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  1. Sounds perfect.. Some people are either dialed into shallow fish and some deep..I prefer shallow, but again I am from Nebraska so EVERYTHING is shallow (under 25)..weeds & bushes. Thanks
  2. Nice catch. Question.. How is the shoreline ? Tall rock bluffs or mud, gravel ?
  3. I have been unable to find very little about Cricket Creek marina (off hwy 14) and the waters in that area.. Good-Bad ? Anything helps. I am just making some plans. Nothing serious. I like to hit different areas of Table Rock. Thanks for any experienced impressions. Will
  4. I believe my thread has been hijacked with this pee-hole discussion. So I get all the notifications of responses.. I will stop notifications to me on my thread..
  5. RPS (nice to hear from you again- I am not at Holiday Island anymore). I guess I should have clarified "fast".. in a small boat 37 IS fast. My Starcraft 22' fiberglass deck boat with a Suzuki (I think 140) Did 43 gps- stripped down weight.. Now my old Ranger 340V with the OVERPOWERED (pos) Evinrude 175 ran 69mph "GPS" ran like a striped posterior ape. Chine walking MF, but then my 2002 Startos 18XL with the 150 Ficht did 70 on Table Rock on a glass water day & ran as smooth (no gear, 1/4 tank & a THINNER LIGHTER me), ... I am probably too old & unstable for all that anymore. Mpw I just want to hop from cove to cove & fish. For my purpose this 90 will push this Alum 1860 around just fine !
  6. REPORT : Bought it today.1860 all welded. This was the set up I have been looking for, for a long time Test ride was great. ran quiet ,smooth & popped up very quick. Water a little choppy, I am not use to these tunnel hulls but it went fast enough for a fast slap on the surface. Good electronic, 2 props, 2 trolling motors (one hand & 1 foot control), Nice thick alum trailer, boat in very good condition. Got a pretty good deal so I am happy with this purchase.
  7. I have never had a smaller motor like this 90 4 stroke. Looking forward to putting it thru MY erratic driving !I will report back tomorrow night. Hope I get the answers I NEED, not necessarily what I want to hear... I have no problem driving back empty handed. At least I take my camera gear with me so it wont be a wasted trip.. One cool pic makes it worth it. Bringing back a boat even better !!!
  8. Makes sense since oil is not suppose to be in the gas..(like a 2 stroke)..
  9. Thanks.. by the way, I also read that 4 strokes dont smoke ? Is THAT true ?
  10. That is encouraging.Thanks for your reply. Not actually being there (4 hr drive) I can only research so much from here. I am planning on driving the 4 hrs & test driving tomorrow morning. I JUST read this " """Four-Stroke results should be somewhere in the 180-210 PSI range. These are good readings. Now it is important to note here that you might see 150 or 160 PSI on certain engines when doing this test. Simply open up the throttle plates by pressing the throttle handles on the control box to wide-open throttle in neutral. This will allow more air into the system, and you should see the readings come up to that 180 or so range.""""
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