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  1. I just did this setup. Helix mega si on the helm networked to a helix di on the bow. I had to get the g3n models, but I can see side imaging on the bow unit. I had to use a single transducer on the transom.
  2. I've run into the same thing in the late summer down on cricket creek. Got all excited until I got there, must have been thirty gar. 😕
  3. Hope you make it back for the OAF tourney. Love the food and the company you bring! Good Luck with the move! Patrick
  4. I have to agree with Bill. We were fishing a long secondary point just past indian today, about a cast and half from the shore sitting in 25 fow. I guess this tracker deep V boat saw us catching so they ran up on us and starting trolling through where we were sitting and the bank. We had to stop casting and wait. Really??
  5. He looks pretty ticked off!
  6. I saw the release boat on the trailer going up 465 heading toward Branson West at 3:45 Sunday. I would assume since the tournament ended at 3:00 the fish were on it.
  7. I've been looking at the same boat for exactly the same reasons.
  8. I'll bring trash bags, case of water, cookies.
  9. I'll bring trash bags, case of water, cookies.
  10. Sounds like a good birthday to me!
  11. Just curious, is the "For Day Use Only" box still on the dock?
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