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  1. Ended my rifle season

    Congrats, nice buck.
  2. This weekend?

    What was your best bait? Picked up some 1/4 oz Rattle Traps, Rooster Tails and some 2" paddle tails in shad colors o 1/8oz heads. Not a bite this morning in the 90 minutes we fished except a drum and short largemouth.
  3. This weekend?

    Just got off the water. Tapped out is more like it. Slow bite, 40 mph winds, temps starting in the 70's and dropping into the 40's in 2 hours, white caps, and driving rain...nah. I'll be chiseling tile off the bathroom floor if anyone needs me
  4. Someone with a brain!

    Whats the position? Location? Min Requirements?
  5. Freshwater Table Fare

    Meh on the Blue Cat, just remembered why I haven't had it in years. Good, clean, white meat just on the mushy side similar to crappie. Gotta find more White's and Walleye. Might even try a Kentucky.
  6. No, just keep casting!
  7. This weekend?

    Man, black bass has been tough for me. I expected the bite to explode by now and it just hasn't...and now their really dropping the lake, 5" just today. I went out for a couple hours Tuesday and threw a jerkbait quite a bit but only caught 3, biggest was 4+ though. Still doing better main lake vs backs. Small cuts and bluff end type stuff. I've resorted to chasing crappie until the bass realize their not doing what their supposed to yet!
  8. Sad story

    A topic I'm passionate about as someone who fell and broke my back 4 yrs ago. There is ONLY one safest way, and that's to use a life line and be connected from the ground up. I can't believe it took me breaking my back to learn a Prussic knot.
  9. This weekend?

    I need to downsize and actually target them. Just picking them up on bass lures is getting a lot of missed fish. Got hit on a jerkbait yesterday 3 casts in a row, 4th cast hooked up with a 2lb white. September they were crushing 1/2oz redeyes and getting hooked, now not so much.
  10. Freshwater Table Fare

    Haven't had catfish in years either, it was always pretty low on my list but I caught a nice Blue today (crappie fishing) and thought what the heck. Dinner tomorrow.
  11. Freshwater Table Fare

    I havent had bluegill for a couple years, but last time we did we kept about 40 of them and took the time to fillet them...they make REALLY good fish taco's!
  12. Just had white bass for the first time in a LONG time, along with some Crappie caught yesterday. I liked it better than the crappie, much firmer meat, bigger flakes. Reminded me a little bit of Redfish actually. I will start keeping more of them, cut the red meat out and there was zero fishy taste at all. Will try them blackened next time. So my new order for favorite freshwater fish is: Walleye, White Bass, Crappie. Bluegill are on the list as well, ahead of crappie for taste and texture but I like bigger bites!
  13. Wanna open up a world class SMB resort?

    Might wanna post a link the text is so small I can't read it.
  14. This weekend?

    Nice meeting you today! Sorry the recommendation didn't work out on those couple coves...we didn't do very good either.
  15. This weekend?

    Gonna get out for a few hours today, no idea what I wanna target yet. Whites, Blacks, Crappie???

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