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  1. Phil Lilley

    New CORPS notification for tailwaters

    What are you trying to find, Dan?
  2. Email from David Pitt: We've added a new feature that will notify you, with a text message, when water generation changes up or down... Text "w table" to 913-270-0360 and you will be texted current generation when release/discharge changes. You can still text "g table" and "s table" to get current and scheduled generation. It supports all tailwater's on the white river system, bull, beaver, littlered, norfork, and more... Here's a web site with more documentation on this utility. Feel free to share. https://keyholelabs.com/convo/cfswater Thanks, David Pitt
  3. Phil Lilley


    Our flight was pretty much full... but I'm sure the tourist travel to Iceland will slow down very soon.
  4. Phil Lilley


    Ice caving today. It was cool in more ways than one, but after it was said and done, I'd say the company needs to do a better job of letting clients know the risks. Our guide, a nice guy - common sense kind of guy - only does this part time. The last time he'd done a tour was 2 weeks ago. These caverns are created when small lakes form on top of the glacier, then gets flushed down through a hole made at the bottom and then out the side or end of the glacier wall. These "caves" don't last long. The collapse due to melting. And if you were in or near one when it did... you'd be dead. The guide was spooked, especially when we walked over to a water fall that was up in a small cavern (no pics, just a video). We had to walk up into a cavern, not a cave, but the walls were high and there were chunks of ice dangling above our heads. About the time we got up in there, he was telling everyone to turn around and head out. Of course, not many paid any attention. Standing out where it was "safe", he told me 2 weeks ago the wall of the glacier and the water fall was 10 meters closer. In another words, the water fall had moved, and lots of ice had fell and melted, more than 25 feet. Walking back to the bus, the guide said he wasn't coming back again this year... it was too dangerous. He didn't think the cave would last much longer. Another little thing that happens - when these "lakes" drain out, they usually drain out all at once causing a flash flood. Depending on the size of lake, the river of water could be substantial. Last year, a flash flood cut some tourists off from their bus for about 2 hours. Not sure I want to be in that business...
  5. Phil Lilley


    OK... I checked on a fishing trip for Friday. Not many outfitters fishing right now I guess. Contacted a couple and they said season was over for them. Last one said it was "prime" for char on the Varma River between Hella and Reykjavik. Said they could pick me up in Hella, where we're staying tomorrow night, and supply waders, equipment and license for 1190 Euro. I'll let you google what that is in the usd. I said no thank you.
  6. Phil Lilley


    Yes we did. $600 non stop out of St Louis. Not bad... Greg was searching google flights the other day and said we could fly to London for $100 round trip from here if we wanted to... Not this time.
  7. Phil Lilley


    They do charge for all plastic bags... like in grocery stores. Good idea
  8. Phil Lilley


    All heating here is from geothermal water. It's pumped in and runs through radiators in each room. Hot water is also heated by the same. All electricity is generated by geothermal too
  9. Phil Lilley


    This is a headwater rivers runs into one of the largest lakes in Iceland. I saw 30-36 inch Brown’s everywhere spawning. No fishing. Area is protected.
  10. What do you think of when someone says you’re going to Iceland? My wife, son and sis-in-law planned this trip a year ago and here we are in the middle of a ten day tour. Spent 3 days in Reykjavík. Fascinating city. Almost every building is made on concrete. Got in the country yesterday. Wasn’t what I expected. Rolling plains with mountains always in view. Lots of sheep and horses and few cattle. Farms are large and spread apart. Good road system. Climate isn’t far from ours. A little less daylight right now. Language is very difficult, both hearing and reading. But almost everyone speaks English too. This is a headwater rivers runs into one of the largest lakes in Iceland. I saw 30-36 inch Brown’s everywhere spawning. No fishing. Area is protected.
  11. Phil Lilley

    2018 CT Carp Classic Open

    I'm not sure what's going on with you guys but it's annoying. Seriously.
  12. Phil Lilley

    More flooding at Montauk

    Spammer... I deleted the post and the quote - so that the links are not live on the site. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Phil Lilley

    TR for this upcoming weekend

    So that was you guys I saw a little while ago... sorry I didn't recognize you all. I actually thought it was another guy, a local. I struggled out there this evening.
  14. Phil Lilley

    Observations, 10/4

    Megaworm... I'm really not the one to tell you cause i haven't fished it that much. I did today though and while I was fishing it, I thought "I need to write or video something on this thing". Confirmation! Today while the water was coming on, I fished a white one under a float 8 feet deep and fished along the bluff bank across from Short Creek - caught 2 rainbows and missed another. Jeremy Hunt is probably the best to say and I'll ask him next time I talk to him. He catches a lot of trout on it here and in Arkansas. I've sighted fish for trout using it, throwing it in shallow water and twitching it back, watching for it to disappear. I'll get on this and try to have something before I leave next week on vacation.
  15. Phil Lilley

    Observations, 10/4

    Yes I do. I have them on a 220R hook as well as the 3769. I wrap a small copper wire over the dubbing too.

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