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  1. Trolling

    Thanks all! Hopefully by the end of March, temps are cooperative
  2. Trolling

    Aw c’mon. This was a serious question. The trolling bite was excellent last year, but I don’t know when it starts. I’ve got some relatives coming to town at the end of March and it would be a lot easier to just troll (given their age) thanks
  3. Trolling

    When does the trolling bite start to pick up?
  4. Walleye

    I braved the wind on Sunday. Drug some worms and minnows. No dice. It eventually got to rocking and rolling pretty good and I quit around 2:30. Didn’t see another boat ALL DAY. Water temp 39-40 My Lund is pretty sturdy, but being by myself, I didn’t want to push it. Really glad I have a full windshield!
  5. Trolling rod holders

    Made my own that fit my Lund’s gunwale track system. Tracker boats have the same groove in the gunwale. Just need 3” bolts, wing nuts, washers and any rod holder kit. I used a piece of pressure treated decking to mount the holder to. I’ll add picks later. $18 in materials. Saved a ton of money and they work great!
  6. What is this?

    Momo manure
  7. Ice?

    Got fricking food poisoning last Saturday. It was so bad I couldn’t go fishing! Still haven’t fished this year. On the plus side, vomiting really works your core. I’m sore as heck Going this weekend for certain
  8. Ice?

    I’m going for it. Heading to the dam.
  9. Ice?

    Lots of views, but no replies! I drove over Truman on 13 yesterday. Almost completely froze over. I think the main lake ramps will be open, but not the creek arms. Fingers crossed.
  10. Ice?

    I haven’t fished all year! Last January was my best a-rig month. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if Highpoint ramp is open? Hoping to go Saturday. Thanks
  11. St. Croix Mojo

    I've never seen prices this low for St. Croix Mojo Bass rods before and I'm a big fan of the rod, but Academy has them for $80...which is $40-50 below where you normally see them. Free shipping even though it's a one-piece rod too. Go to the clearance section. Whopper Plopper 130's for $12 too (only certain colors). Just passing it along...
  12. Going to aunts Creek in the morning

    Check online.
  13. Going to aunts Creek in the morning

    Academy Sports has the green ones on sale for $6.99. Seem like you never see them on sale.
  14. Trolling 8/13

    I also trolled yesterday. Got 15 keeper crappie and a ton of junk fish. Lots of action to keep to little boys occupied. With it being overcast, gold seemed to be the hot color.
  15. Keepers still missing

    The trolling crappie/walleye bite has been too good lately. Anyone trying a Carolina rig? If you don't like drop shot, that's usually the way to go this time of year. Of course, usually it's 100 degrees and dry as a bone.

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