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  1. If I had to give up one of the following: Main Lake Points, Secondaries, Main Flats, Creek Flats, Channel Swings, Bluff Points, Rock Slides, Brush, Docks...>Main Lake points would be the first to go.
  2. Isn't LOZ normally a good 3-4' low by xmas? Were at full summer pool. Their gonna have to suck it down fast for spring rains.
  3. One of the dems next witnesses could be a meanmouth...everybody is edumacatin themself.
  4. Caught this one on LOZ today. PIc doesnt show it well but the tail was almost jet black, reddish eyes.
  5. Fisherman's elbow. The struggle is real.
  6. I don't know nothin bout nothin, except my arm has hurt for 2 weeks now from fightin what I believe to be big hybrids.
  7. I will take this. I have a son at Missouri State how far are you from there?
  8. IMO this is one of the best trolling motors ever made. Tough as nails and they just work. I probably have thousands of hours on mine.
  9. The constant whining of the turbo would drive me nuts with one of those.
  10. Thanks for bringing that up...I need that too!
  11. Get a 6gl bucket with a twist lock lid like they use for chlorine in pools...I have one here if ya want it. Drill full of holes...like 100 of them to within 4" of the bottom and tie a rope to so it can go down at least 5' below the surface, you will need a small rock for weight. I have had minnows in one for 2 weeks now, it will easily hold 100+. Pull the bucket up and net ya a dozen or so at a time as needed...the rest will be there next weekend or whenever you need them.
  12. Lord knows I should have that!!!
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