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  1. Wait!! There are other fishing forums?
  2. snagged in outlet 3


    😀 deleted
  3. snagged in outlet 3

    What's considered a big smallmouth vs. a trophy in Missouri?

    I lost one a couple months ago that I hooked after it followed an 18"er the boat. I dropped a fluke back to it and it smoked it. I lost it fumbling for the net. But compared to the 18 incher it was a slob.
  4. Man I love skateboards! Been thinking about getting one of the long boards since I started seeing them on the trials I bike ride on recently. We used to cut the steel trucks off of roller skates and screw them to plywood. Great times.
  5. snagged in outlet 3

    Made some memories!

    Fred's Fish House??
  6. I’ve thought of getting a BFing rig lately. Could have livened up some slow fishing days lately.
  7. snagged in outlet 3

    This should get MoCarp all fired up ...

    I don’t always shoot carp but when I do I shoot all carp
  8. snagged in outlet 3

    Boat Trailer Tire Pressure

    Maybe I should’ve drank some when I would go to Mexico 😀 BTW, the street meat on revolutionary Blvd in Tijuana didn’t bother me. Not so at the beach side grill at some fancy resort.
  9. snagged in outlet 3

    Boat Trailer Tire Pressure

    Riiiigggghhhtttt. Why did she drink iodine?
  10. I was just offering a good substitute for hoppers that he can get anywhere
  11. Yeah............................NO
  12. snagged in outlet 3

    New to Fly tieing

    Been buying form K and K for years, good folks. Feathercraft and Hargrove's in STL are top notch. Hard to pick a saddle hackle on the internet but regular staples like thread and chenille can be bought from anyone online.
  13. snagged in outlet 3

    Boat Trailer Tire Pressure

    My family had a Schwinn shop when was I growing up. You oughta hear a high pressure race tire go kaboom indoors. You'll be changing your pants like Wrench headed back from the boat ramp last week.
  14. Caddis will catch fish in all 50 states.

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