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  1. So ive been catching some nice looking channel cats at creighton access lately, but there is an MDC advisory against eating catfish and carp from springfield lake. Is Creighton far enough upstream to be eating fish? Whats your opinions on this?
  2. Update: I put in at the mud flats east of Aldritch, at the waterfowl hunting area tonight. Beautiful night, full moon, The whole area there is less than two feet deep, and the carp were everywhere, often ramming the boat when startled. The only problem is that the water is so muddy, I cant see them even six inches under the surface. I could only shoot at the ones that were rolling on the surface, or in very shallow water. I got a few, this one spilled my beer: Now my kayak is soaked in blood, beer, and carp slime. So can you think of any other spots that are thick with carp but not as muddy as Aldritch?
  3. Where have you guys been seeing large groups of carp? My bowfishing rig is paddle-powered, so they have to be easy to get to. I was thinking the mud flat just east of Aldrich would be good.
  4. Ritter springs is fishable? I thought all of the springfield parks were off limits. The pond at sequiota park has tons of little bass and bluegill in it, but theres no fishing signs everywhere.
  5. I have been taking my sons fishing at fellows and springfield lake, and we have been getting skunked every trip for about a year now, and I would like to see them actually catch something for a change. Are there any ponds in the springfield area for some kid - friendly bluegill action? I live out in strafford, but pretty much all of the farm ponds around here are marked for no trespassing. thanks in advance
  6. This one put up a nice fight, i was sheltering under the bridge at the southwood access waiting for the big thunderstorm to pass. Plenty of bass and goggle eye around, didnt try for any crappie yet.
  7. I know bowfishing isnt technically allowed on lake springfield, but i would like to bowfish from my kayak in the james river , putting in and paddling upstream from the southwood access. Will anyone hassle me for this? There is some major carp and gar action there , and its so close to home.
  8. Oh I figured that nobody was going to spill the beans on their best secret setups, i was just looking for some general guidelines to get me started. Trying to avoid spending hundreds on tackle that doesnt work, the kayak was spendy enough. Its so stable that I plan to do a little bowfishing out of it as well during the carp and gar spawn. Choosing the right arrow has always been easier than picking the right lure for me.
  9. About to purchase a nice kayak, and I have no idea what type and color of lures Ill need for river fishing. Bluegill, goggle eye, bass, crappie. What type and color of lures work out there? Thanks in advance
  10. HI, Seen any carp or gar in any of the waters around springfield lately? Fellows, mcdaniel, james or sac rivers? Im bowfishing from the bank, or wading, no boat. If you know of some heavily infested spots, Id love to find them
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