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  1. Wait, you study?! I pick em by if I’ve heard of them or they are from mo or ar. It’s not working btw 😆
  2. The announcers talked about running faster with a little chop on the water rather than dead calm. They actually got into the physics of running even a few miles quicker. I’d like to see it live.
  3. It was fox sports a couple years and I watched the pontoons. I think a couple broke a hundy Pretty interesting actually.
  4. My neighbor is bringin it!
  5. Might put this in the Norfork, White and Bull Shoals forums....
  6. The article says they catch them below Beaver so they are technically in Tablerock right?
  7. Better to wait until they are gone. Braces are chump change relative to when they spit those out.
  8. Things change over time too. Me and my brothers swam Bennett one summer. 😆. Lotta yellin!!!
  9. I have a 15 year old pair of Hodgeman I bought on sale in Mountain Home AR on a trip when my old ones blew out. Best waders I’ve ever owned. My recommendation is don’t get any that ride up into the nether region.😆
  10. She was cutting loose and I couldn’t stop laughing. I see her point though. 96 and I’m going to an oral surgeon. Not happenin!!!
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