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  1. Sadly, Waino might be done. Not a good way to go out. They looked at strikes and swung at balls. They need to go up and swing aggressively the rest of the series. They can do no worse.
  2. Sounds like you guys figured it out. TR is dropping now. Might be at 917 by tomorrow or earlier. All it has to drop is .37 of a foot.
  3. Always loos brown after a rain like that. But it clears quickly.... flushes out. Nice to be a tailwater. Table Rock's at 917.45 this morning. They'll run this flow till it drops down past 917 feet. Flood gates that equal 2 units. Turbine release at 2 units. Lake level is at 710 feet - about right for 4 units.
  4. Table Rock has almost crested. They will run gates till TR drops below 927 feet
  5. 3 gates now readings: Spill side - 68.7 highest and 8.8 ppm DOTurbine side - 57.7 highest and 4.3 ppm DO wind was tough! No fish caught. Saw one caught on a red San Juan worm (Rolan Duffield)
  6. Shane said this should help DO levels. We'll see what the water temp is. Should dump some shad in... and other fish at least right at the beginning.
  7. 2 gates will open today at noon 1 foot each. Email from the Corps: Table Rock Dam is required to make small releases from the gates due to power generation issues. The release will not exceed typical power generation releases.Gates 3 and 5 will open to one foot (1') each around 1200 today. The total spillway flow will be approximately 2,000 dsf . The total release combined with hydropower will be approximately 11,000 dsf.
  8. I heard about this... not good. Heard traffic is backed up big time = sending it through residential Hollister. That'll take a while to fix too. We got clear water moving down the lake this morning. DD is guiding and catching trout up lake. As for Table Rock, texting Shane Bush this morning about the possibility of flood gates. He said TR is cooling down real fast and that the water at the dam 40 feet down shouldn't be too bad. So flood gates might not be a bad thing after all. It would help the DO for sure. Back in 09, a lot of browns disappeared after that event. That's why MDC upped the number stocked for several years after that.
  9. Our rain gage holds 5 inches - it was overflowing this morning. Thankfully the heaviest rain is east of us but still... TR’s basin got 3-4 inches last night. If TR gets to 919-920, look for flood gates. That may spell disaster for our brown trout, as it did in September 2009 when they opened gates. One good thing is TR’s temperature should be cooler this time which may help alot.
  10. I'm REALLY surprised more people haven't voted. If TU gets it, we'll have a vote-off to see which chapter gets it. That'd be fun. You smallmouth guys need to get on the stick - get the word out.
  11. I added the amount to the title. Come on... call your friends and have them vote. That's a lot of money!!
  12. As promised, this poll will decide who will receive google ad money from this site. We will write a check for September's take to the one who gets the most votes. Voting ends midnight Sunday, October 13th. In case of a tie, we'll have a one day vote-off.
  13. We've had a lot of conversations about old Wiggle Warts.
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