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  1. What to Tie and Throw

    Check out JOHN Berry’s report. It’s a great start for what’s hot at the time. http://www.berrybrothersguides.com/
  2. Kudos to Seth!

    Yep that’s what we did except the on e Brown. I thought if we pounded an area to get through all the smalls we would get to a big one. There was more of them than us.
  3. Kudos to Seth!

    Between 2 boats and 4 guys we caught hundreds Thursday and friday but all small. One brown was close to 20 inches but we threw him back quickly because it took a while to unbutton him.
  4. Masters Trout Tournament 2018

    Where were the big fish caught
  5. Masters Trout Tournament 2018

    Can’t make out the BT weight. Does it say 6.3?
  6. Masters Trout Tournament 2018

    No generation predicted
  7. Love him or hate him...

    So what would happen to it otherwise? Scrape the ground off and put cattle on it?
  8. What's Cooking?

    I am not sold on it
  9. MSA Al Agnew

    You're gonna get gone
  10. A Hobby Lobby Find ...

    When the horn blows we head to the cable. I only get tired at work
  11. Shad Kill

    I guess you know this from experience...
  12. MSA Al Agnew

    There is so much I could say about this.................But I like it here.
  13. A Hobby Lobby Find ...

    Sounds like you're poorly adapted to your environment. I on the other had am headed to Taney
  14. ISO - Aluminum Square Stern Canoe

    I completely agree it's possible
  15. ISO - Aluminum Square Stern Canoe

    I'm probably jinxing myself but I've had a Pond Prowler for years and never got it licensed. I could since I bought it new. I've never had anyone even give it a second look unless I was fishing where it was questionable that I should be there. Those places didn't specifically "say" I couldn't fish there because they probably thought nobody would. I just kick a little dirt and apologize while I load up and flee the scene.

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