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  1. He is a pretty nice, local shell knob guy that spends a lot of time on the lake. Not sure who started this, but can just say just a guy that likes to fish like a lot of us.
  2. I have a 2004 150 ho evinrude. Been on a deck boat for last 14 years. Had some very minor issues the first year. Since then no issues. Yesterday first day out started first turn then trolled for white bass for an hour with out missing a beat.
  3. Sorry will not be able to make it my boat is still getting a new transom at championship marine. Hopefully will be back in the water soon.
  4. Great guy and great fisherman. He put me on my biggest bass so far.
  5. I would look for a better fishing partner. ☺☺☺☺☺
  6. Yes kind of keep my kids off social media and sometimes teenagers post before they think.
  7. He is 14 does he need to become a member???
  8. Fished last night from dark to 1230. We only had about 14 fish with 4 solid keepers and one other that barely went. Water temperature 66 degrees . Chompers on steeper banks on secondary points was about the only place we could get a bite. Fish anywhere from 2 feet to 10 feet of water. It got cold by 1030 can not wait for warmer nights.
  9. U will need some z man plastic zinkers in PB and J or some shade of green, some loctite super glue gel, and some Arkie stand up jigs from wall mart 1/8 oz ( u really need some of Dave's but the Arkies will work in a pinch). Cut them in half glue to the heads and have fun.
  10. I am thinking of making a fish traction system( u know like the ones they use on the back) and take some of the four or five 14 7/8 th inch fish I catch during every tournament, Give them some gentle traction for any strain in the back they may have sustained during the fight to the boat. Help them gain an 1/8 of an inch and then release them healthier than before they where caught.
  11. Fished from 4 to 830 the 11 year old had 19 with three good keepers nothing over 16, and I had about 12 with two keepers again nothing over 16. I did not fish very hard but really loved watching him catch fish. Chunk rock banks moving into gravel was the ticket main lake with the better fish coming off points. Water temperature 56 to 57. The boy missed a ton of fish, but still had 19 in the boat, if u have a kid hook up the Ned and take them out. Color did not seem to matter even tried blue and still got a bite. He used the same pumpkin with red flake on one of Dave's heads all night.
  12. jay bird

    Odd SIghting

    So I am guessing this was up owl creek?????
  13. I noticed the same on the Ned on Saturday needed fairly clear water to get a bite which makes perfect sense.
  14. Hey champ 188 what did it take to win that one???
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