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  1. Good stuff! Glad to see a report. Taking off work next week. See you on the water...
  2. You using a dbl minnow rig?
  3. Man, just when the Crappie were really getting good.
  4. Nice, I was obviously on the wrong end of the lake..
  5. Very true. I make a lot of trips to Wister in OK for just that reason. Food and cover.
  6. Yea, my buddy from down there is always making fun of the beaver Crappie.
  7. Thanks for the report, Dan.
  8. Hickory Creek was open today but it looked like they may have been hauling out the courtesy dock. Marina is open.
  9. If you ever just can’t bring yourself to spend that gift card, just slide it my way. I think I can suck it up and spend it....
  10. Love catching Smallies!
  11. I too have only been back on Beaver a short time but I am finding good winter fishing south of the bridge in the White River. I try to follow the 1/3rd tank rule. If I expect to burn 5 gallons getting to my furthest fishing spot, I wil be sure to have 15 gallons on board when I leave. 5 out, 5 back, 5 in reserve. Even if that means fueling the day before (as Bill said, “plan ahead”). Can’t be too safe when it’s this cold outside.
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