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  1. Not many small browns. I haven't seen one less than 17 inches.
  2. Babler says he can't post. Anyone having problems, like not posting, send me a pm. If you can't do that, an email lilley @
  3. A little late posting but this brown was caught by Adam Bennett last week on a shad rap.
  4. It's not as much BS getting down... it's when will they be able to shut Table Rock down to make the repairs. That's going to be a while. It took 3 weeks to get TR down from 934 to 927 feet and that's not dropping Beaver at all. Now both are dumping at 20k cfs... more water in the system. It's going to be well into August before these lakes see normal levels, if then.
  5. This too will pass...
  6. Saw this on FB... Corp sent me a text saying it will be 20k at noon. They should coordinate what they release to the public better. I'm sure it will be 20k - it's at 14k now.
  7. Good... get ahead of it. I'm sure it will go much higher.
  8. He's changed a setting - newer version of PHP. Takes a little time to work. But he said we'll work through all issues - it'll be ok.
  9. Release Notice: Table Rock Dam will go from 14,000 to 20,000 today at noon. All 10 gates will be open 6 inches.
  10. Thought I'd start another topic for this rain event. For seeing how much rain has fallen, I use Beaver jumped up from 1129.09 to 1129.26 between 6 and 7 this morning but didn't change at the 8 am reading. It has less than a foot of free board before they start to dump. Question is how much are they going to release? Table Rock has 4 feet of free board. It's at 927.01. Beaver area got a solid 3 inches or more. On east, we got a solid 2 inches plus. I don't think the James will rise too much - don't think TR got hammered like Beaver but TR is going to get a lot of water from Beaver pretty soon. I'm hoping TR can hold what has fallen so they won't have to run too much water through us next week. I don't think it's a matter of flooding for us, it's a matter of whether we will be able to get to our dock, to keep our dock open. This does mean that TR will stay high through the Memorial Weekend which doesn't bode well for resort and marinas. I feel for the State Park guys... and others affected by this high water.
  11. I've sent this to my server guy.
  12. We moved OAF to a new server last night so if you see problems on the forum let me know.
  13. I'll look into it.