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  1. Things have gotten tougher on afternoon bite, higher temp and sun seems to make fish pull out of bushes farther and be more to center of pockets, good electronics come more into play now, hard to determine if they’re on shad or crawfish bite, think it’s more of what you get in front of bass that will bite, time to start setting alarm clock and hit lake early, but with the rain that came in, it will add some color and maybe lower the water temp and maybe keep the fish in bushes after early morning when their easier to catch
  2. Lake continues to rise, not getting out early now, so no topwater fish found, even tho cloudy with few drops rain, fish still not biting till around noon, but seem to be moving out to more summertime areas, summertime baits, but seems like better quality may be starting to bite, shad doesn’t equal fish now, but still no shad, no fish
  3. Lake continues to rise, I can’t find morning bite, but noon to 4 pm continues to work, not sure if it’s moon phase or just fish that don’t like to rise early after the work of spawning, wind and shad continues to be the deal, find both and the bass are there, sun doesn’t seem to bother them, may push them little tighter to bushes.
  4. Water is high fishing is tough in mornings but picks up as day goes on with noon thru 4:00 seeming to be best, water temp is in 65-68 early and warms up to low to mid 70s if any sun, water is clearing but still some floaters so be careful. Several bass caught today if you could find wind and minnows on same spots, if one missing it was lost cause
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