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  1. I saw this one a few days ago: https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/d/bentonville-2016-shawnee-1648-trout-boat/7029698027.html
  2. Not me but if I was not working today I would try it lol. Stay warm friends!
  3. And a ChampioN to boot!
  4. Fished a one day tournament on Saturday and only caught one keeper. Running around and fishing history killed me. Started in big bay and should have stayed. Swim jig, spook, & buzzbait got the nod. Caught a total of 4 all on a 100ft of bank in big bay. 16 lbs won.
  5. Glad you made it out ok. So the boat hooked at some point and spun? Stayed upright?
  6. Any other symptoms? Hows it idle? Has it been starting the same?
  7. We fished from KC to Indian point. We caught 8-9 but only one keep 3 lb smallie on a finesse jig. Topwater bite was not around. The jig was the most productive. The LM my dad caught on a underspin in a dock slip pre-fishing. The spot was 14.5" caught out of a cedar tree on a bluff wall.
  8. When the BPT MLF guys were here I learned something from Jacob Wheeler. He would find the schools and would back off of them a bit. he would cast to them with a small swimbait. Just food for thought and something to try.
  9. If you own a Bass Cat or a Champion you can still sign up the morning of the tournament at Port of Kimberling Marina. This tournament helps raise money for Fish Tails which is a great organization that helps disabled/special needs children go fishing. This is an old article but still current regarding how they help children: https://www.bassmaster.com/news/missouri-member-gets-special-needs-children-outdoors Friday is a boat show at the Camp ground and Friday night is a silent auction at the elks lodge. All information is in the attached flyers. Come on down its a great time!
  10. SOLD Humminbird Helix 9 DI GPS Latest software update Works great no issues Very clean as shown in the pictures Included: Sun cover Gimbal bracket and knobs DI transducer with shield saver trolling motor mount Power Cable Quick connect cable collector $525 shipped anywhere in the USA via paypal. I can text better pictures if needed.
  11. How much are you asking for the helix 10 units?
  12. 1) Brand new Lowrance Point 1 antenna (Part #: 00011047-001) with nmea starter kit: $200 shipped 2) Used Lowrance HDI transducer with trolling motor mount $75.00 shipped
  13. The console now has a HDS 9 gen 2 touch unit.
  14. Yes sir it is posted on the BC owners forum. Thanks!
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