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  1. I will take quality over quantity any day. Congrats on the 5.2!
  2. Definitely room for improvement. I fish the big bass tour and I suggest they add at least two more weigh in locations besides Long Creek. Add one at Port of Kimberling and have another up the James or the White. This way the fish are being released closer to their haunts. If we want to start limiting the amount of tournaments do it in the summer months when fish are more likely to perish. Another option is start earlier (if possible) and end the tournament around noon. Instead of 5 fish limits do 3.
  3. Days like that is what keeps me coming back! Congrat's on the awesome day of fishing!
  4. Any thoughts of canceling this event due to the Corona virus? I registered & booked my lodging last week.
  5. Congrats on the 6.3# I don’t consider that wasting time!
  6. I am curious what the big bass tour plans to do. Scheduled for April 3-5th.
  7. https://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/d/centerton-super-clean-classic-1984/7077895041.html
  8. They typically have drums with rods at reduced prices. I was there about a month ago and they did at that time. I would call them to confirm.
  9. Gary is a great guy and I also recommend using him.
  10. Brian Wise’s YouTube channel. Anyone know the details?
  11. Pretty sure the Boat House offers live bait and they a good selection of artificial lures.
  12. I saw this one a few days ago: https://fayar.craigslist.org/boa/d/bentonville-2016-shawnee-1648-trout-boat/7029698027.html
  13. Not me but if I was not working today I would try it lol. Stay warm friends!
  14. And a ChampioN to boot!
  15. Fished a one day tournament on Saturday and only caught one keeper. Running around and fishing history killed me. Started in big bay and should have stayed. Swim jig, spook, & buzzbait got the nod. Caught a total of 4 all on a 100ft of bank in big bay. 16 lbs won.
  16. Glad you made it out ok. So the boat hooked at some point and spun? Stayed upright?
  17. Any other symptoms? Hows it idle? Has it been starting the same?
  18. We fished from KC to Indian point. We caught 8-9 but only one keep 3 lb smallie on a finesse jig. Topwater bite was not around. The jig was the most productive. The LM my dad caught on a underspin in a dock slip pre-fishing. The spot was 14.5" caught out of a cedar tree on a bluff wall.
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