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  1. Depending on the time of year, the minnows can run small. Has anyone every tried two minnows on the same hook?
  2. Just wondering if anyone has started throwing jerk-baits yet? Any luck? It should be getting close to 'that time.'
  3. audiochem


    When will Musky be reintroduced??? During the summer, the bait fish are overwhelming. Trolling for walleye results in too many trash fish compared to many northern lakes where pike and musky are prevalent. There's a misguided fear that musky (or northern) somehow deplete a lake of gamefish. This is been proven wrong time and time again. Actually, they help maintain a better balance. If Pomme can handle them, I'm pretty sure Stockton can too. Just my $0.02
  4. Roadrunners? And are you bouncing the bottom with the jig or staying above bottom? Finally, how many jigs did you lose??? 😊
  5. Yeah, but are they biting???
  6. With my 150 Merc and two 32" drift socks, I hit 2 mph on the nose every time. I got approval from the 'minister of finance' to get a kicker motor, but I don't want to stop fishing just yet to have it installed. I'll wait for the dog-days of August. I also use a tri-swivel and weight if I want to go deeper. A lure dog works well for me to get everything back. It's definitely paid for itself many times over. Anything deeper than 20' and I'm using bottom bouncers and trolling with electric at about 0.9-1.0 mph
  7. Just wondering when you die hards start fishing for musky. Also, what speed are you trolling? Thanks
  8. What's the limit on mean mouth???
  9. Sometimes Amazon has them for $3 each depending on color/size. I get them through my buddy who has Berkley as a sponsor for $1.99. 😁
  10. Since this thread was stolen to talk about surf fishing... I own a place on the panhandle. If you freeze sand fleas while they are still alive, they fish just as good as live ones. If they die first, forget it. Or, you can skip the sand fleas and just use FishBites in sand flea flavor...way better. I'll be going down in a month for peak pompano fishing. Also, fish the Choctawhatchee for sea trout. Great table fare. Use live shrimp hooked through the tail with a thin wire 2/0 circle hook under a popping cork. Almost like crappie fishing. Tight lines...
  11. I've used a couple different types. MYWEDGE is the way to go. Super simple and effective. I also bought MYWEDGE centering clips to keep the motor from turning side-to-side.
  12. Apparently, very accessible from either side although the south side looks better with waders. Most were on the north side.
  13. Yes. It was very busy from shore, but only a couple boats. The bites were few and far between, but they were quality bites.
  14. Great day on the water today. A 5Lb largemouth. Biggest walleye was 21”. Plus 4 bonus brown trout.
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