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  1. Few more questions: Concerning the clicker feature on some reels. On my first trip, I was always "looking at my rods", which was a bit of a problem as I was having to work a conventional trolling motor with no lock mode to keep it straight. Don't own one of those great $1000-$2500 graphic sonar fish finders. Is the clicker "sound" a big plus? And while the price of the Okuma magma is great, does it have a clicker?? Wanting to buy the Okuma coldwater reel,,,, is the 203 D model big enough to handle a good striper?? My 1 and only striper so far was caught on an abu garcia ambassador 6500
  2. Been reading and learning what I could lately about striper fishing. Took off Sunday (Jan. 3rd) with a friend, 4 rods, 2 planer boards and way too many brood minnows on my first outing. Put in at Prairie Creek about noon, (no clouds) as I had heard good things recently. Immediately realized I was in trouble not having a line counter bait casting reel knowing I wasn't sure how deep I was actually dragging my minnows with my 3/4 oz- 1 oz weights. I was trying to hit the 35' depth. Some how screwed up and caught this nice striper. Absolutely could not believe the strength of this fish. H
  3. My streams here in S.W. Missouri are pitifully low now. I normally catch plenty of smallies here, but it looks like I need to move up toward the rivers south of the St. Louis area, which I don't know much about. Anyone ever been to East Central Iowa. Read something about the Wapsipinicon River. Suggestions welcomed. We will be floating/fishing in a canoe Thanks,
  4. We caught these on 2 separate floats over the last 2 weeks of October on the Elk River watershed. Very slow bite and lucky to have caught these.
  5. Forgot to add this 22" largemouth was caught in the Elk River watershed area of SW Mo. on a bitsy tube. No scale to get the weight
  6. I have lost my contact info for Brian Bochert, who custom makes the perfect, weedless jig head for a bitsy tube. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him. Thanks, Bobby (C & R)
  7. hey, MOsmallies,,,,,,,,,what's up with that fishing rig on the back of ur boat with some white lure bout to drag ur rig into the river?????,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. all the pics I have posted have been from the Elk River chain of creeks/rivers here in sw missouri. And the crank bait has been responsible for all the big fish we have been catching. Topwater has surprisingly been very slow. And my usual soft plastics have not been catching very many descent fish either.
  9. Took a friend who really doesn't fish much, and wow was he lucky.
  10. Hey, I have lost contact with Brian Bochert (fish 24/7). He makes the best bitsy jig heads ever. help if u know how I can reach him. Thanks. Bobby
  11. Hey, I have lost contact with Brian Bochert (fish 24/7). He makes the best bitsy jig heads ever. help if u know how I can reach him. Thanks. Bobby
  12. I knew there wouldn't be anything in Kansas. I was hoping someone would have some info on streams not too far away. In particular, south of Kansas City, Mo. Thx
  13. Hey, I need some help on finding some smallmouth streams close as possibe to Lawrence, Ks. I know we will need to drive a bit. I am blessed with numerous streams here in S. W. Missouri, but I need to help someone locate streams up there that are suitable for float fishing. Thanks for any info. Bobby
  14. only thing better lookin than that smallie u caught was ur kids. Any bad "lay downs" on that stretch? PSSS....... ur 5 yr old counting to 81,,,,,,,,,,,whoa.....that beats my math
  15. Sure would like to get some recommendations on good, reasonably priced wading sandals that don't hold water, and do a good job of keeping most rocks out from under your feet. I have some shorty neoprene boots that do a great job of keeps rocks/ pebbles out, but they sure get hot. Had my best outing last fri. in southwest Missouri before this darn rain, cool , cold front came through. I know it has shut the bite down a bit,,,,,,,but wow do we need the water in the creeks down here. Cranks and soft plastics,,,,,,,as usual. Thanks for any feedback on the sandals.
  16. If you want to consider a serious upgrade from the President or Accurists, I have an extra, "new in the box," Pfleugar Supreme XT 30 I will sell for $95. I live in Bentonville. If you need me to ship it, add $5.
  17. I Have a new, in the box Plfueger Supreme XTSP30 spinning reel for $100 . I live in Bentonville. Call Bobby at: 479-270-0837 if you would like to meet and see the reel. Thanks
  18. I finally found the river gauge site I was looking for. For years it was called "Ham weather.com",,,,,then, a few month ago, it seemed to go away. I just found out it was taken over by a new site (new to me) called" Aeris maps platform",,,,,,,,, or try "aeris weather.com",,,,,,,,anyway, that site is pretty cool.,,,,,,,,,However, to locate the page that has lots of river readings for Missouri smallmouth streams,,,,,,,,,google this: wx.aerisweather.com/rivers/gauge/LSGM7.html It's my "go to site" to check the river levels I fish in SW Missouri, BUT IT HAS RIVER READINGS ALL OVER MI
  19. Reposting this. Hope someone might know what happened to the "Ham weather River center" page for local river gauges.
  20. Anyone know what happened to the "Ham weather River center" page for all the river gauges in our area.
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