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  1. She has a electric blanket that plugs in the car and leaves the motor running if it's too cold. Windchill at the motel in Lebanon Saturday said 13 degrees so I even waited for the temperature to warm a little before I fished. That stocking cap fooled me the last time we all fished at Bennett. That plus you had ventured downstream. The last time we switched rods so I could retie tippet and fly, she decided she really like that little rod of mine that you were looking at that day. She broke out that little St. Croix 6 foot 3 wt. Saturday and gave them heck in the outlet. Might be a while before
  2. Wife, Susie and I made a quick trip to Bennett to fish Friday and Saturday this week. Must be getting older as the 42 degrees showing on our car seemed a lot colder especially with that wind. Caught decent numbers of fish in zones 1 and 2 with several from 15-18". Started to the outlet in zone 2 Friday just to see how busy it was and would've been fishable except for the one guy standing midstream casting up into the outlet. Probably took up 30' of water with his back cast . Evidently, Laker had the same scenario at Taneycomo in the outlets. Moved on and found fish down to the "Whistle Bridge
  3. Foghorn

    What's Cooking?

    Now if you could get the aroma added to the cooking on the "wok", it would really be awesome.
  4. Didn't mean any harm as I always look to see what you've posted on the Forum. Having a wife who survived cancer twice and losing my Dad at an early age, I'm hoping and praying for you and your family. Had a railroad buddy who had a lot of experiences and told him he could sell a lot of books retelling his life. He said it would have to be listed as fiction. Keep fighting and keep the posts coming.
  5. Sounds like the makings of a reality show or at least a memoir "The Life and Times of Oneshot"!
  6. Happy Birthday Sandy! We spend several days celebrating Susie's birthday each year fishing. ( And mine also).
  7. My 91 year old uncle passed away from Covid a couple weeks ago. Tough ,old guy who survived better than 2 years in a Korean POW camp and went on to live a pretty good life. Was sad for all that he survived that "hell" only to die of the coronavirus.
  8. Susie and I were using the gray scud in the outlet and did stay and fish the second day at BSSP. Away from the outlet it was mostly fur bugs in "egg " or some shade of salmon. Wrench, think I might have talked to you along the bank of the High Bank hole. It's tough wading that stretch for me also with the bad right hip. The last time we fished that section, I realized I needed to put some studs on my old pair of Simms or get out the Frankenstein "tractors" I got on closeout. They are heavier than the Simms, but those aluminum bars do a great job on the slick rocks. Had a great time seeing and
  9. Not sure I want to ask about that "out front in the garden" part.
  10. Mother in law lived with us for 10 and 1/2 years after she had a stroke. Told her it was the longest 20 years of my life. She actually laughed!
  11. An apple pie, a pizza ,2 high dollar fly rods and reels as we left Montauk and drove the gravel road just pass the bridge to hit the back road to Hwy.63. Something kind of made a bouncing sound and we both realized that the rods were on top of the Explorer.
  12. My wife and I fly fish quite a bit and love to travel to pursue our hobby. This past weekend was probably one of our most enjoyable trips ever. It wasn't a trip to a remote stream, but a couple hours of fishing Roaring River with our 4 youngest grandkids. They range in ages from 3-7 with 3 boys and a girl in the mix. We bought them all youth tags and found an area in the C&R that allowed us enough room to enjoy "fishing" without hopefully spoiling the day for anyone else. We had fish on consistently and would hand the fly rods to the grandkids to fight. The youngest grandson, Oliver, just
  13. Don't let her call Susie, or I'm in trouble
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