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  1. SO u have something to say to me know Just because u think ur joking doesnt mean everyone will see it that way
  2. instead of being an asshat toward me maybe u ought to know their might be a reason i cant have kids even though its none of ur darn business Yea all u whinny posterior guys always complaining about this or that i hope u never take ur lovely livelyhoods for granted Because there are people in this world that might not be as lucky as alot of u guys
  3. its funny a few of the same guys that complain about kids not being on the water are also the ones complaining about the different activities like the Branson jet boats, or the canoers/kayakers on river and lakes, or the supposed loud music at Stockton lake in which all these different activities stated are meant for all ages for entertainment
  4. There you go again jokin or not its Ahole Keyboard warriors like urself that bring frivolous accusations toward the rest of the people that use the lakes and river. Seems to me people like u want to live and Die a Lonely life so have at. I myself dont have kids but still doesnt mean im an ahole toward them i have taught several how to catch fish and clean because they asked and parents thought it would be good for them because fishing wasnt something they did
  5. see its Aholes like you that try to act or sound like u own certain areas of public waters, that make water sports undesirable. To me your attitude is no better than a jet skier making wake or bigger boats bothering fishermen
  6. yea this forum is normally always quiet a few bass people chat other than that Crappie Slayers is the only Major Topic
  7. I dont agree wit the Hwy Patrol and Water Patrol merging but since they did i would expect the New water Patrol Guys to fully understand and be Knowledgeable about the waters/ and regulations they are enforcing/Patroling I have never had an issue with or been checked by Water Patrol doesnt mean i havent seen them Patroling though, ive seen Conservation in fuller force and been checked by them More Frequently by boat as well as on land
  8. Just because im not rowdy or fully involved doesnt mean i still cant go for pleasure and entertainment
  9. NOPE, Im not saying ur wrong to enjoy the the peace and quiet on the Lake but No Wake Cafe has been open for several yrs I rarely drink as well but if i knew of a group that was playing or was invited from friends to go to Mutton i would go to support both the group and the Bar for supporting the group they sale food and sodas so u dont just have to be drinking to have an enjoyable evening with friends and supporting the local economy while ur at it
  10. I think it should be left up to the Business Owners, now if they offer smoking i i would suggest a separate area but again if they dont offer sections i would go Knowing that i would be in the Same area as the smokers so thats a decision i make. With me being From SPringfield MO, no i do not agree with the city making it an Ordinace to be a smoke free city, thats taking the rights away from the Community but i also see the results that make it nice that realistically businesses didnt suffer as much as they thought either being smoke free
  11. He just needs to understand that the World Wont Revolve around him Yes i Admit i can be a royal Arse The partiers at Mutton have just as much right to enjoy their evening and yes fishermen have their rights to use the lake at any giving time as well but knowing full well that Thur-Sat Night they will be sharing the lake with more possibly (noisier) than normal people during the busy season then fisherman should plan accordingly to how and were they might decide to fish because more than likely the partiers at Mutton are going to be staged in that one area and not out and about. I for one dont fish at night so this really isnt an issue for me.
  12. There is no need for u to be Ignorant ON here either about how the lake was to busy for ur liking, the supposed noise was intolerable its hard to believe that you can allegedly hear the noise as far as to what u were trying to make it out as and if you and ur few buddies think Name calling is funny that also shows how immature/childish you are if ur trying to act like a civilized older adult that is tryingto make an honest point about the Issue at Topic
  13. MOCARP keep your ignorance up and you are Proving our Point toward youself that all u want to do is cause Issues when in reality there are no issues to be sought after LOL Glad u think im a supposed Snowflake, seems better than being an Ignorant Disgruntled Fat GuY that has nothing better to do with his life than complain on a non issue
  14. MOCARP Meet me in Person and ill Show u I am Im not afraid oF some Fat posterior Donut Eating Disgruntled PC Warrior Besides its none of ur darn Business if i was a part of the Branson Jet Boats, or The NO WAKE Cafe at Mutton Creek Ill make sure if I EVER SEE U ON STOCKTON ILL GIVE U THE BEST OF THE WORST OF ur fishing trips SO THAT YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT
  15. MoCarp with the Way your acting it makes me wanna be less part of this Forum just because People like you dont seem to have anything better to do than COMPLAIN there are alot of Decent other guys on here then there are ur class/standard of people that just complain or try and make a Mountain out of a ANT Hill supposed ISSUE I under stand people complain but then there is ur style and now ur just being NUISANCE
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