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    Constantly changing interests and apparently im not husband material.
    I have been luckier than most men. I have divorced 2 very good women & yet I fish.

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  1. Well I DID end end up on Bee Creek. Sold my lift & boat, transferred my slip at HI Marina. Now I need to get another boat ( IF IF IF I can find somewhere close & safe to keep it.. My Condo complex does not allow them) I just keep taking one step forward 6 steps back...
  2. Used 2 seasons.(occasionally) Not been rained on. Removed during winter. Includes cover & trolling motor transducer w/clamp and "Original Manual". Cables are still full length. Unit removed prior to sale of our boat- so I could install this on a new boat (which apparently isn't going to happen). First $250 Cash. Not taking offers. It is in Holiday Island. Sorry. *** Our Region microSD. If you want to attach some clips or something we can test it on your battery in my driveway for your assurance.
  3. Is all the water between Table Rock darn & Bull Shoals considered Lake Taneycomo ? Serious question...
  4. That is encouraging. Thanks.. Hows the water depth outside Bee Creek ?
  5. Looks like I may find myself leaving Holiday Island & taking up residence on Taneycomo near Bee Creek. Being a Bass fisherman- am I screwed ? Oh boy just when I got the White River figured out (kinda).... Thanks.Bill
  6. Metallic Photograph of an old Willys Pick up . Actual METALLIC photograph is 8x12" and is mounted with floating corners. Mat is signed by the photographer, and is ready to slip into any standard 12 x 16" picture frame that can even be got at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. . *** The advantage of metallic paper is the shine and natural luster of metallic finish will last a lifetime. Never fades. Would make a nice gift. In Holiday Island. Again METALLIC Photo Print - NOT a photo copy ! This photographers original metallics were sold exclusively at the Bird Cage Gallery in Eureka Springs. Perfect for anyone that loves old rusty stuff ! Story behind this photograph given with purchase. Dont miss out.
  7. New TROLLING SEASON coming up & these are still available. Amazing what you find in your closet when your looking for something else. Someone needs these right ?
  8. SOLD. SOLD. Both sets of metal RAMM MOUNTS ! Friendly forum discount of $25 bucks for BOTH, Easy to mount, & adjust your electronics. easy detachable !
  9. Our house going up for sale soon, cleaning out the stuff. Id like to offer this misc fishing stuff to a fellow OZ member.. I have a NEW Bass Pro canvas Plano 3700 size box carrier, 4-5 or 6 boxes in very good condition. There are also about a dozen jigging spoons, a box of treble hooks, some split rings AND newer split ring pliers, a bunch of bullet/worm weights * maybe 1/8-1/4 ounce, some top water & probably some crank bait stragglers.. I just tossed it all together. I think 20 bucks would be fair. Bass Pro Shops Utility Box Carrier Bag Only SKU: 1109205 ($15.99) I am in Holiday Island. First 15 gets it. Sorry no holds & 15 is the friendly forum prize. ... ( im near Holiday Island Drive & Stateline). Close to the marina.
  10. Used 4500 lb Econo-lift FOR SALE. Blake installed new motor last season. 2x2 front guides installed. Right now my boat is on the lift on Dock 3 at Holiday Island Marina. If you already have a slip at this marina or are waiting for one- some arrangements can be done. $ 2700 SOLD !
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