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  1. shrapnel

    Redrum...errrrr Dead drum.

    Actually, I think there was I'll pay closer attention next time out.
  2. shrapnel

    Redrum...errrrr Dead drum.

    Gravois still clear ot has it picked up this green tint? It's pretty bad up here, visibility barely 3'
  3. Anyone else notice them? Hundreds floating around the glaize, mostly smaller ones maybe 8-12"ers. Haven't noticed any other species floating, anymore than normal anyway. I wonder if it has anything to do with the water color, this green can go away any day now.
  4. shrapnel

    Fishing Etiquette

    We have a whiner? Come to LOZ and "hotlap" Miller Time in your Tracker after he goes by...show that sum-b!
  5. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament- Part 2

    PB2 is in Camden. See ya there.
  6. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    That's a good trip. Thing with these 11-12 hour tournaments is EVERYONE has a good bag it seems and ounces are everything. You been out, or hear of anyone catching any white's? Usually I stumble on them bass fishing but haven't caught a single one this year.
  7. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    4th place guys did NOT catch that many fish, and most of theirs came from the 5mm of the Gravois to Shawnee Area. This lake's ability to sustain the population is amazing.
  8. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    Yes, biggest fish broke the tie. People using their own bags is the reason there were fish in bags for 20+ minutes which I'm sure contributed to some of the floaters.
  9. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    We tied for 6th place with 18.51lbs. Caught 20+ keepers through the night, culling by 10pm. Fishing got a lot better once the moon got up high.
  10. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    I know for a fact one of them had at least one fish with a shaky head in it's throat. Not bitchin, the club does it's best. I do hope they take some of the money made from these to buy new bags and do a better job of managing the weigh in line to cut down on time fish spend in bags. They do ask that you use their bags, but with their set-up probably shouldn't give out more than 10. The one I grabbed had 127 holes in it so I used my own.
  11. shrapnel

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament

    I fished this one, and ended in a 3 way tie for 6th place with 18.51! I don't think I have ever seen a tie before, much less 3 exact weights.
  12. shrapnel

    What is it

    Had one swim by the dock last week with one hanging off it, seemed like it was killing the fish.
  13. shrapnel

    Lake levels

    Well, the lake gained almost 2' of water in a week, it darn sure wasn't from rain.
  14. shrapnel

    Lake levels

    Truman is our b#%*h, they will use it as needed for LOZ levels.

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