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  1. shrapnel

    Got me a newer boat. Finally!

    Skeeter has some of the best tourney incentives as well.
  2. shrapnel

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Most of the big fish were weighed at Alhonna...time to start moving fish from the Gravois to other parts of the lake!
  3. shrapnel

    Best Boat Fixer in MO.

    How much in repairs do we need to rack up before we get a celebrity fishing trip?
  4. shrapnel

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    A boat passing by at high speed definitely chops up the shad on the surface and can cause a frenzy if the fish are already nearby. It really helps if it's got twin 400R's and is pushing 100mph.
  5. shrapnel

    Intermiadate angler looking for some help

    Just fished the Missouri Angler Wed Night Championship. I only had 2 fish but 3 bags over 16 came in...pretty darn good for a 5hr tournament.
  6. shrapnel

    Intermiadate angler looking for some help

    I read plenty into the low weights...lol. Some of the best fishermen on LOZ brought in some of the lowest weights of the year = fish not biting very good. So you fished one of them, what did you weigh in if the fish bit pretty good on Saturday?
  7. shrapnel

    Intermiadate angler looking for some help

    Fish are everywhere, deep, shallow, but fishing is tough right now for most. I heard only 13lbs won the Bass Cat Tournament, and the BFL only took 15lbs a day to win. Very low weights for LOZ with some of the best local sticks out there.
  8. shrapnel

    Gordon - forecast for this week. Rain!

    They were dumping for about 4 hours today, 30k+ CFS. Of course, they shut it down when the Wed nighter started...lol. BTW, got in the middle of the absolute largest school of surfacing white's I have ever seen in my life this evening...it was not easy to stay focused on the bass tournament!!!
  9. shrapnel


    darn things are getting braver...a guy played tug of war with one with what was left of his catfish he had on a stringer on a dock this week.
  10. shrapnel

    Catching Lake of the Ozarks bass in September

    Thanks for your infinite wisdom. I'm aware there is current, but when they are drawing 900CFM is not what cases the fish to stack up, 8,000+ maybe. You're also aware that a stiff breeze will negate any current at lower CFM and push more water than a little draw through the dam, even the opposite direction. I'll play the wind any day over the current when they are not generating, as has been the case 98 of the last 100 days. As for bath water in Sept, also disagree. It's usually only the kids willing to jump in after Labor Day on most years.
  11. shrapnel

    Catching Lake of the Ozarks bass in September

    I'm not complaining fishing has been very good. I've just never been able to be in the right place at the right time when they were pulling water and 5lb bass were stacked up on points facing upstream chomping anything that gets pulled by.
  12. shrapnel

    Catching Lake of the Ozarks bass in September

    I check Amerens chart almost daily, generation has been almost nil all year. They let the minimum they can out to keep the river from drying up and that's about it I think.
  13. shrapnel

    Catching Lake of the Ozarks bass in September

    Current? On LOZ? What's that...Bagnell Dam only opens more than 1000CFS now in extreme rain situations.
  14. shrapnel


    Send PETA a message that there is a rare endangered pelagic species in that part of the lake...shoot out CANCELED.
  15. shrapnel


    Otter's don't like water patrol. Duh.

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