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  1. I talked to the st the campground in August. Real nice people.
  2. Perfect. Thx! That’s where we’re meeting the guide. Isle of palms marina.
  3. JR Waits. Emailed several and none replied. Saw him on a tv show and he replied. Do you know of him?
  4. Btw, it was an oil change maintenance light because the dealer didn’t reset it last week.
  5. Went back this morning at daylight to get a couple more hours in before we leave for Charleston. Went to what I thought was the best section. Only 4 taps. Then figured out why. The drift boats showed up. Apparently it’s below the last barrier to floating all the way to the French broad. Headed back upstream and was on them immediately. Only took pictures of two nice ones. Both around 17”s. Great fishing again. I’ll be back next weekend on the way back. But staying In gatlinburg.
  6. Dogwoods are in full bloom. First time here. It’s beautiful.
  7. Brand new 4Runner with 10200 miles on it. Just had the dealer oil change and service Monday.
  8. We stopped here on the way to Charleston to break up the drive. So I spent about 4 hours today fishing around town on the Little Pigeon River. This place is awesome! I spent all my time between Sevierville City Park and Lowes downstream about 2.5 miles. There is a walking trail all the way along both sides. I didn't start fishing until 10:30 and still whacked em! I had on muck boots and was able to fish everywhere. I started catching small 12'ers right off the bat and when I found they were in the faster water it was on. Biggest was right at 16's and I quit counting at 15 or so. I le
  9. Wade. 2 day stop on the way to Charleston sc for the week. Redfish guide is chuck town! Gatlinburg on the way back.
  10. Ahh!! Safe for now. We can fish today. I’m headed up the road to the little pigeon river In Sevierville TN when I finish my coffee here shortly. Smallies!!!
  11. https://youtube.com/shorts/b_RHQsLnocE?feature=share
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