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  1. Moving to NW Arkansas

    Welcome to OAF. You will find very helpful fishing information for your area because there are some guys and gals here on the forum who live in your area and fish... a lot! And they share good information too. But I would say be patient... Read what's posted in the next few weeks and months. You'll get a very good idea where to fish and how to fish. Of course the patterns will change many times between now and June. You might go back and look at the past years in June and July. You'll get a good idea what to expect. There is a wealth of info here... hope you enjoy your retirement. And thank you for your service.
  2. We have 43 teams signed up for tomorrow's fishing contest here on Lake Taneycomo. I guess the nice weather is bringing them out to fish water that's not frozen! Guys said this afternoon's fishing was pretty good after a very slow morning. We'll see what tomorrow brings. This is an artificial, catch-n-release tournament. You can register up until the start tomorrow morning at 8 am. Weigh in is at 4 pm.
  3. Masters Trout Tournament 2018

    Here's the report: MDC stocked on Friday afternoon. They dumped in a bunch of nice fish down at the boat ramp where they keep their stocking boat. It's by the Branson treatment plant. Some of the guys saw them stock... word got around. There was a crowd Saturday morning. Most of the anglers said they caught a lot of fish Saturday. Jigs, jerk baits, spoons. At weigh in, I saw a lot of bigger stockers. The team who won had a keeper brown that weighed 5.8 pounds but they also had some decent rainbows to go with them. He caught the brown on a stick bait early in the morning. He caught it below the resort.... somewhere. The other 3 winning teams all had above average stockers mainly. Rainbows being stocked right now are in spawning mode and the males are heavy. Babler had a trip. They went up in Roark Creek to the ice and he said his 2 clients caught 90 trout on the pink Berkley's worm. The trout he cleaned averaged about 11.5 inches - nothing special.
  4. Masters Trout Tournament 2018

    5.58 lb brown. Pretty male. Hopefully we'll get pics up later tonight or tomorrow. I will say - a lot of fish today were caught from the Landing down lake... I was told of anglers "getting tired" of catching fish today.
  5. Masters Trout Tournament 2018

    48 teams started at 8 am this morning. No generation this morning marking the first morning they haven't ran water in... weeks, months? Should be interesting. I heard there are a ton of boats in the Landing area.
  6. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    I'll ride down with either Seth or DJ when they're here. Just let me know.
  7. Newby to Taneycomo

    If you've fished the White, you'll do just fine on Taneycomo. Your fishing equipment is the same... light line and small flies and jigs. Small hooks and light weights for bait fishing. There are some great guides who take family trips too - up to 6 people. Some are more specialized as far as fly fishing/throwing jigs and such. It all depends on what you want to do - how you want to catch trout. March is a busy time so you should book early. I have quite a few articles, which I am updating, on fishing the lake on OA. Just look under Taneycomo at http://ozarkanglers.com. I'll also be posting fishing reports between now and then.
  8. Generation and Wade Fishing

    Lake Taneycomo is a tailwater lake below Table Rock Lake. Table Rock's dam releases water for 2 reasons, flood control and generation electricity. Recreation does not figure in to the overall plan for managing water. The Corps does work with the power companies, as well as the Missouri Department of Conservation, when asked to change water flows for various, important projects. For instance, Table Rock Dam will hold generation when work is needed to be done on the lower dam at Powersite. The dam's operation is in the hands of the US Army Corp of Engineers. The entity that controls the power generation is Southwest Power Administration. Seasons There are four lakes in this White River Chain -- Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo and Bull Shoals. Each one is managed to reflect the whole chain as to water storage simply because each one has different abilities to store a volume of water. This comes in to play when heavy, seasonable rains come, normally in the spring season. That's when we may see high flows from Table Rock Dam, moving rain water down the chain of lakes to prevent flooding. Summer time brings hot temperatures and more demand for electricity. This is when we may see more heavy flows at peak times of the day, when air conditioners are running at full tilt. We also may see heavy flows after a rainy spring season, moving floods waters out of the upper lakes. Fall is normally the time we see low flows. Less demand for electricity and drier skies means less generation most years. Winter bring cold temperatures and more demand for power. We can see heavy generation during peak times during the mornings and less as it warms up in the afternoon. Flows 702.0 feet -- 000 m.w. -- 0,000 c.f.s. 703.0 feet -- 025 m.w. -- 1,500 c.f.s. 704.0 feet -- 035 m.w. -- 2,500 c.f.s. 705.0 feet -- 050 m.w. -- 4,000 c.f.s. -- 1 turbine (unit) 705.5 feet -- 075 m.w. -- 5,000 c.f.s. 706.0 feet -- 085 m.w. -- 6,250 c.f.s. 707.0 feet -- 100 m.w. -- 7,500 c.f.s. -- 2 turbines (unit) 708.0 feet -- 125 m.w. -- 8,000 c.f.s. 708.5 feet -- 150 m.w. -- 10,000 c.f.s. - 3 turbines (unit) 709.0 feet -- 175 m.w. -- 11,500 c.f.s. 710.0 feet -- 200 m.w. -- 13,500 c.f.s. 711.0 feet -- 220 m.w. -- 16,000 c.f.s. - 4 turbines (unit) Understand that if there's a number of units running at any one time, those units may be running at less than capacity. That's why you can't depend on flow according to the number of units reported running. You have to read the lake level and/or and cubic feet per second flow. Flow vs Wading Below the Dam The following is a general depiction of flow conditions as to the availability to successfully wade from the shore below Table Rock Dam. 702 feet -- no generation. Wading is possible below dam. 703.0-704.5 feet -- up to 4,000 c.f.s.. Some wading on edges, at outlets, behind island across from #2 outlet, in front of #3 outlet and out on gravel bar, below boat ramp and above Trophy Run there's a long chute that can be good but be careful not to get caught on rising water back to boat ramp (on foot) and Lookout Island (boat access only). The inside bend at the Lookout area along Pointe Royal's property (boat access only unless you have special access to the P.R. property which is private). 704.5-706.5 feet -- up to 7,000 c.f.s. Wading is difficult but not impossible. Wade at the hatchery outlets and some edges but be careful. 706.5 + feet -- Wading is restricted to the outlets only. Be very careful. Currents are strong even along the banks. If you're wading below the dam and hear the horn blast, move to the bank immediately. Don't cast a few more times, don't try to catch that last trout, don't hesitate and get caught in rising water. Many have done it and found themselves in a dangerous situation, having to wade across fast and rising water to dry ground. Some have not made it. Be smart and get to the bank as soon as you hear the horn. Call the automated service provided by the USACE at 417-336-5083. It will give you real time information as to what the lake level is (above and below the dam), how many units are running and the c.f.s. flowing at that time. Other useful links: http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/topic/17240-quick-link-lake-levels/
  9. WILDWOOD, Mo.— The Maple Sugar Festival at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Rockwoods Reservation offers visitors the chance to discover nature at its most delicious. The annual Rockwoods Maple Sugar Festival returns in 2018 on Saturday, Feb. 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is open to the whole family at no cost. READ MORE
  10. Top deer harvest counties were Howell with 6,182 deer harvested, Franklin with 5,957, and Texas with 5,619. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri's 2017-2018 deer-hunting season ended Jan. 15 with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reporting a preliminary total harvest of 283,940 deer. Top counties for the overall season were Howell with 6,182 deer harvested, Franklin with 5,957, and Texas with 5,619. Of the 283,940 deer harvested, 135,891 were antlered bucks, 30,538 were button bucks, and 117,511 were does. Hunters harvested 263,834 deer during the 2016-2017 deer hunting season. READ MORE
  11. Taneycomo January Snow Rainbows

    Mid January... first good snow we've had in a number of years. My guess is 6-8 inches, nice and dry, not heavy flakes. Love fishing in the snow, although boating up and back was tough on the eyes.
  12. May be I should post this in Trout Talk.. but I think everyone will find it. I know this poll is subjective... it depends on where you're fishing, I think, what's a nice trout when caught. A 10-inch rainbow caught on Crane Creek would be a trophy to most people. So this would be a rainbow trout in general.
  13. King Of The River

    Duffy was a kind, giving man who loved fly fishing with tiny flies. I think he bought us out of #30's. He will be missed!
  14. Lake Taneycomo Report, January 10

    Update: Duane just got back from fishing up near the dam. Water running hard. Did best on 1/8th ounce white/gray jigs. They were really hammering them. Didn't see any shad in the water but there may be some coming through. One brown at 16 inches. Biggest rainbow was 18 inches.
  15. Generation has been fairly consistent lately. It's been geared toward temperature and power demand. The colder it is, the heavier generation is at night and during the morning hours. With it getting warmer the last few days, generation has been light in the morning. It's been off almost every afternoon for a couple of weeks. Water temperature has dropped to 46.5 degrees. This is a 10 degree drop since Table Rock turned over in early December. Our lake water has cleared considerably too. The lake looks great! December is the month we get a bunch of rainbows from the Neosho hatchery (federal). These trout are usually smaller than we get from Shepherd and this stocking is no different. I'd say the average rainbow I've seen is about 10 inches but they're really pretty rainbows and will make beautiful fish if they get to grow up. This is what we call a "silver bullet". It's a rainbow from Neosho. The Boswell Memorial tournament was this past Saturday. Lots of trout were caught. About everyone said they caught a lot of small rainbows but of the 44 teams who participated, I saw over a dozen rainbows that I would consider very nice trout - over 18 inches. There were quite a few teams who came in with one good rainbow and the rest average. One rainbow just under or just over 2 pounds with no good trout to go with them. There was one keeper, 20-inch, brown weighed in but there were 3 brought in to be weighed on Friday by the group. All browns were released. Some were caught on stick baits and others on jigs. This is a good sign of things to come. The winners boated all the way down to Powersite Dam, our lower lake, and threw black rooster tails. Who knew?! I was told pink was a hot color for those throwing jigs. I wouldn't mention it but there was more than one person who said pink was their color. I got out and fished on Tuesday afternoon. Boated to Lookout and started throwing a 1/16th-ounce jig, 2-pound line. The wind was out of the west so it was pushing me towards the bluff bank. I kept the boat towards the shallow side and threw to the middle. I also had a jig-and-float rigged up with 4-pound line, a float and a 1/50th-ounce brown jig with an orange head, 4-5 feet deep. When the wind was blowing too hard to throw the jig, I'd pick up the jig-and-float and use it. The brown jig/orange head did very well but when the wind died, so did that bite. I tried a couple of new color combinations on the 1/16th-ounce jig -- black and burnt orange/orange head and an olive and light olive/orange head. The olive did much better than the black. . . actually it did very well. I did the best on bigger rainbows out in front of the tennis court. As I worked closer to the Narrows, I started to see big schools of small rainbows chasing everything that moved. I tied on a #16 black/copper Zebra Midge with a float using my spin cast (didn't' take a fly rod). I set the float about 18 inches and they liked that! But there had to be just a slight chop on the water to get bit. I worked through the Narrows. There was a fairly good current there which seemed to keep the trout aggressive. I caught 7 trout in a row off one of the downed trees in the channel. The first one was a brown, my first of the year. The next6 were all rainbows all colored up in their spawning colors. All these fish were between 16 and 20 inches in length and fighters! I caught them on a white 1/16th-ounce jig. I saw one guy throwing a small silver Cleo and he was hooking fish too. Others were throwing jigs and fly fishing probably with a small jig or Zebra Midge. Guide Tony Weldele reported they did very well throwing Cleos in the Branson Landing area this week. Steve Dickey was out this morning and said his clients were catching them on a small 1/100th-ounce ginger jig under a float. Guys fishing yesterday caught them on yellow Power Eggs. They said they tried all the other colors and yellow by far was the best color. They said from Fall Creek down was the best area for them, especially with the water running in the mornings. View full article
  16. Shad Kill

    Is the magic water temp 42? That's what I've understood it to be. Then the weaker shad start to die. Just because you see shad dying on TR doesn't mean they'll come through the turbines at the dam. They have to be down close to 130 feet at the dam to get sucked through. Duane just got back from fishing up there. Said the trout are hammering white/gray jigs right now. That could be a sign they are seeing some shad... but DD didn't see any shad nor were they catching any huge-bellied trout.
  17. Morning All

    You should look up a good friend of mine who guides in that area. http://riverthroughatlanta.com/our-guides/john-mccloskey/ He guides in Alaska in the summer/fall. That's where I met him. As for Taneycomo, watch my reports and come by the shop for help. Looks like the weather here is going to warm up and Saturday is going to be the best day of the week!
  18. OAF on the Meramec

    I'd love to see it happen.
  19. Trolling for larger browns

    Troll bombers from Monkey Island down... with the current if there's current.
  20. The Fresh Start Thread

    yes I can be an outlaw...

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