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  1. What are the colors by season you guys use?
  2. I don't know how anyone could defend the practice of tournament fishing and relocating fish. It's ridiculous. If you were managing your own lake would you do it?
  3. Are you drinking again??
  4. You could send me the keys and I'll check on it every weekend.
  5. Peruque creek south of Wentzville is sweet, or used to be anyway. Once they built that golf course and houses you would get escorted out pretty quick. Even when I lied and said I had permission.
  6. I'm not tryin to steer you away. People been trying to sneak into that place for years.
  7. I believe in that neck of the woods it's a "sammich"
  8. Ain't gonna happen. Well you might get a few casts in but you will be escorted out pretty quickly. That's my prediction.
  9. I'm not biting!
  10. And just to mess with the neighbor boys I sit out front in lawn chair and drink a beer.
  11. She was raised on a farm and used to ride on the tractor with her dad all the time. I think she likes the back and forth of it. Either way, I like it.
  12. Mine cuts grass too!!
  13. I know a guy that used to shoot the preshow video for ESPN Outdoors years ago. He told me about how he hunted snow geese that were sitting in fields. He took a piece of plywood about 4 x 6 feet and he would camo it with the ground material from the field he was hunting in. He would then hold it up it in front of himself and walk right up to the birds. They couldn't distinguish it from the ground and would stay put until he dropped it and started shooting.
  14. I agree completely, Ham. That's why I bought a separate reel for windy days.
  15. Guys walk right up to birds doing that.