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  1. I'm going to withhold comment... Carry on.
  2. I didn't know you were that old. Good for you.
  3. Typical cash bond is 10% of that unless they’re deemed a flight risk. In which case bond would have been higher. He could put that on a credit card.
  4. At least I can't move farther down the scoreboard....Always looking at the bright side!
  5. Nacho cheese!! No, that stuff is terrible with beer.
  6. We sprinkle Doritos in the water to attract gills. Then drop crickets to them. If you get lucky you will have catfish come in and eat the gills. Big ones too.
  7. People been trying to understand and predict what the corps will do since the apostles fished here.
  8. What about Bluegill fishing, @Bill Babler? If they are at a resort dangling some crickets in deep boat stalls have worked for us in the past. Trout fishing would be the best at that time of the year I think.
  9. I think Alton Brown has a show about the twice frying potatoes. Probably on Youtube
  10. I'd look even more stupid than I do now sitting at a concert with shooting muffs on falling asleep.
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