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  1. I haven't been following for a while... $290 per test but my nephew said they only do a throat swab so I'm not sure it's the same... This is on the strip in Branson. We were approved for a SBA loan yesterday. Our accountant applied for us. If we qualify, we don't have to pay it back. Otherwise, we'll pay it back later this year after things start back up... may be. Not sure if I posted on here, we are closed. Several reasons but the bottom line it was for my employees. Our neighbors are still open though. Lazy and Ozark. The lake is baron of boats and trout fishing is very good. I'd love to see more news items posted on the latest info - that's what this thread was started for, although I like the discussions too. https://www.foxnews.com/media/immunologist-possible-cure-for-the-coronavirus This was interesting yesterday.
  2. I like it all... except the spider thing. But I've never done it.
  3. You know.... there's just something about the "thump" a crappie makes when he eats your bait.
  4. I took my go pro intending to make a video too... terrible. Paul took one of the hybrid. I didn’t even ask for it.
  5. Me and Paul Crews met up at Bucksaw on Monday evening for some crappie fishing. Stayed at Bucksaw RV park in Paul's 5th wheel. I pulled my boat up. We put in at BS Monday and fished for a few hours before dark. Didn't go very far... picked a cove (they call them arms) and started casting. We ended up with 8 nice keepers and a few shorts. I lost something very large - wrapped me around one of the millions of trees in the lake. Using my trout gear so I couldn't do much with him. 4-pound line. It happened again on Wednesday but the hook pulled out. Not a cat... no slim on the line. We fished the lake again on Wednesday, full day. We ventures out further towards the main lake but never got to the 13 bridge. So here's what we did on the lake- I have a Garmin Livescope. Paul esp wanted to see it work so we scoped out trees and tried to catch fish... It didn't work like it did on Table Rock. The fish would scatter when we pulled up on the trees. Spooky. But we did utilize the technology... we found them in areas plus we could tell what depth most were holding which was 10--12 feet almost everywhere. We didn't find fish in less than 12 feet of water generally either... all out in deeper water. And scattered. So we did better casting and retrieving, or trolling. Paul used the 2-jig method and made me a believer pretty quick. Depending on what we were doing, we'd use 2 1/16th's or 1- 1/18th and 1-1/16 with the heavier on the bottom. On the river, we used heavier jigs altogether because of the current. We used curly tail grubs, swimming minnows but mainly used Bobby Garland's Baby Shad in anything that had chartruese in them. I tried my marabou jigs... I caught whites on them. Crappie didn't want them WT was 53 early, warming to as high as 60 in the afternoon. Water color was muddy, turbid... I'm not used to describing water like this so... it was good for crappie fishing. Lots of people out all 3 days, just like Bill reported last week. Tuesday we fished the river below Truman Dam. Everyplace there was an eddie, it was FULL of fish and mostly crappie. Up close to the dam, down at the first bend on the right (inlet to a residential cove) and on the left (point). And we drifted and casted on the river right from the line down to the bridge and caught mainly whites and one hybrid. We had no problem catching limits on the river and didn't keep anything under 10 inches but didn't have anything over 12, and the crappie didn't have the meat on them like the lake crappie did. Wednesday on the lake - we struggled a bit. We experimented a bit, moving and fishing bluff banks and cuts where no one else was fishing. And we found them there and caught them but never could get a string of them caught. Here and there. Did do well trolling a transition bank area when the wind picked up. Set the Trolling motor about 1 mph and drug a couple of baits 50-60 feet behind the boat, trying to keep them about 12 feet deep, fishing 24-28 FOW. They're not even thinking about moving to the bank IMO. Eggs were firm and they're still scattered. But they're getting hammered pretty hard my the Livescopers and Spiderriggers. No pics... sorry Bill.
  6. Crazy... and hardly anyone here to enjoy it.
  7. Most fishermen are chasing whites, crappie and walleye. And those stinkin bass.
  8. From the Corps ALL.Due to installation of unit # 4 head gate over the next couple days, we will be making daily changes to discharges from the Dam. The change is due to the requirement for diving operations to install the gate into the gate slot.When units 2 and 3 go offline this afternoon (1600) Table Rock power plant will close gates 1 through 5 and open gates 6 through 10 to 3' each (5 gates at 3-feet). The spillway release for this setting will be approximately 16,800 cfs and the overall release (one unit + spillway) will be approximately 20,200 cfs. When the units come back online (currently scheduled as tomorrow morning, 3/31, at 0800) plant staff will return the spillway gates to their current setting (all 10 gates at 1'). The spillway release for this setting will be approximately 11,600 cfs, for a total release (3 units + spillway) of approximately 21,600 cfs.According to the outage schedule, this operation will be repeated from 1600 on 3/31 to 0800 on 4/1. /rSteveSteven A. HernandezSWL-Hydroelectric Power Operations Manager
  9. Put in about 5 last evening. I knew Beaver was packed with boats above 160 bridge and didn’t want to join the crowd there... thought the whites were up there they should be in Swan too. Parking wasn’t bad. Not very crowded. Lots of people in the park enjoying a beautiful day. Word of caution... BS Is rising almost a foot a day. You got one more day of clearance to get under the bridge. WT was 63 at the mouth which was hard to believe. 60 at the bend. Upper 50’s most other places. Good color but real clear on up. We boated to just below the next bridge. First cast small male white. Saw a few others. Some schools of trout too. One more small white, then worked out way back out. Fished the mouth till late. Nothing but saw small schools of whites moving around. Won’t be long... hopefully they’ll let people put in off the road at the old lodge.
  10. Just a few picks. Caught nothing but it’s going to get good there pretty quick! wt 51-53
  11. I see the Corps pages and app is not working... sometimes when it rains it goes down for a while. BUT I see the USGS river gages are not working either. Don't tell me they've "closed" to the point of not providing that information to the public! Did they do that during the last "shut down"? I thought USGS did but not the Corps?!
  12. Almost 1.5 inches of rain this morning. Looks like NW Arkansas didn't get as much. North of Table Rock got more. It rained hard here several times. Beaver will have to release everything coming in... I'm not sure at what point/level they'll increase the release at TR... App is down so I can't tell what the lakes are doing but it's early. Wait and see. We may start pulling pontoons out just in case.
  13. I have written fishing reports on the internet for Lake Taneycomo for the past 25 years . . . but this report feels very eerie. Why? Because I'm not really writing for anyone who's coming to fish the lake anytime soon. For that reason, I have to write it coming from a different perspective. May be it will look the same. . . I don't know. The whole White River basin received a big rain on Friday, one that was not forecast. Most of the area received four inches of rain while some netted six inches or more. Beaver Lake jumped up past its flood pool of 1,130 feet so officials have been dumping more than 16,000 cubic feet of water per second since Saturday morning. That lake is now below 1,129 feet, falling fairly rapidly. But this, in turn, is adding to Table Rock Lake. Last time this happened, officials cut back on the release when Beaver hit the 1,128.5 feet mark which will be today. We'll see what they do. Table Rock has come up over six feet since Friday and is still rising about four inches a day. Dam operators are running 20,000 cubic feet of water per second through Table Rock Dam presently and will continue for at least a week. This is while the weathermen are forecasting more rain this week -- up to two inches in some places. Table Rock's level is up over 923 feet. I think our flood gates at Table Rock Dam have been opened more in the past year than any other year in its history. Now I don't have statistics to back that up, but since they were open quite a lot in October through December and then again in February and now March, I'd say I'm safe with that assumption. Besides a good run last March and a few here and there other times, we've haven't seen threadfin shad coming over the top. Not until this week. Starting Tuesday of last week, shad started pouring over the spill gates in Lake Taneycomo, delighting those fishing that day. But the shad continued into Wednesday, and Thursday, and our trout quickly stomached their fill of shad flies and white jigs. Fishing got tough, at times. But then we started to see periods of no shad and the bite started again. This past weekend, the bite was on most of the time, although in the middle of the day it slowed down. It could have been because of the influx of boat traffic up close to the dam. Sometimes that drives the fish down, and they don't bite. But still, most people were catching big, fat rainbows and loving it. When it slowed, the trick was to keep the white 1/8th-ounce jig or the shad fly on the bottom where the fish were holding. During feeding times, it seemed like you didn't have to do anything special except drop the jig or fly into the lake. So just about anything white was hot. We're using white jigs and white shad flies but then we're using combination of colors with white and something else like blue, gray, olive or pink. We're also dragging small stick baits on the bottom, too. They're not hitting scuds or San Juan worms anymore -- not right now and I really not sure why. Usually the San Juan does well in high water after a big rain. There was so many shad that came over the dam that Blake Wilson from our staff saw some all the way down at the lower dam on Taneycomo -- Powersite Dam. They'd drifted all 22 miles of the lake. Since fish throughout the lake were fed some threadfins this week, there's nothing wrong with throwing that white jig throughout the lake, not just in the trophy area. We're pulling the boat up in slack water different places and working the white jig in both the seam, where the fast and slow water meet, and in the slower, eddy water and doing very well. Here's a One Cast video where I did just that. Captain Rick Lisek had his clients drift shad flies from the mouth of Fall Creek down to Trout Hollow on Sunday, catching their limits of nice rainbows. That's not surprising at all knowing our trout have seen these shad throughout the lake now. Nathan Bolerjack of our staff fished with me Monday and, while doing One Cast, took some pictures of rainbows we caught using my Photarium, a plexi-glass tank made for holding and photographing fish in. Although the catching was slow, we managed a few pretty rainbows to photograph. I've sprinkled the report with the pics. And here's a walleye we float alive but floating below the dam. Took a pic and put her back. She swam away - hopefully it survived the 200 foot fall... it was pretty shook up. View full article
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