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  1. We were fishing with the 100 and 200 series. Found a great deal on them from ReefRunner. http://www.reefrunnerlures.com/onlinestore/lure_sale.php?series=200
  2. They are great baits. They have the "seeking" action of a reef runner in a smaller package. They are a little tricky to get tuned properly.
  3. We were pulling leadcore in about 20-22' with Flicker Shads and Rip Shads
  4. After a tough weather weekend it was a beautiful day on Stockton Lake. We caught 8 walleye and it was a mixed bag day with over 50 fish caught and 8 species! 53 to be exact since they were keeping track. Miles is 14 and is a great fisherman who aspires to be a Pro Fisherman. He asked lots of good questions and learned how to run leadcore and a lot about Lowrance HDS units. He kept an eye on the HDS10 I have in the back of the boat.
  5. Shawncuz, The flats I fish the most in the summer are just North of Mutton Creek on the West side of the lake. They extend out to almost the middle of the lake with 10-20' depths then drop off to 40-50'. I like to fish the edges of the flats with bouncers or leadcore with crankbaits. A flat is any piece of shallow structure that extends out in to the main lake then typically drops off to the main lake channel.
  6. Hey Dan, I have used Offshore Tackle Boards for years. They work great for suspended fish out deep so they aren't spooked by the boat or for shallow fish where you don't want to run your boat. I use 10lb Trilene XL on Scheels XTREME Trolling rods with Daiwa 27LC Line Counter Reels. I like the mono because it has more stretch and shock absorbing ability than braid with boards. It allows me to get more lines in the water with fewer tangles. I don't have the board "release" when a fish hits. Just reel in slow and keep pressure on the fish while you unclip the board.
  7. J.M., I would be happy to help out. I have plenty of jigs and terminal tackle to spare along with some crankbaits.
  8. You can position it where ever you want
  9. Got the new Drotto Boat Latch and Bow Drop Roller installed this weekend. It's really nice when you are loading and unloading by yourself or the water is cold. No need to hook up the winch. Just drive the boat on the trailer and it latches itself, then pull the boat out of the water! When you are unloading unhook the winch and safety chain then back in the water. Once you're ready to launch the boat, pull on the lever and it releases the latch. Here's a few pictures of the before and after. Just enter REELXTC discount code during checkout for FREE SHIPPING at https://www.b2outdoors.com/
  10. I'll keep you posted. Should be very nice!
  11. Just ordered my Drotto Catch-N-Release Boat Latch which is the quickest, easiest way to single handedly launch and load your boat. Can't wait to try it out since I load and unload by myself most of the time. I am installing it next weekend and will post pictures once I get it on the trailer. There are some great videos on the website. Just enter REELXTC discount code during checkout for FREE SHIPPING at https://www.b2outdoors.com/
  12. YES, they do work! I like the 3" Gulp minnow on a drop shot rig using a 1/4 or 1/8 ounce jig for the weight with a crawler. If the miss the jig/crawler the next thing they see is the GULP minnow. You never know which hook the fish is on. I buy the ten packs and vacuum seal any that are left after a trip. They last a LOT long when they are vacuum sealed. Stop by Scheels in Overland Park and I can show you which ones I prefer.
  13. Hi, The ramp and courtesy docks are in at the State Park Marina.
  14. We got four in the three pound range last Tuesday bottom bouncing for walleyes in 20 feet of water.
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