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    I did not get too far from the Big M area, I targeted points and cove mouths with the Ned rig to start the day. Fishing was slow, and finding them is the hard part. I found two cove mouths that held a few fish, common characteristic was cove mouths with trees in water 10-30 feet deep. It sure wasn't a hot bite, but caught a half dozen on the Ned, one being a solid keeper largemouth. Had to fish a 1/8 oz Ned, deep and slow off the bottom to get bites.

    Late in the morning and into the afternoon, it really got breezy, couldn't fish the Ned in some of the other spots I wanted to try, just too frustrating trying to work it deep and slow when you've got white caps. Started throwing a 110 around, and I found a shallow, rocky bank with a breeze on it and afternoon sun, picked up 4 largemouth relatively quickly on the 110, and picked up another one going back down the bank with a Ned. 3 of them were chunky keepers. These fish were all shallow, none deeper than 10 feet.

    Water temps ranged from 39-42.

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