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  1. My wife caught this little guy last week. Looks like he was dyed with blue Koolaid. That's the only fish tale I have.
  2. I always felt a lake like Table Rock with main lake sections that don't have as many docks (for instance down close to the old boy scout camp) would be good for a "wake boat zone." They can just plow through those areas and ramp and cove areas would be off limits.
  3. My wife and I spent about 2 years looking for the perfect boat to have at table rock as we get older. ( I kept our last boat 16 years. ) We went with the Ranger 190LS. It's a multipurpose boat that checked more boxes for us than any other boat. We've had it a year now and while it's not the perfect bass boat, it's a very good all around boat.
  4. Moonshine parking lot Sunday when they opened the gates, level was at 931.
  5. Good looking boat. Stay after it!
  6. Hey you guys were fishing in mine and m&m's home court! There's never any fish in there! Fake news!
  7. Funny! That's exactly what I do. They're so unpredictable I'll sometimes just stop until they give me a clue on which way they're gonna go. The worst is when they cut right across the main boating lane with kiddos on a tube. 🤨
  8. We had a similar day today down on the lower end. Started with the ned without much luck. My wife and I then switch to the 2.8 keitechs and fished it just above the slime like Bill Babler mentioned on the 4/27 report. Caught a bunch of spotted bass and were surprised by a couple crappie. Water temps were 62 this morning to almost 66 degrees later in the afternoon. I did see several beds, but no fish on them.
  9. I launched out of moonshine today(that's our closest ramp), it was pretty much empty. I don't know about other guys, but I hate seeing keeper size bass floating around that area the day after some large group has been there. It's happened the last two times I've gone out of there.
  10. I am afraid the corp will close the ramps if there are club tourneys going on.
  11. Moonshine parking lot looked like a tournament was going on today.
  12. You know when I looked at that screen shot later I saw there were quite a few fish under the gar. I don't know what they were, but definitely different on the graph. Instead of moving away from the gar I guess next time I should try to fish through them.
  13. I'm referring to this screen shot.
  14. It looks like a screen shot I posted once. It was a bunch of gar down in long creek. They came up to the surface all around the boat.
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