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  1. That's what happens when they make a rule saying you can't enter the WMA until 4:00 AM. They have managed to cut down on the racing pretty well by making a single file gate for leaving the staging area in many areas. This year was a lot less boat racing, and a lot more foot races due to the lack of water. I saw people on bicycles, as well as people in running shoes and running shorts.
  2. Buck

    Layout blinds for sale

    Great deal. If I didn't have one already, I'd be all over this.
  3. Buck

    First hunt of the season

    Hey you can't complain about that! I'd be happy with that most days, a nice mixed bag. South zone I'm guessing?
  4. Buck

    4 rivers

    Last week was pretty good, however with this warm spell and south winds I believe many of the birds have retreated back up north.
  5. Buck

    4 rivers

    I usually run around Four Rivers with a 40HP outboard with manual trim and it gets us everywhere we need to go, and we usually get deep into the marsh. My advice for your first hunt there is to launch at daylight and see where the birds want to be. You'll be able to find cover in tree lines or buck brush.
  6. Buck

    Sometimes You Get A Little Lucky

    Sorry for the late reply, been hunting and scouting a whole lot lately. Banded in Arkansas 2 years ago, shot in Arkansas, all banded together. It was a group of four mallards, two drakes and two hens. Saw the jewelry on one of them, and we killed the whole group. I normally try to wait until after season to post kill pictures, but with the extremely warm weather in Arkansas and Missouri, and lack of water in the woods in Arkansas, there's already more hunters than ducks out there.
  7. My hunting group needs to go buy some lottery tickets. Had a great hunt the other day, but had one really special group of mallards come in. The picture tells the whole story. It's been a great season so far!
  8. Buck

    On my way girls

    We'll be near there Thursday and Friday I believe. We hunted Saturday morning and it was fairly slow, lots and lots of high flyers though. @BilletHead I've been wanting to hunt Horton Bottoms for a while, but were going to wait until later in the season for mallards to show up, and hope the river gets out and floods the woods.
  9. Buck

    Draw success at schell osage

    Personally, I'm a big fan of A-Pool. However, if your boys are younger, I'd probably stick to the blinds in the main unit. Sometime before season either call them, or go by there and ask lots of questions. They have good maps at the headquarters, and I've found the staff are usually a lot more helpful in person. In the headquarters they have a kill board with the previous day's kills at each blind. PM me and I can help with a little more.
  10. Buck

    2017 Dove Season

    Another day another limit! Slowed down a little from yesterday, but still decent action. Hopefully I can get one last limit tomorrow before I have to head on back to Arkansas and my mediocre fields there. The action should take a sharp turn for the worse starting Tuesday anyways.
  11. Buck

    2017 Dove Season

    Yesterday was pretty slow out in public land, this morning we put a smacking on them (on private land for all you internet scouters). 2 man limit, going out again in the morning. All this dove shooting is getting me ready for the ducks!
  12. Buck

    2017 Dove Season

    @BilletHead Great story! And congrats on the limit! we only killed 7 today, very slow. The weather was amazing though.
  13. Buck

    2017 Dove Season

    @jbooth Any public land managed for dove will be packed on opening weekend, probably less so in the morning than afternoon. Make sure you use steel shot at Aldrich.
  14. Buck

    Moving to NWA

    Ketchup, if you need help with anything real estate related, shoot me a PM, I'm with the largest real estate firm in NWA. Welcome to the area! I've found the fishing to be hot some days, and really, really cold others. I love the abundance of small streams and rivers to fish around here though.
  15. Buck

    2017 Dove Season

    Wow, for some reason I didn't get notifications on this and thought no one liked me! Quillback, I'm very familiar of Frog Bayou, and I read about the expansion. I used to go to Frog Bayou to try to duck hunt freshman year of college before I had my boat here. I am very optimistic that with the new expansion it will be a good roosting place, and the river hunting will be better. I don't hunt that WMA anymore because of all the people that hunt it, I prefer to take my chances elsewhere. Anyways, I'm still looking for a field, worse comes to worst I go to Missouri and hunt the corn field.

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