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  1. FLW Costa

    Does anyone know what he used? I think it’s awesome.
  2. Oh Life Is So Hard

    Your wife outta reward you with a new boat.
  3. FLW Costa

    Still impressive.
  4. Oklahoma ?

    Don't ask us. It's not our circus.
  5. Big Bass Bass

    Spent two days fighting the eastern wind.
  6. What's Cooking?

    Oh yeah. They have to run them off the golf courses too. People pick along the Katy trail too. Lots of them!
  7. What's Cooking?

    Get in line if you go Castlewood, Lone Elk or Sherman Parks. Literally dozens of people looking for them this weekend.
  8. Oklahoma ?

    Tell her you'll cancel the trip idea and just get the boat..
  9. Big Bass Bass

    I saw that! Way to go Mitch!
  10. FLW Costa

    Drug ned around like a kid
  11. FLW Costa

    I’d like to hear about that.
  12. Release boats?

  13. Personal Best Smallie

    What did you catch it on that's a beauty
  14. Relentless Search for whites

    4 hours here locally and not a bite. Stinking white bass!
  15. What's Cooking?


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