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  1. If the lake level went down wouldn’t there be less water coming over? Just a thought.
  2. Does it have more than 100k miles on it? If so, sell it. I've owned a bunch of Chevy (GM) trucks since I worked there. And all my coworkers too. Every one of them had screwy stuff go on after a 100k miles. My last Yukon Denali was the last straw. The engine will run forever but the rest of it was a hassle. The engine light on that vehicle cycled on and off every month. Gets on your nerves driving back from the White on Sunday knowing if it quit you were stranded till Monday at least.
  3. I’ll probably get skewered for my review. Meh... ”Remote stream in Pennsylvania”. Translation: private pay to play water. The fish had no where to go.
  4. Yep, @vernon. Seems these days it’s one extreme or the other. We tell our daughter to avoid political and religious discussions on campus. Fortunately she has settled into a group with similar views as hers.
  5. My wife and I talk to our youngest (Junior in college) all the time about "our" beliefs and political leanings. And we explain to her that it's our job to do that not the school. The school is for the 3 R's and we handle the rest. It's easier to have the conversation after she gets a pay check from her part time job and she says "they took out taxes, dad!".
  6. His text ruined my day in the office. That's a monster!! Way to go Scott.
  7. I do and will. My buddy is headed down there in January.
  8. This might help you guys. Dally's has a boat ramp report with pictures. Good luck! https://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2019/12/12/boat-ramp-report/ Don't unhook your boat from the trailer until you are sure it is running ok.
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