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  1. Wonder who was the most nervous-anxious, Bill or his friend handling the net. Super job evidently by both!
  2. Bravo! Enjoyed the battle. Don't get that type of entertainment at many fishing resorts.
  3. Tough day at Montauk today with small fish and not a lot of fish in the stream. A little bit of color but good sight fishing water. Wife Susie,old college buddy and I fished the campground for 6 hours and might have totaled 30 fish. Caught a couple 10" brown trout and missed an 18" rainbow. Nice day to fish regardless especially if the weather forecast is anything close to what the folks are predicting.
  4. Wife likes to hunt them so we get a good walk and normally find enough for a couple messes. She'd rather fish and hunt morels than go shopping at the mall so it's a pretty good deal for me too.
  5. Walked a couple hours Wednesday and found 17 morels. Guy in the Potosi paper reported finding over 100 in a spot within about a 40' radius. Seems he might have a better hunting spot or is a better mushroom hunter!
  6. Fished Roaring on the opener and part of the second until the weather forecast hastened my return to the old Lead Belt. Caught a nice rainbow early on of about 5# and the youngest person in our group of 5 lost an equally as big a fish on his second cast. He's 10 and it was the biggest fish he's ever hooked and was quite upset when it broke his line. Didn't think there was as many fish as I've seen in previous years but it was okay. Good friend and fisherman, Chris Horton, caught another nice fish the second day again in the 5# range. Saw a young fellow that Laker and I know with a big fish and he said he had caught 3 lunkers that first day. Strange second part of his story was that he saw a good fish laying on the bottom and cast at it. Said he thought he saw it open it's mouth, so he set the hook. The hungry fish in his words had been dead a couple of days.😎. Told him his eyes must be really good to see a dead fish open up to take his jigs. Maybe the best part of the trip was the second day. A couple of big fish were circling the long pool above the twin falls. With the catching being slow.I would cast at them whenever they came into view. A married couple were fishing in the area and their reactions were priceless each time these fish passed by. In the clear water, they could see the biggest fish charge my fly on three separate occasions only to shy away within the last couple inches. They were a lot more excited and vocal about the big fish almost hitting my fly than I was.
  7. Larry was always a gentleman and treated us well. Hated to hear of his passing.
  8. Super job by all who were involved. Especially enjoyed the cheering when "Frank" swam away. Awesome.
  9. Foghorn

    MDC Rant

    Rancher in one of the local counties back in the 60's got in trouble for allowing people to hunt deer on his land regardless of the time of year it was. Local MDC went to his land to confront him along with a local newspaper writer. Was quite a story as the rancher,"Cowboy" stated those deer on his property were his and he could charge whatever he wanted for hunters to kill them. A fight soon broke out between the rancher and the game warden with the reporter witnessing the whole affair. The rancher won the first round, but lost the next two as the next visit to his ranch included 2 highway patrolman. Ended up paying a pretty good fine and I think a little jail time.
  10. Thought the ride down there with old Uncle Nip was the reason you quit going.
  11. Used to watch Rayo and Jerry McKinnis when I went to college at Jonesboro years ago. Enjoyed their programs.
  12. Had a guy at Bennett watching me as i fought a double digit rainbow . I lost the fish and he politely stated" you don't seem to upset after losing that fish". He was evidently bothered more about losing the fish as I was. I told him"when you lose as many big one' s as I have, you can't let it get to you".
  13. I'd say you are still ahead of me,but do enjoy the times we get to fish together-especially if Sandy and Susie are a long.
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