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  1. Unfortunately i won't be able to make the rescheduled date. You all have fun and ill see you down there next year.
  2. I also went out with a friend for "training" in his jet boat before i purchased mine which was very beneficial. I learned a lot from him that would have taken me a lot longer on my own.
  3. I bought my first jet, well actually first boat which happens to be a jet a year and a half ago. I bought a blazer 1852 with a mercury 60/40. I usually only have one other person with me on boat so that is more than enough motor to get around. If you will have several people it is doable but would be better with more power. As far as safety is concerned it takes time learning the river and how to read it. Gravel and logs do not scare me. Its the big boulders that can put you to a stop at 30 mph while tearing your boat open like a beer can that concern me the most. Some are obvious but in a section of the Meramec i frequently boat there is one half the size of a car right in the middle of the channel. If the water is up half a foot to a foot above normal levels it is completely submerged with no riffles above it. If one were to go over it in those conditions then they would definitely hit it and serious damage would occur. If i am going to a new section of river i prefer to do it when the water is down. It would be easier with high water but the high water can hide a lot of things and obstacles that you can see when water is down and clear.
  4. I don't trust them either but i am content with my decision to stay home. I've gotten away with enough in life already and don't take the same risks i used to. I was happy doing what i was doing at home compared to sitting in a ditch with truck and boat waiting on help while regretting making the trip. Granted it didn't snow like it was supposed to but i think you catch my drift. Personally i would make the same call again with what the forecast called for on wednesday.
  5. Congrats, guys! Wish i wouldn't have made other plans when AR got cancelled but I'm glad you all are having a great time!
  6. So... anyone see the latest forecast? No snow. Go figure!!!!
  7. So as of today my friend, myself and my boat will officially not be making it down. Very hard decision to make as i really looked forward to meeting all of you and also fishing the White river. I hope you all have a great time and catch a lot. I was originally going to cover chips, water and soda. I can paypal funds to cover that if needed and also towards lodging if more people arrive and you need 2 cabins.
  8. Yeah this is one of those deals i feel I'll be left with regret either way! I'll keep looking at forecast and make a final decision on wednesday. If the one cabin is full and i missed out since i was waiting on forecast i am OK with that. I just can't fully commit at this time with the forecast.
  9. I just talked with my friend and If the forecast doesn't change him and i are unfortunately not going to make it.
  10. Gotchya. That makes sense about the thawing out. I think my biggest concern as of now is pulling the boat in the snow. I have a pretty big hike to get there abd get back home and have no idea what kind of country roads we'll be on. If they are plowed that's not a big deal but if they aren't then that is what concerns me.
  11. What's the forecast looking like? 3 to 5 inches of snow saturday? My truck is down but my friend was going to pull the boat wth his. I'm pretty sure he still wants to go. At the same time if boat is frozen and can't circulate water, etc. it won't do much good. Even if we cancel i will still pay our part of the lodges. Would hate to see others get screwed out of that deal. Might want to think about getting payments from people earlier next year. Not saying anyone is dishonest; just thinking about the people who still go regardless of weather
  12. there is a small chance we will get down earlier but it is a small chance as of right now
  13. If someone can pm me their number that will be there Thursday that would be great. I would rather not wake anyone up looking for rooms for my friend and myself. Or maybe if the door is closed that means room is off limits?
  14. My friend and i will be leaving st. Louis Thursday after work around 5 so we'll be getting down pretty late. Any issues with getting in lodge at that time?
  15. We'll bring the following: 2 cases of water 2 liters of soda and diet soda Several different bags of chips Homemade brownies and cookies I'm sure we'll bring some other stuff too in order to contribute to friday abd saturday meals.
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