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  1. Prayers for your daughter and all those who are putting their lives on the line in this time of need. Youngest daughter and her husband are both RN's but daughter hasn't worked in several years with 4 children. Son in law works from home in some health related field.
  2. Foghorn

    What's Cooking?

    Pretty fancy arrangement of those pineapple slices, Marty!
  3. Went to Arkansas State University to play baseball in the early 70's. Got to watching tv what Saturday and "The Fishin Hole" with Jerry McKinnis came on. He started off by saying he was going to fish back around his old stomping grounds in Southeast Missouri. The next thing you know he's on the Castor River. Was a good show and really gave me that intervention this thread is about. Father in law at the time had a lot on the Castor East of Cherokee Pass that we often fished and swam in.
  4. Red Fox Squirrel Nymph from the Dave Whitlock collection.
  5. We pretty much are C&R regardless of which body of water we fish. Thinking maybe the writer put this info under the wrong trout park. Guess this year will be the 40th season for me at BSSP. It was the last of the 4 trout parks we fished growing up closer to Maramac and Montauk.
  6. You weren't fishing in that C&R section where you?
  7. Pretty serious look on that face,Laker!😀
  8. Reading an article in the CF Magazine and it stated their was a small section at BSSP in zone 1 for C&R. Talked to Laker 67 as he has fished it as long as anybody I now and he was puzzled too! Something new that I missed or just an error. It did have a good article on OA's own Duane Doty and winter walleye fishing.
  9. Thought he was tucking the gravel guard in his boot like an old cowboy. Or was it a Texas oil man?
  10. Reminds me of some of the inspirations you have in your artwork.
  11. Didn't take any fish pictures-just a couple of the Mrs. fishing. Started out the New Year catching a couple more than she did. Had one touching moment. I was running low on a streamer pattern and she actually gave me a couple extras! Was like a New Years Day miracle. Think the wind late in he day affected her fish count otherwise she's tough to out fish.
  12. She guards those scud and egg patterns like momma griizzly. Guess Rick is napping or we'd have heard from him by now!
  13. Probably that same secret colored gray scud that he gave my wife ,Susie that one trip. Now, I'm going to have to check her vest to see if she's using a boga grip also.
  14. Hey Doug, did he catch that trout on a Boga grip! I knew he was good but that good?
  15. Wife, Susie and I hit Montauk yesterday for 4 hours. Only fished the campground area but caught enough rainbows to enjoy the trip. Cool at the start but considering it was the 23rd of December, it was a good day to take the Mrs. I ended up catching 28 and Susie a few less with several 15" rainbows and several 10" fish. Warmed to the low 60's by the time we headed back to the old Lead Belt.
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