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  1. @timsfly Tim Homesley said he did very well fishing below the dam this morning. Caught a lot of nice rainbows including a 23 incher.
  2. Headed there with the family this week. Not sure how much fishing we'll do but probably will go blue gill fishing with the kids. Anyone fish it?
  3. Didn't see much activity until I got down below the rootwad - or the Big Hole. As the sun came up, I saw quite a few big trout, probably browns, jumping further down lake, more like in the Rocking Chair hole. Did see a few 20 inch browns work their way up to the skinny water. Going to have to come up with new names for that area... there's no rebar hole anymore... and the stump isn't in play either. Most of the water comes over the bar, down the middle of the lake basically. It was the first time I'd been up there with the water off during the day in about 2 years.
  4. Woke up early this morning. Drove to the dam with a couple of spinning rods and jigs and my DO meter. Didn't do much as far as fishing. Took readings from above outlet #1 down to the "big hole". They are all labeled. The one that really surprised me was the .2 reading above outlet #1. I rebooted the meter a couple of times to make sure something wasn't wrong with it. Of course, as I moved down and took more readings, I knew it was working correctly. I didn't see any sculpins - nothing - above outlet #1, of course. But from outlet #1 down I saw plenty of fish -- sculpins a
  5. I know I'm stating the obvious to boaters who know... it's boating 101. Port to Port. I see ppl on this lake all the time cutting across to my right instead of staying on their right. They see a straighter line instead of staying port to port. They don''t know. We balk at the boater's license here at the marina because there's a lot of young adults that want to rent a boat and can't because we can't issue the temp license - because they've already been issued one (that's the limit - one) and they won't take the time to get the real license. But may be everyone should be req
  6. You should be able to click "Add files" and choose your pics. But not sure on the 5.
  7. I mentioned this on today's One Cast but thought I'd write it out here. It's somewhat interesting. Yesterday the fishing was just fishing, no catching. No one hardly. We had some video work done for a commercial and tried to catch some picture fish for it... I fished most of the morning without a bite. Blake even tried behind the dock and only caught one. I took a DO reading at the dock - 3.6 ppm. 58 degrees. Not good. Took several more in different locations - no better than 3.9. They started running water, 2 units. I boated to the dam and took another readying - 3.7 ppm.
  8. BS dropped 6 inches in 24 hours... guess they're in a hurry. Nice catches.
  9. I put in on TR this morning to take a couple of boys fishing..... had scuds swimming around in my livewell.
  10. Map - pre Table Rock Lake. Cool find. There's a dock at the mouth of Swan Creek, what's the name? Lots of texts there I'd love to read. See the names of spots, what they were called back then. Even the golf course on E76 - I used to play there. It's where Holiday Hills is now but it was 9 holes and there was an a-frame near the road that was the "club house". Very rocky course.
  11. I would think with high water for the last few years and minimal fishing pressure, BS should be fishing quite well.
  12. I changed the font - this looks to be the darkest, boldest. I applied for a phone app (invision). Never saw this option before. Might be interesting.
  13. I think I increased the overall font size. See if this made a difference.
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