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  1. They must be back in school.. Ive been at the lake on weekdays at the lower end of Longs Creek, its been like "Crickets" down there. Nice only a few boats out.. BUT big posterior schools of Gar..mowing on the schools of baitfish..
  2. Yes I hate boat traffic UNLESS ITS MINE !
  3. Just information for those that want to go. OR fish elsewhere
  4. Simple just like politics. When someone is trying way too hard to "convince you 24-7" run.
  5. Seems like the worst thing you can catch schooling white bass on are treble hooks. It takes too long to remove them when the water is boiling with excitement. And they don't like to be held either.. LOL
  6. Good point, I guess the water would always be cooler than that !
  7. Retrieving a delicious pizza from the water. Cricket Creek Marina has pretty good pizza. But It does not stay on the deck well unattended when getting on plane. At least I was able to enjoy several pieces idling from the dock to the no wake bouys. Note: The marina store is very well stocked & priced. Boat necessities, clothing, food, drinks, tackle & PIZZA within minutes.
  8. I hit an area yesterday on the lower Long Creek where the water temp was 86 degrees. (air temp 98). First I wondered why on earth was I on the water followed by when is the water too hot to cool an outboard sufficiently.
  9. While searching for bridges, I ended up in a school of baitfish. The Gar were having a picnic while the White Bass sped by deep & picked off the stragglers one by one. Cricket Creek Area bait fish today. <-------- Video Link
  10. Thanks... I never would have guessed that this image was a bridge, especially one that size !.
  11. My used 1860 came with a HDS 10, I just have not figured it out yet.
  12. I will see if I can find some bridges next week & see whats left. Ill post pics later..I wonder if the creek channel is STILL under the bridges...
  13. Does anyone have images (photo or down scan or side scan) of submerged smaller bridges under Table Rock Lake . After 50-60 years I don't know how much is left but I image most of the small bridges were make of wood, maybe a steel structure. I have read that wood will preserve in water with very little oxygen (probably deep). thanks.. (pic attached is NOT on Table Rock.. For demonstration only). 😉
  14. Any chance of pictures ? thanks...
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