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  1. snagged in outlet 3

    Top water chances after cold weather and rain?

    They were on it last weekend. Zara puppy
  2. snagged in outlet 3

    New CORPS notification for tailwaters

    It works great
  3. snagged in outlet 3

    Gotmuddy MIA!!!

    Thanks but Iโ€™ll have to pass. I get 3 weeks PTO and I use it mostly with my family. Which always involves fishing. Except tomorrow, heading to Taney. ๐Ÿ˜ I caught a yellow fin in Maui. Drug me around the boat for 45 minutes but I got it.
  4. snagged in outlet 3

    Empty Seats this weekend?

    The second guys is the better fisherman...............He caught one that was educated a little first.
  5. snagged in outlet 3

    Gotmuddy MIA!!!

    I was wondering where ya been. That's some nice action!!!
  6. snagged in outlet 3

    October 10-14 Report with pics

    I'll let you know tomorrow. And Friday and Saturday and Sunday
  7. snagged in outlet 3

    Gas-powered boats/tow rigs fueled in Missouri

    I think it's 10 cents per gallon.
  8. snagged in outlet 3

    How much water do I need at Bell Chute?

    That doesn't get great reviews, Wrench.
  9. snagged in outlet 3

    What's Cooking?

    I need to do that soon according to the dr. as I've been putting it off for a few years. I don't want to waste PTO on it.
  10. snagged in outlet 3

    Who likes lily pads?

    Would grass carp eat lily pads?
  11. snagged in outlet 3

    Scary to watch

    The other thread on here said it was. Better UT the welds.
  12. snagged in outlet 3

    Leader length?

    You don't want the fly to hit bottom and sink out of sight either. A lot of times shrimp hang onto turtle grass just above the muck and that's what you want the fly to do.
  13. snagged in outlet 3

    Leader length?

    That bottom fly caught 9 bones last time out I think. I donโ€™t think we fished much water a foot deep. More like 6-8 inches.
  14. snagged in outlet 3

    Leader length?

    Please note the great state of Missouri quarter. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  15. Peas have those prions too. Just sayin.

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