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  1. Harvester Midge

    Don't mention politics or you'll have to move in before he finishes. I love going there and wandering around, it is amazing.
  2. Flies for whites?

    Yes, I'd like to do that. Thanks
  3. Flies for whites?

    Thank you for the information. I'm looking forward to flyfishing several areas in my area around MM74 on the Osage
  4. Flies for whites?

    How long do you make the Clouser? I know Whites seem to have a preference to bait fish lengths, so is that the overall length they are tied to?
  5. Flourocarbon coated

    Thanks, too many different lines for me, but I like to try them.
  6. I have purchased Pline Floroclear which is a fluorocarbon coated line. What does that mean? I have found it stiff and kinks and while it works for heavier weights, 3/8 oz and above, it doesn't work well for 4# line. Is flourocarbon better than this stuff. I'd rather stay with Mono
  7. Jig Skirts

    Thanks, Glad it worked
  8. Huge Crowds

    Only costs $7.00 for a trout permit for the year.
  9. Jig Skirts

    I wrap the skirt on the jig with a couple wraps of light gage copper wire and twist the wire tight.
  10. Did they drop the lake?

    Thanks, sure makes me glad I have a tinboat. But it sure disrupts the fishing, I know. Once had a guy tell me a draw down didn't hurt the fishing. I knew that was wrong and the week proved it was wrong. Caught one nice fish and blanked the rest of the week.
  11. Son-in-law and his cousin was told they were dropping the lake last week end. They had to take out their boats. How far did they drop the lake?
  12. jig tying question

    Dutch, you do an excellent tie on those jigs. Too pretty to use.
  13. Trout Park Etiquette

    I always let them know I am going to walk behind them so they know I'm there.
  14. new spinning reel

    Struck me funny, spinning reels to golf balls.......I guess there's a way to screw in a small eye screw on each side of the ball then tie the fishing line to one and a short leader with a midge on the other and have Lilley place driving pads on his docks and we can practice golf and trout fishing with one swing of the club and see how the spinning reels work. I know, its a stretch. LOL
  15. Running to the dam

    Now that makes me feel better. I am scared of the narrows and I haven't been down enough to learn how to navigate it when the water is lower. Obviously more practice is required and I will be getting that. Love that place.

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