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  1. JWT

    Night fishing?

    Thank you all for the replies! I have also had success in the spring and I think it just starts up all of a sudden. I'm thinking these upcoming warm dry days will really jump start things. Now we just need to get this system out of here.
  2. JWT

    Night fishing?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anybody would chime in about whether or not a guy could catch bass at night right now. Water's in the 50's according to the reports, and the bite seems to be shallow. Would a big black spinnerbait or even a crankbait pay off? Dying to get out there in the dark. Thanks for any feedback!
  3. JWT

    Kings River 3-8

    Great upgrade ideas! You got it, although I have a hard enough time getting out for long enough. If I was warm, drinking, and watching tv, I could get into serious trouble with the Mrs. ? I would say on TR, but where do you find crappie?!?! I maintain that the best crappie fishing is under the big commercial docks, in someone else's hanging brush.... Shhh!
  4. JWT

    Kings River 3-8

    I always thought it would be cool to equip a pontoon for crappie fishing when it's cold out.. Enclosed and heated. Open in the bottom for parking over structure. I'm sure it's been done here, but have never seen it. Some folks would surely pay to do that..
  5. JWT

    The Good Times

    I have a little fish traumatizer at home as well.
  6. JWT

    The Good Times

    Thanks for that uplifting report! Awesome....
  7. JWT

    Cow Creek Sunday

    Awesome job! Went Sat for a couple hours at the mouth of Long creek. Only caught one short on a wiggle wart. Sounds like it's getting better though.
  8. Shad balls in the coves you say? strange... Any shad attached to them?? Sorry, couldn't resist..
  9. JWT

    Big M area, 11/4.

    Thanks for the report, sir. Good keeper ratio.
  10. JWT

    LM in Dam area 10-31-15

    Thanks for the report m&m. I think you've convinced me to get a plopper.
  11. JWT

    Table Rock Oct. 30

    That sounds like a good day to me... I wonder how much longer the plopper is going to be hot. Just waiting for the ''crappie plopper'' to turn up. I think they should probably call it something else though
  12. JWT

    big m 10-29-15

    Glad to contribute! I hope you tear 'em up on the jerkbait! As for me, I'm afraid I won't put the spoon down for a while. I had a good fall season last year on it as well. It's kinda turned me into a one trick pony.
  13. JWT

    Hello from Ridgedale!

    Thanks Mike! I've been reading yours already! Its nice to be in the company of so many knowledgable fishermen. I hope you have a great fall season. John
  14. JWT

    big m 10-29-15

    I was back out on my hot boat slip Tues afternoon.. Had only about a half hour to fish. They were there again. Had 2 nice Ks, a big white, and a bonus crappie on the spoon. Also a couple dinks. Had another nice fat K up to the boat and when I tried to boat swing him, the spoon came out and hit the roof of the dock. Sounded like a rifle! I saw tons of shad there in the cove, and noticed that there were some dying ones in there. Don't know if it was excessive, but probably a dozen or so in one of the big shad balls. Is this normal for this time of year? I will try to post some pics when I can figure it out.. I'm kinda low tech... Don't want anyone to think I'm full of it, lol! Good luck guys!
  15. JWT

    Night Fishing - 10/31

    I second this. Have fished around the dam many, many hours on lunch breaks. On the west side of the auxiliary spillway, there's a concrete platform. It's treacherous getting down the rocks, but have caught some good fish there.

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