhere on Table Rock. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey all, Went fishing on the lower Taneycomo for the first time. It was more of an exploration trip: seeing water temperature, depth, etc. But, I did get some fishing in. Launched the canoe at Rockaway Beach and went up towards Bull Creek. Caught five bass. Three were dinks, one was about fifteen inches and the fifth was a very solid fish. Caught her around the mouth of Bull Creek in about ten fow. The rest were shallow. My thoughts on the lake: 1. It seems to be an awesome fishery. There's a lot of different water to fish.. from fishing in the weeds to pitching docks. 2. The bass are mainly going to be in the warmer water- 60+ degrees. 3. I'd venture to say tributaries and creeks are going to produce better year around because of the water temperature, but I could be wrong. 4. A zoom fluke over the weeds on the main lake can probably produce some awesome fishing. 5. Under utilized for bass; which is great. 6. Fish definitely act different than on a "regular" lake; probably will take some time to learn. Those are just my thoughts so don't be afraid to correct me if needed. I'll definitely fish it again!
  5. I haven't yet fished Lake Springfield this year. Just curious if anyone has had the opportunity to fish it.
  6. Yeah that's what I gathered. Gotta think a few of them hold some nice fish though.
  7. Hello all! So I know the Mark Twain National Forest is mainly known for its rivers, but I'm wondering if there are any hidden gem lakes located in there. I've looked on the USDA site but little detail is given about the lakes. I live in Springfield and would be more than willing to drive an hour and a half or so. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. Hmm interesting! Not sure if I’d consider this dead winter..but if I see any docks I’ll definitely pitch a spinner bait
  9. Hey all, my roommate and I were thinking of hitting Taneycomo on Sunday; putting in at Rockaway and fishing up towards Bull Creek. Just wondering if anyone has any reports from the last week or so. Thanks!
  10. Hello all, I just got back from a deployment, so naturally I haven't been able to fish in a loong time. I'm going out to Springfield Lake today or tomorrow. Any reports? Anyone been out lately? Appreciate any input.
  11. Yeah my last trip produced nothing for me too. That lake gets a lot of pressure. So sometimes it's good to try something new. Maybe throw a nedrig around. Don't get discouraged though. It took me a good while to finally be able to catch fish consistently.
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