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  1. That's right... Flathead beat Frank!
  2. I guess the DO levels dropped to 4ppm so the Corp is making sure water quality stays ok. Table Rock just won’t quite turn over. But the cold snap next week should do it.
  3. Yes. But I’m not sure it helped allot. We moved down the drop off and stayed constantly in 20 foot of water. Paul was watching it and saw fish take his jig but I didn’t and I caught more fish.
  4. This is the only picture I took. It’s off a pond I say by Monday morning.
  5. Last Sunday 11/15, I headed to Arcadia, MO to hunt with long time friend, Paul Crews. He has a nice, small spread and a "hunting cabin" in the woods. I only wanted to kill a doe. I'd take 2 if given the chance. But I didn't want to kill a buck. It was Paul's land and he was hunting a big buck. I don't care about horns. Sunday evening, Paul had me sit on the ground inside a wooded area. Saw nothing. Monday morning, we hunted the opposite corner of the woods because the wind had shifted. I sat on the ground again looking slightly down a dip -- very brushy conditions which I'm p
  6. A little of both... but I did not get a deer last week so... I'll have to start a new topic and share my big buck stories.
  7. Sorry - a bass have to be 8 pounds before we give a catch and release award out... may be next time
  8. I've never owned one. But I'm in the market. Any suggestions? Favorites? Thanks
  9. I attended the crappie show here in Branson a couple of weeks ago - there I saw some really nice, adjustable screen mounts for mainly the livescope setup. Problem is I didn't write any of the manufacture company names down. I'm wanting an adjustable mount for the bow screen setup. Any suggestions?
  10. Patience. We really wanted to see what it was more than landing it. But Paul got its head in his crappie net 😀 and I helped get it in the boat.
  11. Across 40 to 65. Pretty simple. The north route is ok too. About the same time.
  12. We fished the Spring River side yesterday from noon till dark. Found them on the drop off mostly in 19 feet of water on the bottom. Kept 10 keeper crappie from 12-16 inches, couple of white bass. They flat head was 44 inches, snagged in the tail. That was fun. And what is this?
  13. Trying Gimp. Having a hard time creating a file I can use. Can't "save as" to any file that's excepted online (FB YT)
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