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  1. Skell9653

    Trout Pit

    Who else is ready for the trout pit to be stocked again? If you hit it at the right time it makes for a good fun day. I'm getting my Bass Hound boat rigged up with a bigger trolling motor and plan on doing a lot of fishing on the public pits this year.
  2. Skell9653

    Crappie Fishing

    This is a video I compiled of my wife and I slaying some crappie one evening back in mid-February. I'm new to the go-pro so don't judge. She caught one sneaking up on 2.5 lbs. It's the biggest one of the year and I have to admit... she caught the biggest one last year as well! Also, I normally fish a lot of strip pits but this is actually just a farm pond that's 9-10 years old smack dab in the middle of all the strip pit country that I fish in SEK. We've been very intentional on managing this pond for outstanding crappie fishing. If there's any excellent fly fisherman out there that would want to take an amateur around and give some tips and advice I'd be willing to hook you up with some good bass and crappie fishing on private property.
  3. Skell9653

    Report 4/15

    Good to hear you enjoyed it! I honestly have not fished Shawnee Trails much. I've driven through there several times and thrown some casts but north of Shawnee Trails about 5 miles I have access to a lot of private strip pits. I've stopped by there a couple times I need to make it out there again. I live in Seneca so usually go over by Hallowell if I'm fishing any public pits. My new venture this next year is going to be duck hunting some of the larger strip pits over by Hallowell. I also know there's some wetland in Shawnee Trails... anyone ever duck hunt that?
  4. Well it was a successful Friday and Saturday for my buddy and I. He caught a 23 inch 6lb rainbow on a fly rod out of the trout pit on Friday night as well and filling his limit. For those of you that are regulars you've probably seen my buddy Ryan out at the trout pit as he makes it on there on a weekly basis. Last year he caught a Rainbow that was basically a twin of this fish on a fly rod except he was in a kayak! On Saturday we ended up going crappie fishing at some private pits northeast of Pittsburg and kept 60 crappie. 15 of them were between 1lb 5 oz and 1 lb 10oz. That's a good stringer! The eggs felt really mushy which my grandpa says means and early spawn. I can't wait to go out again this Friday and Saturday!How's everyone else's fishing going?
  5. Skell9653

    Trout Pit?

    I'd purchase it online. However, you could stop in Riverton and pick one up. Not sure if there's any place in Columbus or not. Pittsburg Walmart, John's Sportscenter, or Bo's One Stop carries them as well.
  6. Skell9653

    Trout Pit?

    I have been a few times since November. Based on what I've read online they've stocked less this year than last year. Not sure if those numbers and dates are always accurate. However, it's been hit and miss. Still haven't done nearly as well this year as last year. From what I've heard there hasn't been much action by the feeder. Majority just catching them at the ramp/dock. Hoping to get out there again soon.
  7. Skell9653

    What Hickory Could Be...

    Thanks for speaking on the issue. That's very frustrating. Wish that I (and others) was able to enjoy it a little more. With it being so close to me (and to a lot of fisherman in Joplin) it would be real nice to have a place we could run to and fish for an hour or two without having to drive at least 45 minutes to an hour to the next closest thing.
  8. Skell9653

    What Hickory Could Be...

    I have to admit that I am a very novice fly fisherman. I do plenty of bass and crappie fishing in the strip pits along with a lot of deer hunting. By the time I try to balance my free days to do all those I only get to go fly fishing maybe 10 times a year or so.... with that being said I have only fished Hickory twice but it's only about 25 minutes from my house. I've talked to some locals from there and they've said how after they're stocked everyone just flocks down there and keeps anything they catch. One guy even confessed to me that he would bring a large net and catch some. Hickory is a nice little creek and could really be developed into some fun fishing if there were some more regulations in my opinion. Why not make it catch and release only or something along the lines of that?? Can anyone else offer any input on this? Why don't they put more regs on it? Is there a process if we got a petition going that we could make something happen? Just seems like a shame to me to have a nice little creek that not very many people travel to fish because you're most likely not catching anything unless you get lucky and show up within a few days of a stocking... which seems to happen next to never.
  9. Skell9653

    Hows Fishing??

    That's good to hear. Most of the crappie I've got have been female out from the bank but I've also done more fishing midday rather than evening or early morning. I didn't get to fish this past week once (I normally average 3 days a week). I don't know what this rain has done to em but the temps. are gonna be rising and I would bet they will be spawning by Sunday.
  10. Skell9653

    Walleye in the strip pits?

    I had no idea. I'll be interested to do some research and make some phone calls. Lol. In my opinion, in terms of eating, nothing beats walleye. And to tell ya the truth I haven't had much luck walleye fishing over at Stockton the last few years.
  11. Skell9653

    Hows Fishing??

    I haven't fished the public pits for a good while but I've been killing the bass and crappie in private pits recently. One day it's a huge stringer of crappie and the next day bass. It's been a blast so far this year.
  12. Skell9653

    Walleye in the strip pits?

    That's interesting. I've never heard of it. That sure would be a lot of fun!
  13. Skell9653

    Fishing in the Wind

    There's plenty of strip pits that turn and all face different directions with various steepness. You can always find a good one to fish no matter where the wind is coming from. That's been my experience. It may not look like it's out of the wind but so many of them will make a turn or open up that you'll be able to find a spot out of the wind. On a windy day there's nothing better to fish than strip pits.
  14. Skell9653

    Trout lures in trout pit

    I haven't tried it but I'm sure it would do great. There's a place in that pit where it's pretty deep and comes up to a flat. If you drop a crank bait down there you will have the opportunity to catch some hogs. A buddy of mine has caught a 10+ lb each of the last two summers using that very technique and released them both. I haven't had much luck catching a lot of good size bass (3-6 lbs) like I have had in some private pits but if you want to catch a mountable bass I would imagine there's a handful swimming around in the trout pit.
  15. Skell9653

    Bank Fishing Strip Pits

    The trout pit has great access from the banks. However, Justin is right. If you're really wanting to get the best out of the pits a canoe or kayak would be ideal for getting around. Some pits you just cannot fish from the bank. In fact, a lot of them are that way. There's some great fish in those pits just give it some time and you'll figure out which pits you have the most success in and what patterns are working.

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