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  1. Sweet! I was just in Glenwood back in September. A few years ago I stayed in Basalt. Can't beat it
  2. NICE! Where were you?
  3. Not holdin your mouth right
  4. Sissy!
  5. Nice deck!
  6. Uh oh! My wife works for Spectrum and I was complaining to her that it wasn't on.
  7. What restaurant?
  8. CBS on Saturday with Charter shows golf
  9. This isn't the first time
  10. I went to set up the recording starting Saturday but golf is on at that time in St Louis
  11. I hear ya, it's a trade off. I'd really I'd like a couple acres with an out building in an unincorporated area near my work. 15 years ago when I bought my house I just couldn't afford that.
  12. And that's why in the burbs you go to a subdivision with restrictions.
  13. AMEN Texting has gotten so bad around here it's ridiculous. Ever have somebody sit at a green light texting and you give them a toot with your horn? Only to get the finger in return. Or how about merging me onto the shoulder while they are swerving while texting. Again, hit the horn and get the finger from them while I'm on the shoulder.
  14. Do you have a picture or link to the model you wear?
  15. Flip??