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  1. Wadeable areas on Taneycomo

    Drive down to the dam and look around. You'll figure it out pretty quick.
  2. Ozark

    There used to be a place around Reed Springs that was a bikini bar. They had a pregnant chick in there once. They had a swing set out front too. Have a couple beers with the girls while your kids play outside. I got kicked out for telling a chick with needle marks not tot touch me.
  3. What's Cooking?

    I know I didn't cook it but if you are ever in Montreal get these....a lot
  4. Diversification of Taneycomo Trout

    I believe they stocked triploid browns in Taney
  5. 2017 garden thread

    We had this wild redbud pop up in my wife's flower garden. I put a treluce over it and keep trimming it back to the shape of the it. The thing loves it.
  6. Just funny stuff

    My wife said she heard a cricket in my house last night. I walked around and said well there's good news and bad news She said what is the news. I said the good news is I can't hear it, the bad news is you can
  7. Anybody going to fish today

    Yep, so true
  8. What's Cooking?

    Barefoot Ness! Prancin around his kitchen Prolly nekid!
  9. Eclipse

    Along with the crickets going nuts my neighbors dog went into the garage and looked spooked
  10. What's Cooking?

    Ina Garten has served up recipes on the Food Network for 15 years and she's filled 10 cookbooks with even more meals, but there's one ingredient you won't find in any of those dishes. That's because the woman best known as the "Barefoot Contessa" just can't stand cilantro.
  11. Missing pectoral fins

    I'm betting you wouldn't have to go that far before it happens.
  12. Farm pond action...

    I'll bring the Tabasco!
  13. Eclipse

    It was like a full moon night. The crickets went nuts here. Street lights went on too. And of course true to hillbilly St Charles County......Fireworks!
  14. Eclipse

    It's about half covered and the temp dropped and it's slightly darker. Kinda erie.
  15. Eclipse


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