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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from Dan the fisherman in Trust the birds   
    That’s how you do it!  
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in Stick and move... Stick and move   
    Got started about 9:30ish Friday.  I didn’t really know what to expect with all the water being released.  I just went on a idea knowing crappie don’t like current and if they want to get out of it they would find shelter from it.  Like a channel bend laying on the side of the channel where they are protected from it.  Or rises off the bottom and laying on the side that gets a break from the current.   So that’s what I did.  Looked at the contour map and positioned the boat on the protected side of rises.  Moved at a snails pace and just picked them off all along it.  Stuck 10 in the first pass and flipped it back around punched it back to the starting mark.  Put the bow back into the wind and stuck the last 5 shortly after.
    WT was 43-45.  In about 18-19 fow about 16-15 feet down.  Moving about .2mph.  
    Got em quick and shut it down about noon.  
    God Bless and Good Fishing Lance

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Dan the fisherman in Trust the birds   
    Got out this morning for a few hours and Fished mid lake area.  Water temp was 45-46.  The bite continues to be red hot..... I was heading south from them ramp when I cam across a pack of birds drive bombing the water. I killed the main engine plenty far enough as to not spook anything that might be feed under them and proceeded to get closer with my trolling motor. I got about 100-150 from where the birds were working when my graph lit up like a Christmas tree!  I drop lines down and was hooked up immediately with a nice 12-15 pound striper. I fished the area for about for another 3 hours before I headed home.  Ended up with 4 striper and half a dozen whites.  I threw back all the striper but kept the whites for fish tacos for later this week. Big fish went 22 pounds and just shy of 40 inches. Here’s a few piics. Stay aware out there for them birds. Good luck out there fellas, and stay safe. 

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in Hello Beaver Lake... It’s been a minute...   
    Geez...   Beaver hasn’t changed since leaving it in late July...  Lot of water out there...  Hopefully it’ll get right at some point...
    Haven’t crappie fished on Beaver in about 4 or so months...  It’s become routine through the past few years to go to other lakes until December... Suckers live shallow on these lakes and just addicted to catching them that way...  It’s a grind every time but its worth the work for the quality. 
    Yesterday got started about 12pm and fish till dark.  Just going on past experience of where to go and just see what happens...  Wasn’t expecting much, just wanted to locate crappie.  After getting set up, made one pass and caught four keepers.  They were just squeakers on the legal size.  Gave em back..  Other than those it was just catching dinks...  Flipped the boat around and said let’s go on shallower to find bigger fish...  More of a water level I’m usually catching them in this time of year...  Usually in the past it’s 6-7 feet but that’s in the bushes right now...  Went from fishing in 20-22 feet to about 14-12 and about 6-8 feet down and started slowly getting into them then...  Took home seven good ones that’ll make good tacos come Tuesday...
    Somewhat successful trip...  Never fished this lake this high this time of year.  Having to adjust and find that right water...  Anyway got something to go on for next time and It’ll get better...
    God bless, God Fishing
    Second to last pic below is of yesterday catch and then the past few months...  Sorry pic overload..  Trying fit 4 months of fishing 

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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from tjm in Is There Nothing That Can Be Done??   
    There is something about posting on the internet that makes people think they are smarter than they really are.  This post is proof of that.
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to tjm in Is There Nothing That Can Be Done??   
    Another one tryin to drag in facts, we don't need no stinkin facts;  this is the internet!!!
    I'm sure that somewhere there is a directive stating how every predictable circumstance is to be handled, probably dating to the initial planing stages of each lake, and that directive may have been changed through the years as the reality of some of those scenarios  came to be and the actions of the plan  either was successful or wanted improvement. In any of these "flood control" impoundments the key to management is at the end of the flow, I guess that means in this case the Mississippi River Delta and every body upstream from that end goal just has to adjust.
    I have noticed over many years that  most people don't think about how stupid the engineers are when they are speeding down an engineered freeway in an engineered vehicle or talking on an engineered cell phone. I reckon this forum wouldn't exist without the work of hundreds of engineers.
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Devan S. in Is There Nothing That Can Be Done??   
    I realize your venting but it seems like the TRL guys are complaining all the time too about high water. Cracks me up.
    I wish they would just get rid of the dams and show everyone what real flooding looks like. 
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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from Lance34 in Slab Sunday   
    Thanks for keeping up your posts...
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in Slab Sunday   
    Got hall pass after church Sunday....
    WT 65-68 dingy/mud mix and look like a slalom skier running up...  Trash scattered...  
    End with 10 before daddy duties called...  Too many shorts to count 
    16 FOW 6-7 feet down rigging straight meat
    All the fish I’m cleaning most of their eggs look this the past two weeks....  Brown...  
    Think they are  transitioning to the main channel now...  
    God Bless and Good fishing Lance 

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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in They staging   
    Nice!  Picked up a few from the bank behind my house this AM.  Full of eggs....
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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from Lance34 in They staging   
    Nice!  Picked up a few from the bank behind my house this AM.  Full of eggs....
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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from liphunter in They staging   
    Nice!  Picked up a few from the bank behind my house this AM.  Full of eggs....
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in Got em quick   
    Got started about noon yesterday.  
    Clarity...  Well put it this way you can’t see none of your motor in the water...  It’s pretty chocolate.  WT is up too at 48-49.
    Had doubts on how it was going to go.  But it turned out, it went much better than planned.
    Rigging, double straight minnow rigs in 12-13 fow, four feet down hammered a limit out in an hour and  a half.  
    Pretty wild seeing that flash when they take the top bait at 2 feet under the surface...  Now, that’s a version of livescope that’s more affordable 🤣🤣
    Good bless and good fishing Lance 

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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from Dan the fisherman in Oct 24-25 striper   
    Good stuff!  Glad to see a report.  Taking off work next week.  See you on the water...
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Dan the fisherman in Striper action   
    After trolling for 3 day I finally figured something out.  The day started out bad when I looked at my bait well and seen all my brooders dead.  So I went on a hunt for shad and after 2 hours I finally had a dozen lovely shad.  I checked several points and channel swings before I found something that looked promising.  I was baiting my 4th rod when I noticed a rod start to load up.  I started to reel till tight then lifted it out of the rod holder.  It was a nice fish, weighed in at 15 pounds and some change.  I continued to fish the area for a couple of hours and hooked up and landed 2 more.  I have my limit!   The sun was beginning to set so I pulled up the live baits and cruised around looking for top water action but nothing came of that.  WT was 66.5 out there today guys.  Make sure to use ur graphs and cover water before u set a line.  Good luck out there fellas and be safe. 

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Dan the fisherman in Fun fishing Friday’s   
    It took a while for me to find the fish this time.   Probably 1 1/2 of idlening and using trolling motor before I finally got a school of fish.  But when I did I tore them up.   Caught at least 15 fish all together in a couple of hours.  Caught the fish on a channel swing this time..  most were small 10-12 in spots and LMB.   But I did manage 2 big LMB.  It was a cool chasing the fish around in a 50ft diameter area in the channel swing.    I was in 80 foot of water fishing 15-20 feet down, when fishing swings that’s not uncommon though.   Anyways good luck out there fellas, stay safe. 

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Blll in Wednesday morning   
    The last few times I've been out, bass fishing, I was surprised by the number of striper guides coming out of PC and fishing between Shaddok hollow and the bridge. So i tried pulling brooders this am, 6-8 and got two stripers. Not giants, a 9# and a 10#, but fun to feel a real pull again. Basin north of Bear island. 50-65 fow, , 90-100 ' of line out with 1/2 oz weight. Trolling .5 mph. Saw another one landed, and I missed at least 2. WT cooled back to 80-81.
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Okie4Life in Striper rumor?   
    I'll you you guess who posted it.  From Facebook on May 28th.  
    47-lb and some change.

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in Riding them waves   
    Sorry for the late report.  My little girls summer activities are keeping us going on the weekends.
    Got started close to noon Friday.  
    WT was 82-83, pretty clearer water than I what’ve been fishing 
    Tried new water this trip that haven’t fished in over a year.
    Got set up and took about 45 minutes until I got bit.  And then another and then another.  So figured that was the pattern for the day.
    Kept that boat in 25-30 fow 12-15 feet down.  Rigging silver bullets between .8-1.2 mph
    Steady bite all day feeling that thump with them eyeballs!!
    God Bless 

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Dan the fisherman in Fun fishing Friday’s   
    It’s fun for sure but this heat is tough 
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in No bait... No problem... They’ll bite a plain hook 😂   
    Second time in my life that’s happened..
    Got out briefly yesterday after church.  Basically got a short hall pass😂
    Didn’t expect much.  Been several days since on the water.  Just wanted to go wet a line and catch a fish.  
    Right away it was on after setting my second rod in the holder.  Never could get all rods completely out😂. Stayed like that for about an hour but, the thing was I was getting dinked crazy.  
    Usually I go underneath them and to the bottom but, they were throughout the water column.    
    So, just made the best of the conditions and pilfered through what I could keep on limited time.
    Water clarity....  Is perfect...  WT 53 degrees.  
    Ended with 8...  More rain and cold coming this weekend...🙄  
    God Bless.  
    Pics below...   Yes that’s considered a slab😁

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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in Bachelor weekend = go fishing 😂   
    Got out Friday and Saturday.  Been a temporary bachelor around here and just figured might as well go fish Saturday too.  
    Both days was a slow bite for me.  Got to fish Friday a little where I been wanting to go for awhile.  The fish seem better quality there but, once the gale force winds kick in and the boat traffic picks up, it makes it difficult.
    Ended up moving to a little stretch of area for shelter and stayed there.  
    Ended with 15 on Friday 
    Saturday morning that wind was still a gusting.  Figure I go try a little  of an area where it’s somewhat manageable but, then the wind started tossing my tin can around so, opted for same area as Friday.   Ended with 10.
    Rigging minnows....  WT 57-59 Fish caught Friday where  in 10-8 fow and Saturday fish caught where in 5-6 fow.  
    Them males caught Saturday are starting to get their war paint on.  Coming up on my favorite method of rigging now 😁
    Pics below and God bless 

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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from chi0082 in White Bass Run   
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    Ozark Flyer got a reaction from Lance34 in As Dick Vitale would say It’s March Madness Baby😂   
    Very nice setup!
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    Ozark Flyer reacted to Lance34 in As Dick Vitale would say It’s March Madness Baby😂   
    Been a couple weeks since I’ve been on Beaver.   I installed my new rod holders one week and last week took my Dad to the little lake to go fish.
    Been hearing the bite has really turned insane since the flood.
    Boy they weren’t joking.  You could probably put a plain hook in the water and catch crappie right now....  Dinks are thick
    A coworker and I went yesterday and smoked them😂. I only wanted to keep a one man limit.  Kept 16
    WT 51, rigging minnows.  We caught fish everywhere 15 feet or less.  
    Go get em....  Minus it white capping in the minnow bucket it was awesome out.
    Pics below...  God Bless

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