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  1. Anyone know where "generally" the BEST "Largemouth" area is on Table Rock ?
  2. Good plan, but I like the hand control 24V. I had one my old white/yellow deck boat when I USE to live near the marina @Holiday Island (if you remember me)
  3. I already know I will have to cut an access hole in the storage compartment IF the compartment itself will not remove, BUT as far as I can tell the forward nuts/washers will have maybe an inch clearance. May have to hang by my feet from the dock with my head in the compartment & duct tape the nuts to an extended wrench. From previous experience, this method does work eventually.. LOL Thanks for the encouragement !
  4. I MAYBE getting another boat if everything checks out but I already have an issue. (see type of boat picture attached). Ive mounted plenty of bow mounts but THIS time I need help. There is VERY little room under the front aluminum deck to attach washers & lock nuts for the mounting plate. Anyone have success with any type of "anchor" strong enough for this application ? Thanks.
  5. I am fairly new around here.. Are you referring to the bargn corner INSIDE BassProShop or is there a separate "outlet store".. thanks
  6. Thank you ! ( same as Nebraska)
  7. Love the "street photography" !
  8. Question: When buying a used boat in Missouri (by another Missouri resident) do the BOW NUMBERS change when I license the boat or do the numbers stay the same for the life of the boat. Thanks.
  9. Thanks I’ll check it out. Update: that one is pretty far. 40 minutes away.. but I appreciate your reply.
  10. Suggestions on leasing a covered slip reasonably close to Bee Creek. I plan on using it for a pontoon in the near future. I was previously in Holiday Island Marina.
  11. About two weeks ago the Creek bed was about dry & Cozy Cove “was” about 75% muck. Waters back up (never very deep anyway) but I know where to set my crayfish trap
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