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  1. Johnny Londoff Chevrolet still plays that on his radio commercials here. I like the garbage raccoons...
  2. The past two years my neighborhood has been just ridiculous with mosquitos. I was at Tablerock all week and not one bite. You can't go in my garage after 6 oclock unless you want to be bitten all over. Neighbors all saying the same thing.
  3. They didn't have kindergarten at my grader school. But Sister Loretta in first grade was HOT! Sister Delphine in the 4th grade would scare Chucky....
  4. We heard that on the way home from the lake and two days later I was still humming it...
  5. I knew exactly what I was doing....😁
  6. Biblical proportions wouldn't you say??😁
  7. Oh I love that! Nice scooter. I bet it planes out better now
  8. CHEESE😂 small bugger is easier to cast with a fly rod.
  9. Me too! Last year my blood sugar started bumping into pre diabetic range. Even though I was low carb for the previous 3 years. Followed Dr Fung and found out the ole eat 6 times a day to keep your metabolism up is bad. Now I fast 17 hours per day, low carb and 2mad. Took 3 months but my blood sugar is now normal. I haven’t had sugar since Father’s Day but I don’t like the path you get on with blood sugar meds.
  10. Full Circle Organic is 230 mg (10% daily requirement) for one cup. I haven't tried it yet though. The Upshot coffee shop in Cottleville makes and sells homemade. Bunch of different flavors. I'm going to try it.
  11. I’m good I guess. I burn easy. I’ve always been jealous. My brother just gets darker and darker. No sun screen needed for him.
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