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  1. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Just went out for a quick 2 hr trip. Caught maybe 6 black and 6 white bass all schooling on points in larger coves. The whites were all good sized, blacks mostly dinks.
  2. My best is only 18", about 20yrs ago on a very small stream. even more memorable although not very big was my son' first smallie he caught from the same creek last year.
  3. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Pick an arm to fish and stay in that area. The Glaize usually isn't bad, or fish above Hurricane Deck and you have a few options for weigh in sites. Avoid the main lake and it's not bad in October.
  4. New Costa 580p Glasses

    I just can't buy a pair of glasses with out trying them and seeing how they "feel" glws!
  5. Fall Fishing at the Lake

    Hmmm, I did not experience that at all. It's a large tournament yes, but there is almost a mile of shoreline for every boat entered.
  6. Well it is already a registered vessel by the current owner, so I have paperwork either way it sounds like. I have to file for a cancellation through the coast guard to be able to get state numbers for it...it's actually quite a mess I think. I really like my bass boat
  7. I don't know the difference. I was told I wouldn't have to pay sales tax, but the gov could take my 12 seater family boat if needed in an emergency! lol.
  8. New Costa 580p Glasses

  9. Anybody going to fish today

    I would have went out for an hour, but 2 boats in the shop right now
  10. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    20 yrs ago not many had GPS on their boats.
  11. Redfish trip

    Redfishin LA is hard to beat for numbers but give me a big ol Florida red anyday! They just grow em bigger a little further west.
  12. Legends Boat Company

  13. Where to Fish

    It's crazy with all the brush, cover and structure in this lake that the fish use the crossbars and cables but they do. We think the algae grows on them attracting bait fish.
  14. Where to Fish

    I've actually been catching them on points finally. Just roll across it a couple times with your graph if it doesn't look good move on. If ya like what ya see toss a shaky head and worm or jig at em and then a few passes with a crankbait before ya leave. If your lucky you'll get several before they shut down. Fish over 3.5 are scarce.
  15. Fishing Rods For Sale

    Interested in a couple of these, location?

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