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  1. Lord knows I should have that!!!
  2. I'm so ready to get on the water. Can I strap a5gl bucket of water to the lower unit and let it idle while towing, you know...for break in time?
  3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Arkie-Tube-Insert-1-16-Oz-Plain/110642428
  4. I have never been a fan of trout as table fare. Maybe soaking them in that bourbon for a few days would help.
  5. I've never see anyone ELSE throw it on spinning gear either. It just makes sense, a little effort and it goes and goes. I'm probably throwing a lighter rig than most people also.
  6. I throw it on a 4000 size spinning reel and 50lb braid. I have literally thrown it all day before with no ill effects, lol.
  7. I hate the A-Rig blah blah blah. Why? Too expensive? Don't understand it? It does NOT throw fish in the boat no matter what. It WILL catch them when it's tough. Most of us get limited time on the water, and I guarantee if I'm in the boat with you catching keepers on the rig while you drag a jig for 4 hours without a bite you'll reconsider before heading home skunked. Most A-rigs are not ready to go out of the package, very few are made well and need tweaking whether it's new snaps, swivels, centering pins, blades etc. Most people I see throw way to heavy of a rig also, my favorite combo is no weight on top 2 wires, 1/16oz on bottom outside 2 wires and an 1/8th oz on center back wire. I took a guy out a couple weeks ago to a secondary point that I KNEW had fish on it. 20 minutes of jerk bait and ned rig without a bite I had to prove it...pulled the A-Rig rod out of the box and caught 2 in 5 casts. There are many more tournaments won on other baits then there are the A-Rig. It has it's time of year, just like jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater...
  8. Hah! We sometimes consider them a nuisance fish at LOZ when chasing largemouths. Fish about any windy point Aug-Oct and they seem to be there, but ya...target them and they will disappear quick. White's are on top of my list for favorite fish to eat still, Walleye would hold that spot if I could catch them frequently enough.
  9. Apparently guys are tearin up whites and hybrids now at LOZ...I wish I knew where / how.
  10. Salt, hard to beat bull reds in Florida. Fresh, had to beat a stream smallie.
  11. Super sharp hooks make a difference with hard baits / trebles more than other baits. Not for digging into the flesh on a hookset, but rather for grabbing when the fish tries to spit it out. No matter how good you think you are, especially this time of year with jerk baits...a fish will suck it in and spit it out with out you ever knowing it. I do believe that the super sharp hooks, such as the out barbs that come on the megabass baits increase hook up ratio as they will "stick" until you set the hook vs just being spit out. I dont think the KVD's hold a candle to the Megabass hooks. I'm going to order some of these death traps and give t hem a try, it looks like they might just fit the bill.
  12. Looks like all the hammers will be at this event, good weekend to jump in a tourney!
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