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  1. With THOSE prices, im surprised they dont come up missing more often.
  2. Nevermind. This unit Elite 7HDI is not a TOUCHSCREEN... Duhhhhhh
  3. 2 prong supply. I was thinking about the 110V outlet ground.. Then I would have to touch the ground to ground ME then I could touch the screen ( in theory)...This is my obsession for the day. Looking for an old 3 prong cord to sacrifice.
  4. I stubbled on this online. I have no experience with this place, but seems someone was looking for a cowl cover.. Here is a bunch. MOTOR COWL COVERS
  5. and THATS why they make headphones a lot cheaper than a divorce... ( dont ask how I know this)... LOL
  6. Excellent condition custom Mustang, Hot Zebra Coil Splitting Humbuckers & capacitors. Wide variety of tones. I bought this custom wired & upgraded saddled guitar online. Low comfortable fast action.Rosewood fretboard. I do not know the year but it looks like it has a very nice refinish EXCEPT for the Fender waterslide. So that said- with the Fender waterslide-It maybe possibly a Squire, import made in Japan, Korea or China. But it plays very nice sounds great. I can not sell this as an authentic factory Fender so I priced it accordingly. Selling due to arthritis in hands and I just don't play much anymore. This one has been hanging on the wall looking pretty for long enough. (No case) Cash only,no holds. Offers in person ONLY. Would consider trade for 24 volt trolling motor. $300
  7. Ok, Im getting the picture ! Not worth the money... Thanks for all the replies.
  8. I am still looking to buy another used boat. Ive been pretty lucky with the past 4 used boats but I did get burned on a used motorcycle once... SO now I am older & more cautious with my retirement money. Is the boat version of Carfax worth it ? There is a company called boathistoryreport.com that is very similar to carfax but for boats. They provide you with a history report (their "carfax") and it contains information like if the boat was in an accident, salvaged, damaged in a hurricane and several other features. Not to self... Check vin numbers twice VERY carefully (dont ask how I know this). Thanks for your replies. Will
  9. Sold. Thank you !

  10. I initially got it so my wife could scare off an intruder at the vacation house. That big boom should scare someone off. No jamming, just point & start squeezing.. That need no longer exists and I have a 9 for myself.
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