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  1. What I know about Montana trout fishing

    Nice read and excellent info Al!
  2. New Angler Arrived Today

    Awesome,hope Mom and baby are doing great. We got #7 this fall too!
  3. Possible Strike 3.

  4. Gotta Love Skulls

    Found an old steer skull with horns intact years ago while taking an empty train out to the Pea Ridge iron ore mine to load. Found some rope and made a hood ornament for the front of one of the lead motors. Thing made the trip back and forth for several trips to Jefferson Texas before it was removed. Kind of had the big "Caddy" look.
  5. What's Cooking?

    Ness, had the exact thing happen in California last summer. Staying at a motel waiting to get ready for my niece's wedding and spoke with a couple at the pool. They had a foreign dialect with their English and I'm sure my "Ozarks" English threw them off. They were from Switzerland, where my paternal great grandparents came from and the lady had lived in the same town. When I pronounced my last name, she said "No, it's pronounced this way". 64 years old and pronounced it wrong all these years.
  6. Possible Strike 3.

    Prayers from our family for you JD. We had another scare with my wife Susie this summer and she is also a two time cancer survivor.
  7. Finally Time! Placeholder for Weekend TR

    Line class record on 2# test?
  8. Took my Dad on his last trip in May of 2000. He caught a bunch of big bluegill and his 3rd bout with cancer was about to get the best of him. We fished maybe an hour and a half and decided that was good enough for his last trip. The next morning, a Sunday, Mom called and said"your Dad wants to go one more time if it's alright." Of course it was and Mom who rarely misses Church along with my wife and older brother all went along too! Your story Marty hit home and brought back some good memories.
  9. Fishing Must be Good!!

    Don't think you could actually sneak anything by Miss Sandy!
  10. Michigan salmon fishing

    Gavin is correct especially in Wisconsin. Folks there keep a lot of fish regardless of how or where thy are hooked. Lots of broken rods etc. especially in Racine. Haven't seen the behavior as bad in Michigan but again you aren't shoulder to shoulder.
  11. Michigan salmon fishing

    OTF, my info came from Baldwin Bait and Tackle's website as far as the salmon run report. They have a nice shop in Baldwin and good selection of gear be it fly,spinning or bait. Water was super in 2013 in Michigan and later in Wisconsin and we had a great trip with wife's first king on the PM in the 30# range. Last couple years the runs have been down-rumored the fish stocked over the years to eat the alewives did too good a job. Let us know if you go how it turns out please.
  12. Michigan salmon fishing

    Some early reports on the PM are saying some 30# kings being caught and good numbers in the Lake. We've gone probably 10 trips over the last 15-20 years and have used fly rods from 7-10 weight . Used a TFO BVK in an 8 weight in a 4 piece model that weighs 3.2 ounces. Have handled kings pushing 30#'s and not worn out from a day of casting and fighting fish on a heavier rod. Not as expensive as a lot of the higher end rods and scored really well on "Yellowstone Anglers" 8 weight shootout a couple of years ago. Only downside is it doesn't come with a rod case.
  13. Enjoying the photos and the story detailing your trip.
  14. Prayers for Richard

    Prayers for Richard and his family .
  15. The Passing of a local Legend

    Enjoyed seeing Darrell and the Taney gang at Roaring in the winter C&R season and while at Taneycomo. Sorry to hear of his passing.

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