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  1. Phil Lilley

    Tips for running to the dam

    There you go... It got real skinny this afternoon... I'd pay attention to the flow real close. I didn't think they'd drop it like this. You really can't second guess these guys!! It was 705.21 ft when we went up. Pretty dicy at Rebar.
  2. Phil Lilley

    White vs Blue/White Jig Test

    Yes. Trilene or I use Vanish sometimes
  3. Phil Lilley

    Tips for running to the dam

    Well, right at this moment, they've dropped generation to less than 1 unit - which I didn't think they would do for a while. So... I should say now that it all depends on how much water they're running! Here's an article that gives you an idea what to look for as to generation.
  4. Phil Lilley

    Tips for running to the dam

    Nope. Head up the middle with this generation
  5. Phil Lilley

    Short Report

    Need to update my last report for the KC Star fishing report so I though I'd just post it here. We've seen evidence of threadfin shad coming through the dam at Table Rock this week, although we haven't seen any shad in the water ourselves. Trout have been spitting them up when caught and they're pretty bulked up. And they're hitting almost anything white - plus other lures and flies. I would not call it a full blown shad run, not just yet. I've had a lot of questions about the shad - how long will it last? How far down are the trout seeing shad? The answers are I don't know. These runs are totally unpredictable in volume and length. Of course we're hoping for more shad for the next few weeks. Most anglers are heading down lake though to catch their trout. From Monkey Island down past the Landing to Bee Creek has been very good on mainly bait and some lures. Spoon have been good as well as some flies. Guide Bill Babler caught some nice rainbows on a while wooly bugger below the Fish House yesterday. Others this weekend caught fish on midges while trout were rising across from the Landing over the weekend. Area lakes are anywhere from 18 to 30 inches above power pool so we're going to see generation to continue through the near future.
  6. Phil Lilley

    Babler's Report

    We had a little contest. Dam to the Narrows. He won 16-14.
  7. Phil Lilley

    Babler's Report

    Got out on the upper lake at 0900 yesterday morning and boated to the dam. Air temps at 26 water was 44.9 I boated up from Branson and did not see a single boat all the way to the cable. Wanted to just use a fly rod and drifted from the cable to clay banks 2 times. Started using a white/grey jig under a float about 12' and nothing the first 2 drifts. Switched to a size 8 weighted shad fly and stripped and drifted it on a straight line again 2 times from the cable to clay banks and had zero. Gave up the long stick for a drift and jerked a 110 plus one in french pearl thru the same water. Again nothing to report. That was 5 drifts on White and not even a bite. I was not fishing a jig like the boys in the video. I saw no shad and the fish I caught were spitting either grey or copper scuds. Seems to be a right place right time deal. Had noticed quite a bit of midging below the Brown Trout raceway so I tied a big dry on with a size 18 black midge about 2 ft. under it. Made 2 passes over that flat and caught one 12" brown on the dry. I had just about had a dose at this point, so I dragged out the spinning rod and bottom bounded a egg and scud from the cable to the conservation ramp.twice. Caught 4 really nice bow's on the size 14 copper/orange scud and lost one that was big, wide and silver. Fish jumped right at the boat and put a nice show on. Moved out of the restricted zone and caught about 1/2 dozen on a pink power worm from Fall Creek thru Trout Hollow on the flat side. Lots and lots of midging going on between the docks on the slacker water. Visited with Phil a bit and did whine some as I really expected the upper end to be a bit better. Moved down town and the fish really bit on just about anything you wanted to throw, from the power worm to a midge to a spoon to a small crank bait. Caught about 30 in a couple of hours. Funnest deal was stripping a size 10 wooley below the walk out just above the fish house. You would get a bite on just about every throw. Best bite was at the end of the drift after the swing, just holding it in the current. They would just thump it. I missed more than I caught. On a side note, folks fishing the docks below Scotty's were catching really nice fish on Power Bait. Looked to me to be very nice fresh Big stockers. Here is a bit of a pictorial of the copper/orange scud that I have had really good success with the past week. Good Luck out there. View full article
  8. Phil Lilley

    Got lucky today. Last cast.

    My wife uses that to take stains out of my shirts...
  9. Phil Lilley

    PS Announcement

    I'm 60... I might look into that.
  10. Phil Lilley

    Got lucky today. Last cast.

    Both browns - one lost and one landed - came from slack water. Interesting... But the ones we've been seeing porpoise down here are out in the middle.
  11. Phil Lilley


  12. Phil Lilley

    2019 Shad Run Part 2

    It's a GoPro 4 and Sennheiser ew100 mic system. I have the GoPro 5 but hooking a mic to it is tough. I do need to look and see if they've come up with something better and change over to using the 5's. My 4 is getting pretty beat up.

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