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  1. Foghorn

    MDC Rant

    Rancher in one of the local counties back in the 60's got in trouble for allowing people to hunt deer on his land regardless of the time of year it was. Local MDC went to his land to confront him along with a local newspaper writer. Was quite a story as the rancher,"Cowboy" stated those deer on his property were his and he could charge whatever he wanted for hunters to kill them. A fight soon broke out between the rancher and the game warden with the reporter witnessing the whole affair. The rancher won the first round, but lost the next two as the next visit to his ranch included 2 highway patrolman. Ended up paying a pretty good fine and I think a little jail time.
  2. Foghorn

    Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

    Thought the ride down there with old Uncle Nip was the reason you quit going.
  3. Foghorn

    The perfect fishing show

    Used to watch Rayo and Jerry McKinnis when I went to college at Jonesboro years ago. Enjoyed their programs.
  4. Foghorn

    Highlights from Montana

    Awesome photos!
  5. Foghorn

    Big One Got Away

    Had a guy at Bennett watching me as i fought a double digit rainbow . I lost the fish and he politely stated" you don't seem to upset after losing that fish". He was evidently bothered more about losing the fish as I was. I told him"when you lose as many big one' s as I have, you can't let it get to you".
  6. Foghorn

    Big One Got Away

    I'd say you are still ahead of me,but do enjoy the times we get to fish together-especially if Sandy and Susie are a long.
  7. Foghorn

    Rising water,

    Drove to the park Friday for the winter C & R opener at Maramec Springs. Had called the James Foundation to see the water conditions and check on stocking numbers. The nice lady said the water was good but they hadn't stocked any trout for the winter season. Thought that was strange but figured I would go take a look. Arrived a little later than I wanted as a light snow had fallen and traffic was moving slow. Water was in great shape but didn't actually find a lot of fish. Started in the upper end below the cable along with another 5 fishermen. Caught a nice 3.5# bow within the first couple minutes but didn't see 10 fish caught in the first half hour. Ventured downstream and caught fish sporadically with a couple more fish in the 16-17" range. Ended up catching maybe 15 fish in three hours-not what I'd call a great day but did get out of the house. Overcast all day and a slight breeze did cut down visibility somewhat. Did see several nice smallmouth in the spring branch.
  8. Foghorn

    The Praying Mantis

    The Mrs. picks up preying mantis' and walking sticks whenever she finds them. Our daughters don't see the need or humor in it.
  9. Foghorn

    Gila Trout

    Nice video- hope down the road its a success story.
  10. Foghorn

    Our Buddy Charlie Reading

    Got a thumbs up from the Mrs. on the video- thanks for sharing.👍
  11. Foghorn

    Baby trout?

    Fished Roaring a week ago and lots of small 3-4" rainbows and not a lot of anything else. Mrs. T wasn't happy with the lack of decent fish and we headed back to Bennett Springs. Not sure what was going on-not as many fish in rearing pools. Figure it has to do with the construction plans on the hatchery this fall.
  12. Foghorn

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    "That big old brown" instead of hat!
  13. Foghorn

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    Hey Rick, are you going after hat big old brown with that fancy $7 yard sale rod?
  14. Pretty much all of the boys I worked with on the railroad had a nickname-some good, some not so good and some very appropriate. Evidently I resemble an old barnyard cartoon buffoon with my mannerisms and line of bs.
  15. Foghorn

    Alaska Trip Videos and Images 2018

    Enjoyed the video's- wasn't sure if the guy on the first one was ever going to get that fish in . The net work and boat action on the second was funny too!

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