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  1. Foghorn

    San Juan River

    Wife and I stayed at Abes's several years ago and the folks at the fly shop there were very helpful. Scuds,midge, egg patterns that work in the midwest work well on the San Juan also. Drove to Farmington for some supplies and laundry and toured the Aztec Ruins there. Peaked our interest enough that we took one morning off from fishing and went to the Salmon Ruins . Later on our way North to Yellowstone,we stopped at Mesa Verde. Made for a nice trip.
  2. Foghorn

    Lyric's heard wrong

    5 year old grandson's version is Dirty deeds thunder cheeks.
  3. Foghorn

    Not fishing Scotland

    Nice read and photos Al, Mrs. Allers would be extremely proud !
  4. Foghorn

    Grandpa Lowell Smith

    Over the weekend,one of the finest men I've ever known passed away. People from the Farmington area will remember Lowell Smith or as "Smithy the Barber" in many ways. He married his high school sweetheart,June Vaughn in 1950 and would soon have been married 68 years. He was a charter member of the Delassus Baptist church and held many positions in the church over the years. I was fortunate to be his son in law for 7 years and his friend for 47 years. He sincerely cared about people- was known to give you a hug and tell you how much he loved in a time when many people shy away from any kind of affection. He lost a son, a grandson and raised some nieces after their parents weren't able. I'm a better person for knowing Lowell and June Smith. June will be 87 in June and says she's up for another trip to Rockbridge. I know we will gladly take her. Remember the Smith family in your prayers please.
  5. Foghorn

    Right Place, Right Time...

  6. Foghorn

    A walk in the woods today

    Wife, Susie, has been asking every day if I think the mushrooms are up. I recently tore the labrum in my right hip and am waiting for treatment. Walking in the woods isn't suggested so I ride along and sit in the car. First day out,nothing,but today she found 5 nice morels on her own. Happy to see her finding some and wishing I could walk a little better.
  7. Foghorn

    How I create a catalog cover illustration

    You should see some of his paper mache and the scratchboard work he does. He might be the reason for all those C- grades I got in art class. That, plus I have no talent in that field of work. Awesome job as usual Al.
  8. Have enjoyed reading those stories and I've read some of them previously. Slow day for news in Desloge.
  9. Foghorn

    White river 3/19

    You are correct sir! The Mrs. has a ton of stuff and uses it very well. Just can't get her to go as much when the temps are below 40 degrees.
  10. Foghorn

    White river 3/19

    Looks like you'll be buying more fly fishing gear for the ladies now!
  11. Foghorn


    Fished opening day with a group of friends and had a lot of fun. From talking to other fishermen, Roaring had the best water as far as clarity and flow. We caught some nice stockers and the group caught several recently stocked lunkers along with several brown trout over #3. If you fish the trout parks you know what I mean about recently stocked lunkers. The kind of fish that will hit pretty much anything thrown at them. Not necessarily a challenge but fun on light tackle.
  12. Hey Dutch, most of the jigs I cast are on size 6-10 hooks so not sure how well I could hold them with a set of forceps. Some paints don't set up in the eye of the hook and some do every time. Not sure if some of the powder might be older or what. Thanks for the idea-will give a shot on the bigger hooks next time. If you can call a size 6 bigger.
  13. Bought a Lee production pot in the late 70's and am now on my 3rd model.Originally used a 2 part epoxy mix that was time consuming and was all painting the jigs by hand. Have used the powder paint for as long as it has been on the market. I now only cast 2-300 jig heads a year,so I use a candle and a pair of hemostats to heat the lead head .Normally I only dip them into the powder one time and then stick them on a piece of flat styrofoam . I do get paint in the eyes and use a old hook or straight pin to clean it out before I heat them up. The smaller jigs 1/64-1/100 don't take much heat . Too long under the candle flame and the lead melts off.
  14. Foghorn

    Rod Building Hobby

    Bought a couple Winston "WT" blanks several years ago at a really good price. Buddy building the rod and I were spining the rod and struggling using the methods mentioned above. He finally called the boys at Winston and they said just line the blank up as straight as you can and mark them.
  15. Foghorn

    Sad News

    Prayers for Fishrman and his family-we've been in his shoes.

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