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  1. Juvenile eagles from the St Johns River

    Wonderful trip. Thanks for taking us along!
  2. Lake Taneycomo - we have a fishing tournament scheduled this Saturday at Lilleys' Landing. 2-person team $50 entry per team Big Rainbow $200 and Brown Trout $200 Cash Prize Artificial Only Contest 8 am - 4 pm weighin Big Feed after the tournament Rain is forecasted for Saturday but the fish don't mind.... they're already wet!
  3. Saturday

    We don't rebuild them... we send them in.
  4. Rains acomin’

    That 10-spot keeps getting closer to SW Missouri.
  5. Rains acomin’

    7 day accumulative.
  6. Saturday

    They said almost all the jon boats had damaged props Saturday - that's 10. Either rebuilt or we file them out. To answer your question - a bunch.

    Did I mention we had a willow tree in our back yard?

    My neighbor had 2 nice maples trees in their front yard about 20 feet apart. I got the bright idea to make a very long rubber band, secure each end to each tree, made gigantic spit wads and shot them at cars going by - at night of course. I only did it one night... I got caught.
  9. Anyone else see this?

    Unfortunately, I can't control (or I don't know how to) ads that appear in the google ad spaces on OA and OAF. They are viewer driven - what you browse on your computer shows up in ads. You can click on them and object to the content or use an ad blocker. I will point out though that when you post an image of the objectionable ad, it does show up and viewable to everyone.
  10. Saturday

    I haven't been out on the lake on a Saturday, in the winter, in a long time. After yesterday, I know why. And for some reason the trophy area was the place to be! We did have a couple of groups who collectively wanted to fish the trophy area this weekend - one from Arkansas and one from Oklahoma. Together they probably had 20 boats and most were fishing between Lookout and the Narrows Saturday afternoon. And I don't think the trout appreciated the traffic. The group did fish early in the morning and was able to boat past Lookout, some to the cable, and fish before the Corps drop the levels back down to 35 megawatts. They said fishing was very good - white jigs was the best lure. Some did drift a scud on the bottom and caught some nice rainbows. We're still seeing a lot of rainbows in spawning colors - real pretty. I got out about 1 pm and joined the floatilla. Did ok on a 1/16th black jig until the wind nixed my jig fishing. The guys did ok fishing a scud under an indicator (fly fishing) but as the afternoon dragged on and more boats made it up to the area, the bite shut off for us. Sun came out too which didn't seem to help fishing but it did warm us up - I think my guys got sleepy. Yea- this weekend espcially is a busy weekend on the lake - always has been. It was fun though... watching all the yea-hoos barrel up the crowded Narrows channel through traffic only to plow a row through the shallow gravel. If they only drove a little slower we might have told them.
  11. TR placeholder for this weekend!

    Yesterday was incredible. Today, not good.

    The switch thing... we had a weeping willow in the back yard. Need I say more. It's not the discipline across the rear that directs a child; it's the tear in the eye and the care in the heart that teaches and guides. You never hit a kid in anger - that's abuse. If you're mad - go cool off and come back to the issue when you can handle it right. If you can't, you better get yourself straightened out before your kid gets out of hand. That's my piece on raising and discipling kids. Today - its a lost art.
  13. TR placeholder for this weekend!

    We caught a ton of rainbows above and in the narrows this afternoon. Black #14 zebra and I did well on a #14 blue/gray scud. Nothing over 16 inches.

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