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  1. Mirage is the stuff- I hate that it's Orvis only - but it's tuff stuff X3.
  2. It's true and sad - we respect the owners, the land, and the river itself. Others DO NOT and will be the bad apple that spoils the bunch.
  3. I haven't been there this year due to work - I'll have to check it out this weekend.
  4. I've powder coated pewter ( was trying to make A lighter jig the same size as the lead one my mold would drop) so I don't know why you couldn't. These guys will know for sure :http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/30992-painting-tungsten-jigs/
  5. Have to work (of course) so I hope you all have a great time. Even when I can't fish I can browse OA and feel like I'm keeping my finger on the pulse of what's happening. Thanks Phil for this space - it means a lot to so many of us. Happy B-Day.
  6. Floating down means dealing with the crowd or pulling out and waiting till the idiots get out if there for a good half hour.
  7. I forget that I have a "cheat" in that I put in and paddle UPSTREAM in my solo canoe, missing the canoe rental crowd by 6 hours. That's how you catch the bigger smallies on the James.
  8. Typically a little higher. There are bigger Smallies there - but you have to really fish it right to get any - there's plenty of fishing pressure.
  9. Downstream from Hootentown is better than both - but you have to deal with the canoe rental crowd. There's a reason for the special regulations for that 22-mile stretch of the James.https://fishing.mdc.mo.gov/reports/james-river
  10. If I had to use mono on spinning gear I would be borderline suicidal. Superline is the way to go.
  11. #1: I think he really wants a fast boat, but can't afford it. #2: 350 hp? 100 mph? - Lets exaggerate just a bit, huh? And the Skeeter Boat thing was in . . . Texas. Not Missouri. Texas. #3: Someone needs an English Comp class or two - run on sentences, overly long scenic setup for the nonsensical B.S. to follow, etc. etc.
  12. Just got home and in the July issue of In-Fisherman they list Taneycomo as a top late Summer/Early Fall destination, with Lilley's Landing being the contact. Pretty cool.
  13. https://www.417mag.com/events/river-jam-2018/
  14. I do well in that stretch with compact spinnerbaits, topwaters, smaller cranks. Walk the dog topwaters are always worth a shot. My biggest Smallies have come on 1/8 ounce finesse jigs in orange/green or PB &J down there.
  15. Are you taking in account the Restrictions on Black Bass in Rivers that takes effect March 1st, or just winging it?https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/species/black-bass/black-bass-regulations
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