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  1. http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/forum/341-politics/ PM Phil for the password. I have it but not sure if I should give or if he needs to.
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  3. Don't know. Warmer than the air that was 43 at takeoff. I don't have any electronics. EXCEPT SPOT LOCK BAbY!!!!
  4. I’d love to be able to take my Pond prowler out there.
  5. They closed the county parks in STL. But local municipal parks stayed open and the one I launched out of yesterday was PACKED!!!
  6. Most banks are mud/muck. Including the boat ramp yesterday.
  7. Is that a peas reference??😀 I just don't see the humor in it.
  8. Can’t stand Monty python. Might as well watch a bunch of drunk idiots watch the 3 stooges.
  9. Italian sausage and onion. Touched up the top with a propane torch. And beer! Hickory chips in a smoke tray. I burned all my wood about two weeks ago. I’ll adapt and come up with something.
  10. I cooked this on a gas grill on my driveway. Last night.
  11. Hit the lower river his morning. It was brisk and overcast. Hadn't been down there since last year. Water was stained as usual. Few bank fisherman and a couple boats went by. I covered around 7-8 miles hitting all the creeks looking for whites and hybrids. No hybrids and only saw one struggling shad. Caught a bunch of small whites and spots. Plus a meany I think. Ramp was a muddy mess. Oh yeah found a canoe if anyone is missing it.
  12. Well the neighbor girl had all her friends over again yesterday. Crazy! They think this whole thing is ridiculous. They run from their cars to the house. Not sure why. If it's so they aren't seen by everyone... Well it's a cul de sac and the extra 4 cars kind of stands out. The lady across the street is on her 5th or 6 chemo treatment from breast cancer.
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