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  1. Then people should hit the Katy where it runs along The Missouri River. I don’t know how wide the easement is but it crosses a bunch of creeks and floods knock down bunches of trees. Bug spray. Just sayin.
  2. Like I said I get it. We grew up screwing rollers skate trucks on pieces of wood back in the 70’s. It definitely looks cool as hell. I don’t know the answer so everyone can enjoy the lake they way they want to though.
  3. The only I tasted on a morel was butter and seasoning.
  4. I go full on ninja. Never have been a sun person. I burn on top of burn. In the summer I keep me them wet and they get very cool. They dry pretty quick so I just dip them in the water and put them back on. I do it with shirts too. I wear them wet on bike rides in the high heat of the summer and they cool you down just great. Never miss a bike ride due to extreme...or cold for that matter. Sunglasses with side vents work great to keep the fog out.
  5. I saw a couple with some on the Katy Trail yesterday. I think it's against the law in MO states park to pick them but these people weren't hiding it. I'm with Wrench, drop a 5 spot at the grocery store for your fungus needs.
  6. Seems like they run that special year round for the past 5-6 years.
  7. The last few years they congregate in the long creek arm of the lake right around the state line. It’s a very narrow part of the lake and they get 4-5 of them going and it’s ridiculous. We have quit boating all together except early week days.
  8. I’ll say it. I get it but I hate those things. Their legal use of the water hinders my legal use but my legal use doesn’t hinder anyone else’s legal use.
  9. I grew without them too. But I use them a lot drifting surf and turf. Boat fishing high water especially.
  10. I was on the river last spring and watched on the app as one approached. Gave myself a half hour and headed to the ramp. Sat it out in truck watching a couple guys who waited just a little long. Rain, no big deal. Lightening, I’m not having it.
  11. The My Radar App is great. Just radar, no ads or anything else that slows it down. Pop it open and it's on. The problem with most weather apps is all the stuff it loads before you get the important info. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myradar-noaa-weather-radar/id322439990?mt=8
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