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  1. Our water coming in from TR is 57-58. Surface at the dam has to get at and below that for the lake to turn. This is a good start. It usually doesn't turn till mid December. Hoping for an early turn.
  2. What's the water temperature on the lake... anyone?
  3. Can you guys post water temperatures and locations? I’m curious how much it’s dropped in the last few days. Thanks
  4. Comments say it hasn’t been officially weighed yet but over 45 pounds. One comment - The angler wanted anonymity. I spoke with him again tonight when he came in for a meal & he asked to give his name as Shamus. He caught it on the ohau canal But what he caught it on - I'm sorry, I didn't ask him.
  5. I see it now. This could be the fish. The dorsal looks right. But it's the wrong side to compare markings. Caught 9/19 on a black leech wading below the dam looks like.
  6. The only one that's big enough on our trophy release board is 27 inches and it is not the same fish. I'm going back to the last of September. There's a good chance it is one that was caught and released... it's super hard not to kill big trout this time of year.
  7. Headed down to Grenada, Mississippi last week for some crappie fishing. Duane made the trip last fall and said it was a blast. He and Brother Dave, Dillion Harris and Mike Riffel met us down there. I was with long time friend and Frank the Tank catcher, Paul Crews of Neosho, MO. Paul and I fished with Jacob, a long time guide for https://www.grenadalakecharters.com/ out of Grenada. We started early Friday morning, not traveling far to the boat ramp. Jacob had everything ready including 18 and 20 foot rods and a tank full of gizzard shad minnows. The lake looked very low. Ja
  8. Did you happen to measure the brown?
  9. Just got back from Genada. Lake is full of fish... lots of gizzard shad and big crappie. I'd like to go back and try some things other than spider rigging. It is an interesting lake though.
  10. Not sure.... I have not talked to Linell. But I know they have a problem keeping boats away from their dock... and they can't seem to keep buoys anchored there in front of the resort.
  11. Anyone else have any ideas. Your operating system or browser doesn't like the forum's something... I don't know enough about this to give any thoughts.
  12. That's most of the reason I haven't been up there fishing in a couple of years. I remember may be night fishing 2018... All week last week, there was ONE guy in a v-bottom boat boating from below the Narrows, to the Narrows and I think up to Lookout -- getting out and wading. He was the ONLY one doing it. He had a mile of awesome wading water all to himself. I have mixed feelings about even writing about it... because I don't want the word to get out. But there again I have been talking about it for years and still... no one wades this area. I personally don't really care ab
  13. Talking to a guy on the lake this morning, fishing up from Short Creek -- he said he's catching fish on a white 1/32nd ounce jig. The lake is super low this morning. Powersite must have generated all night after TR shut down. I've never seen the gravel bar out of the water this much at the Narrows other than when they pull the lake down for maintenance.
  14. Good to see that many medium sized browns.
  15. Time is flying . . . it's fall and fall weather is here! Rain and barely 50 degrees Monday with 6,200 cubic feet per second of water, which is different. They ran one unit all day, again a break from the pattern. Today (10/20), they are running some water later in the day. This was the pattern a couple of weeks ago. We'll see what they do the rest of the week. It's hard to say at this point in time. Trout fishing this past week has been fairly slow for most anglers. Not sure why since the dissolved oxygen content in the lake has been normal for this time of year. Weather has been
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