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  1. Eclipse

    Me and Duane went fishing too.
  2. Wadeable areas on Taneycomo

  3. Missing pectoral fins

    I don't know of any studies involving rainbows at this time...
  4. Rich Strolis's Hydro Larva

    Caught some big salmon in Michigan on this fly....
  5. It really is hard to say. There's a lot of variables. Let us know when you float is - how long.
  6. Hummm... one unit, if you're not doing anything to move you downstream and no wind, 4 hours? 5 hours. Slow going after Fall Creek. 2 units, half the time maybe.
  7. Alaska 2018 - OAF Trip!

    I thought it would be nice if we put a group of OAF'ers together and go to Alaska for a week. This is the place I go. http://naknekrivercamp.com It's not the ritz and the rate reflects it. But it's not that bad either. In the past, I'd call it a "guys" camp but with all the improvements the Johnson's have done in the past few years, a lot of wives and family groups have gone and had a great time. Food - very good! Fishing - world class. And it's ALASKA! I tell people you're going to spend about $5,500. $3,500 on lodging/food/guides, $1,200 on flights, about $500 on tips (estimate) and the rest of incidentals like new tackle. Weeks run Saturday to Saturday. I'm looking at arriving on Saturday, June 23. What's biting? That's about the first of the sockeye and king salmon run and rainbows are in full attack mode on smolt. There's also rainbows and grayling on dries in the slack water on the river and optional fly outs to remote rivers in the area. The week includes a trip to Brooks Camp to fish the Brooks River and view brown bears at the falls and on the river. Big Creek is a major feeder creek running into the Naknek. The last couple of years, the king run has been awesome, so there you'll get a shot at a 15-40 pound king on a fly. Check out their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/alaskas.naknekrivercamp They need a deposit of $1,750 by the end of the year to hold a spot. There are a handful of guys who have gone to NRC in the past years from this area and are members of OAF. I can have them give reviews of the place and fishing. Questions? I'll follow this initial post with details on how we fish for salmon and rainbows. We use both spin and fly gear.
  8. Missing pectoral fins

    Yes that would be it
  9. Alaska 2018 - OAF Trip!

    There's not much fishing that early driving north but it's pretty (Denali). Best to drive south toward Soldatna Like Gavin said. There's decent wade fishing on the Kenai if you know what you're doing. If you take your extra trip after your Naknek trip, you'll have a better idea what to do. I help guide a couple of groups there 12 years ago. We used the chuck and duck method and caught plenty of fish wading. There is inexpensive freezer storage at the airport in Anchorage for any fish you'd bring back from Naknek if you do tour for a couple of days afterward.
  10. Alaska 2018 - OAF Trip!

    Yes they have quite a few options for fly outs. This is the flight service we use most of the time. I flew with them to Brooks in July. http://skytrekkingalaska.com/day-trips-charters/charter-flights
  11. Alaska 2018 - OAF Trip!

    Logistics: You fly into King Salmon (retired US Air Force Base and full runway). It's a 10 mile drive to NRC.
  12. Alaska 2018 - OAF Trip!

    You should be able to get to Anchorage in time to catch the flight to King Salmon via Pen Air. The last flight is usually about 7 p.m.. Otherwise, you can fly into Anchorage on Friday and catch a morning flight to K.S.. Almost all flights out of Anchorage (return) leave late at night/overnight flights. There are exceptions. Some people add a couple of days ahead or at the end of their trip to travel and see some sights if it's the first time in AK. Regardless of when you arrive and leave, you'll fish 6 full days, Sunday - Friday. Saturday is work day (change over) for staff and rest day for guides. Meals will be served, though, for those who are at camp. There are some considerations for arriving and departing... ideally, they like you to arrive mid day and later, and leave on a morning flight. That's so they don't have double the guests at camp during the middle of the day. It gets crowded.
  13. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    I sell the hats. Need to check and see what we have in stock.
  14. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    Babler would know who was killed - few years back. He hit the tree at night and got knocked out of the boat. Wife survived. I've done stupid stuff too and lived to tell about it. And haven't hurt anyone either, but thankful, very thankful. Mine are either in a vehicle, or in my boat in fog.
  15. Banner Day!

    When pants are being unzipped... that's a sure fire sign that we should lock things up and say good night. I do hope cooler heads prevail on the next discussion. Thanks
  16. Banner Day!

    What brought this on? I thought we were on the uphill climb out of the pit. Did someone send you a nasty PM?
  17. Gar Flys

    OK, first time on the Taneycomo Forum. And I know I can google or youtube it but I thought this would be fun. What's the best way to catch a needlenose gar? Nylon rope? There's a BIG school of them at the Narrows - big ones, small ones and real big ones!! They got to be eating trout. So we have 2 reasons to try to catch them!
  18. Banner Day!

    Actually, I challenge everyone here to go to your profile and fill it out. Write a bio. Nothing fancy. Most of you guys are invested in this site... I think it's a good idea. I'd enjoy reading them at least.
  19. Banner Day!

    Exactly! I hand out detailed information for a living - and because I love my sport and want to share it with as many people as possible. That's why I created this site in 1997. Through the years, I've seen many anglers come and go, sharing info - even spots - and as far as I know there are still fish in the water. Now there are exceptions and conditions to everything. One, I share on fishing mostly Taneycomo where trout are stocked. Very much different than rivers and creeks most of you guys are in love with. So I acknowledge that difference and understand reluctance to post details/spots. But how about the novice. What about the fellowship of friends who like to share fishing stories and pictures? As long as I have a say here, those things will be encouraged. I, for one, would like to hear a fishing story from @thewhitesnoop. Where do you like to fish? How do you like to fish, fly fish? Spin? We all assume river fish for smallies, other green fish. I'm not belittling you, but I am making a point. You've made yourself clear on what you believe but no one knows anything about you. Give us more to go on and then may be we can take the constructive criticism with a little less suspension.
  20. John Weisgerber

    From the album Lake Taneycomo

    John Weisgerber brought in this 24.35 inch brown today, caught on a Lucky Strike Ghost Minnow, gray, just up from our dock. Weight - 6.94 pounds, 18 inch girth. Released.
  21. Lake Taneycomo

    Tailwater below Table Rock Dam.
  22. JohnWeisgerber

    From the album Lake Taneycomo

    John Weisgerber brought in this 24.35 inch brown today, caught on a Lucky Strike Ghost Minnow, gray, just up from our dock. Weight - 6.94 pounds, 18 inch girth. Released.
  23. John Weisgerber, 24.25-inch brown

    From the album Lake Taneycomo

    John Weisgerber brought in this 24.35 inch brown today, caught on a Lucky Strike Ghost Minnow, gray, just up from our dock. Weight - 6.94 pounds, 18 inch girth. Released.

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  24. Gar Flys

    Where is that? Caught it on a ??
  25. Hazelgreen to 133 -TR Added

    Great pictures! Thanks for posting.

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