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  1. Hey wrench,  when can i call you?

  2. That where i plan to go next.
  3. I need someone to install Ultrex on my ranger. Don't have one yet. Looking for a deal.
  4. Great report nice pics too
  5. What is the water color after this rain?
  6. Fat Cat


    how deep are they and what type of bank. Im coming down thursday
  7. Fat Cat


    Nice Job! Save some for the rest of us
  8. Fat Cat


    I fished a Chompers trailer on my Jig at Pomme a couple weeks ago. They wouid not let it go.
  9. Looking to place to stay on May 25 and 26. Got a bass tour on 27. (memorial weekend, i know) Any help?
  10. Wrench you busy this week?
  11. On LOZ NO culling after June 1
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