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  1. Yep more viewers after work and some anglers will have to change up how they were fishing. Although the shad spawn and top water bite can turn back on in the evening. Plus Watson and McClelland get another shot at it. I will be watching again.
  2. Their was some really nice SM weighed in the big bass tour, I was fortunate to weigh one in a little over 4 lb's. Pretty sure a 6 was the biggest weighed in. Definitely a state record swimming around in the rock, bull, and Stockton where the current record was caught....
  3. I definitely learned A lot about how effective a Shad spawn pattern can be. Bobby Lane caught a solid 4 today. Vinson was catching better quality in long creek on the spook man that was fun to watch!
  4. I was impressed with Aaron he was rock steady today! Spot lock is worth every penny.
  5. Lowrance HDS 9 gen 2 Touch Hydro Dipped sun cover (like new) LSS2 Transducer with Transducer Shield & Saver (will fit multiple jack plate brands). LSS2 does not have any cracks in it hardly a mark. New Power cable New gimbal bracket New knobs & new fuse holder $850.00 shipped anywhere in the USA Please post on this thread first and follow up with a pm for my paypal info
  6. after watching each day of this series I also agree how much of a grind it really is. You have to make a top 20 cut twice then make a top 10 cut to fish the championship round. This is over six days of changing conditions. I'd rather chase 5 in FLW or BASS than chase 50 per day.
  7. Big difference between hydraulic and cable steering as well.......
  8. I am surprised the anglers that qualify to fish a knockout round agree to the weight's being reset to zero. Its a darn hard format when you look at it. They also cut 30 guys in this round...Pretty tough format really. I would like to see the top 20 fish the championship round and more payouts.
  9. I agree and have seen very few fish re-weighed. They also have a backup scale in each boat. All the scales are calibrated prior to the event.
  10. If you go to Skeet Reeseā€™s Facebook page you can watch the video he was all of 10 seconds behind the guy when it happend. Looks like it bow hooked as he went over some waves. Did not flip until enough water rolled it over.
  11. 3-4 MLF guys came upon a charger boat that flipped and pulled the Owner out of the water to safety. Luckily he was smart enough to have a life jacket on & looks like kill switch as well. Hats off to the pros who stopped to help.
  12. Saturday was another record setting day. Will the front that rolled through yesterday slow down the fishing today? Will they continue to find fish shallow? Fun fun fun although with the blues game at noon I will have to double screen, darn lol
  13. Very impressive day! Good to see Gary Klein doing well. Can't wait for the B group tomorrow to get their shot at it. Vinson was on fire and broke two MLF records.
  14. Vinsons average was a fish every 8 minutes. Impressive. Look at the cut weight at 20th place as well.
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